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    • Episode:5 Part1

      12 years ago


      Ok i finaly managed to get this one online. I know its only Part1, but its at least a start isnt it?

      Episode 4: Prankhaluia

      - Red Base

      Grif: "come on Simmons, where did you put my damn mp3 player"
      Simmons: "I burried it in Sarges old Grave"
      Grif: "isn't that the Grave where it would drop right into that dark creepy cave?"
      Simmons: "well it took a long time until i heared it smash on the floor."
      Grif: "So why are you doing this"
      Simmons: "today is Prankhaluia"
      Grif: "Pranka what?"
      Simmons: "Prankhaluia is a Holiday. Devloped back in...."
      Grif: "if today is a Holiday i want a day off"
      Simmons: "Sure, like you would do anything relaxing in this Canyon"
      Grif: "no seriouse, i want a day off"
      Sarge: "Pranks on you turd. That is my first Prank for today. No Holiday!"
      Donut: "uh i need to prepare the (Fondü), this Prankhaluia is going to be sooo gorgiouse"

      - Blue Base / Schmidt wakes up, with a Huge tatoo on his Armor that says "Shoot me im the rookie"

      Schmidt: "Son of a b****, who the hell did this!"
      Caboose: "i told u he is going to be mad"
      Schmidt: "wait you know who did it?"
      Caboose: "maybee.... i saw someone, or some girl.... walking in while your asleep.... makeing your armor look...... diffrent"
      Schmidt: "some girl, ok i can just think of one girl stupid enough to do this.... and one actually beeing able to sneak up on me like this. So who of the 2 was it."
      Caboose: "oh you know.... i don't like pain and..... she will hurt me"
      Schmidt: "ok Tex it's Payback time!"
      Caboose: "hmmm he must have seen her doing it."

      - Minutes Later

      Tex: "What in gods name!"
      Church: "Wheres the problem?"
      Tex: "Someone painted my Rifle Pink"
      Church: "for real? i need someone to get a medal"
      Tex: "if you dont want to die on Prankhaluia... shut it"
      Church: "Today is Prankhaluia? this is going to be a good day"
      Tex: "Not for mr. Paintjob"

      - Meanwhile in the red base

      Donut: "Ok whos the one that killed the last bunch of orials..."
      Grif: "Happy Prankhaluia"
      Simmons: "That wasnt a Prank Grif, you eat all our Rations anyway, thats not unnormal"
      Sarge: "WHAT IN SATANS NAME! Where's my Shotgun!"
      Simmons: "I'm so pointing on you if he comes in"
      Grif: "I didnt do it, hiding his shotgun would result in work"
      Simmons: "but who else should Prank Sarge"

      - In the Caves

      O'Mally: "Haha now Sarge is going insane, since i "borowed" his Shotgun." *evillough* "Prankhaulia is just the right Holiday for me haha"

      - Blue Base Tex is running after Tucker to chase him down

      Tucker: "What the hell is wrong with u bitch"
      Tex: "Stop right now mr.Paintjob - im gonna get your ass"

      - Tucker Stops
      Tucker: "you must have mixed something up, im mr.Loooovejob - bow chicka.."
      - Tex Stabs Tucker with the Pink Rifle

      Tex: "That will teach you"
      Caboose: "Why did she hit tucker?"
      Church: "Maybee it was her special Prank for today"
      Caboose: "i see..... it's good she didnt pranked me like that, ohhh but it bet she will"
      Church: "Why is that"
      Caboose: "i got to go"

    • More to come soon - Episode 5

      12 years ago


      I'm currently spending a bit of my spare Time on developing the Content of Episode 5 of my Series.

      A liddle sneak peak: There will be a new Holiday announced

    • Ripping fucktards!

      12 years ago


      As you all know the Internet is a huge markteplace to discover new things or to buy some stuff you were looking for.
      But also the Internet is a perfect place for Crime. Today i discovered a nice little Clan-Site that copied aout 85% out of one of my Designs i made some time ago.

      After a Call to the so called "creater" of the Website he sounded pretty pissed

      "Fuck you, there isnt even a damn copyright on your work so you cant do anything about it n00b"

      my simple answer to that kind of offense was : "cya @ court dumbnuts"

      The bad thing for him is, i recorded the Phonecall via my Phonebox. So i went to my lawyer the same day and guess what. I got copyrights on all my work. Since Photoshop generates your Product-ID under every file you create with the tool. So Basicly hes goin damned.

      I hope this will teach Persons a leason that try to steal stuff from the internet and make it appear as some of their own.

    • Episode 4 Part 2

      12 years ago


      - Back to Blueteam Basement Tuckers liddle alien walks up to Schmidt

      Alien: "Blarg Honk Blarg Blarg
      Schmidt: "looks like your the only usefull.....thing around here"
      Alien: "Blarg"

      - Tuckers "son" hands Schmidt over a Grenade. Schmidt walks up to the roof

      Church: "You really want to blow this thing "down" the roof?"
      Schmidt: "Thats how it got up hear. and if i manage to place it on the right stop it will fall down to the place

      where it former stood"
      Church: "sure, tomorrow is x-mas eve you know"
      Schmidt: "im trying to work here, go for some target practice would you"
      Church: "your pissing me off, im gone"
      Schmidt: "your welcome"

      - Schmidt places the nade on the backend of the Warthog

      Schmidt: "Fire in the hole!"
      Tucker: "oh jeah i can set some fire in diffrent holes in know - bow chicka

      - As the dust disapeares

      Tucker: "wow wow wow, i have this strange ringing noise in my ear"
      Schmidt: "happens when u use a grenade"
      Tucker: "you know, im a lover not a nader"
      Schmidt: "isnt it suppost to mean hater?"
      Tucker: "no way man its ment to be what i tell it to"
      Schmidt: "ok yeah, that makes sence"

      - The exploded Warthog flies acors the canyon to almost the middle of it and lands close to O'Mally

      O'Mally: "bloody hell, cant you look out where you throw your old equipment!"
      Tucker: "oh shit its that O'mally turd!"
      SChmidt: "did you just said O'mally?"
      Tucker: "jeah hes the damn mercenary tryin to kill us all the time"
      Schmidt: "ok, stay down and watch the show"
      Tucker: "this sounds strange when a guy tells you"

      - Schmidt walks to the edge of the rooftop and starts shooting at O'mally

      Schmidt: "you rember me you island monkey!"

      - O'Mally takes cover behind a Rock

      Tucker: "how did you know him?"
      Schmidt: "that asshole was the reason i was degraded"

      - Schmidt fires onther clip at the rock

      O'Mally: "so your whiny ass made it in my canyon, stupid german"
      Schmidt: "come out so i can shot yours limey!"
      Tucker: "seriouse man, your a badass"
      Schmidt: "do me a favoure and get me a bigger gun would you, or use the tank - or at least to anything!"
      Tucker: "your not the guy giving order around here"
      Schmidt: "you want to hold the post and shot that damn frogman?"

      - Tucker goes down the ramp crouched

      O'Mally: "Finaly a nice famaly reunion lad"
      Schmidt: "shut up and die scum!"

      - Schmidt shot another 2 burst at the rock

      O'Mally: "ok you won, for now - ill be back later"
      Schmidt: "yeah go and shave the queen!"

      - O'Mally retreats into the caves - Schmidt reloads

      Schmidt: "damn i hate this englishman"
      Tucker: "hey i brough you the rocket launcher"
      Schmidt: "hes gone"
      Tucker: "seriouse did u have to fire all that round on my rock? its freakin messed up now"
      Schmidt: "your worried about a rock?"
      Tucker: "ok your right, since i got a kid i really should stop this"


    • Episode 4: meeting old Friends

      12 years ago


      - Back in Red base

      Grif: "I'cant belive that asshole shot me"
      Sarge: "at least he did something usefull, so stop cryin"
      Grif: "How is getting me shot is usefull?"
      Sarge: "shut up im enjoying the moment"
      Donut: "that dude is scaring me"
      Simmons: "yeah i agree, we should try to get rid of him"
      Sarge: "wait im going to call command for reinformcements"
      Grif: "yeah no problem like it worked before"
      Sarge: "Command, this is Sarge, Vic come in"
      Vic: "hey ya fellas hows it goin duh"
      Sarge: "Vic we need help, blue team got a new soldier"
      Vic: "so where is the problem on this"
      Sarge: "he's not a moron like the others! he cant shot"
      Grif: "well isnt shoting included in a conflict?"
      Sarge: "shut up target - Vic we need a 5 megatone nuclear bomb, or anything that could help us"
      Vic: "ok i see what i can do for u guys - now try to win ok? - have a nice day bye"
      Sarge: "Vic wait when is it..... ah crap"

      - Blue Base everyone standing around the Warthog lien on the Baseroof

      Caboose: "this could have been a nice joyride"
      Tucker: "Damn this is bad, how should i impress the chick now"
      Church: "Get this thing off the roof"
      Tucker: "yeah like i could move a heavy armored vehicle with my nose"
      Church: "ok i got the sarcasm.... try it anyway"
      Schmidt: "we could use another Grenade to blast it off the roof"
      Church: "no we wont, because that is interfering with Rule 1 on our team"
      Caboose: "maybee we can scare it away... then it might fall over on its own"
      Schmidt: "ill get a grenade...."
      Tucker: "if you ruin the paintjob with that grande...."

      - Schmidt stops and stares at Tucker

      Tucker: "ah.... ok nevermind"

      - Schmidt walks down the ramp to the basement

      Schmidt: "Where the Fuck did all the gernades go?!"
      Tex: "well.... i used them"
      Schmidt: "for what? makin your breastplate look bigger"
      Tex: "dont make me angry cockbite"
      Schmidt: "there should have been at least 15 Grenades down here, thats military standart on an outpost like this"
      Tex: "oh does the new 'how to do war' Manual got enough pictures that you reed it?"
      Schmidt: "no but the Magazin u wanted to pose in had..."
      Tex: "whats the big think with the Nades anyway"

      - Tucker runs down the Ramp and quickly appears in the basement

      Tucker: "ohh i think you can handle the big deal tex... bow chicka bowwow"
      Tex: "you could throw him, ill make shure he detonates"
      Tucker: "a detonation of love - creamy"
      Schmidt: "since when are you here?"
      Tucker: "i stoped counting days"

      - Red base basement Sarge and Simmons wait for the reinforcements

      Simmons: "im sure they'll send one right away - or a nuke"
      Sarge: "i hope its not one of the freelancers. they always get a higher bodycount!"
      Simmons: "thats just because there bad leaders, sir"
      Sarge: "i think there is someone commin"

      - O'Mally appeares in the Ramp

      O'Mally: "Hello Lads, looks like you got a goat to shot for me"
      Simmons: "arn't you suppost to kill everyone in this canyon?"
      O'Mally: "my private business. The job always comes first"
      Sarge: "anyway. i want u to get this new guy the blues have got"
      O'Mally: "And your offer of compensation is?"
      Sarge: "Well, as i sadly i have to say it, you can get Grifs first born son"
      O'Mally: "well finaly someone comes up with a good term" *evillough* "ok ill get right on it"

    • New Episode Today!

      12 years ago


      I know your all waiting for it to come. Today im already bored worling again. So i'll just started writing a new episode. I'm not very sure of its content but im shure i can work something funny.

    • Who's the Nerd!?

      12 years ago


      Well basicly a friend of mine found a Engine very Similar to the one Bungie is usein for Halo 3 on Xbox360. As we work at the same Company i just recived it from him and used one of my older Models from Halo CE to try the need stuff. And i have to say..... It just looks amazing. I added some HDRi Filtering to the Light and this is what came up.

    • Episode 2 Continue

      12 years ago


      Please read the Journal below first

      - Red Team starts Running trough the Gulch and Stops behind the Center highing

      Sarge: "now i want to see a throw for the books donut, make me proud"
      Dount: "ill do my best sarge"

      - Donut launches an awesome throw the frag grenade flies all the way and lands direktly under the Warthog
      The blown up Warthog lands on the Top if Blue base and woke up Caboose from one of his weird dreams

      Caboose: "Tucker.... Tuckeee~r"
      Tucker: "no way man, im not fighting is lunch time"
      Caboose: "have you done nap time yet.... its important"
      Tucker: "just tell the reds that we got a new guy and hes going to kick there ass on solo"
      Caboose: "but..... i dont want to use the teleporter.... bad thing happen when u use it... to me"
      Tucker: "Just walk over there then"
      Caboose: ".....hmmmm..... ok"

      - Caboose walks out the Base towards the Red team

      Caboose: "i was sent here..... to bargin your capitulation.... term things"
      Sarge: "we're not surrendering son, we're winning the war"
      Caboose: "But.... we got this new guy..... hes mean... and he will come here.... soon i hope"
      Grif: "Yeah right you mean the Rookie"

      - Suddenly a Bullet passes by and hits Grif in the leg

      Grif: "son of a..."
      Sarge: "we've been traped... it's an ambush"
      Schmidt: "Dont u ever call me rookie again you f**ktard"
      Sarge: "excellent work Simmons, you worked with the Grifbait plan"
      Grif: "Thats it im goin Home"
      Caboose: *whisper*"i told u.... hes mean"
      Simmons "Well it was an astounishing good shot from up there"
      Sarge: "why are you cheering for the enemy, your embarising me Simmons"
      Simmons: "i ment that technicly Sarge"
      Sarge: "shut up, you wasted your chance for today"
      Donut: "Sarge we should go back to our base, i dont want to get shot by that new guy"
      Sarge: "god dam it! well you saved yourself today blue maggots"

      - Back to the Plato

      Church: "why didnt you shot im in the head mister expert marksman"
      Schmidt: "he was about 700 feet away, the wind is blowing with 8mph up hear.... u wanna try?"
      Chruch: "ok forget it"
      Schmidt: "there moving out of Range"
      Church: "could you do me a favoure?"
      Scmidt: "what favoure and whats in it for me"
      Church: "can you shot that liddle abomination from here, if you get it you can make any demand you want"
      Schmidt: "any?"
      Church: "just kill that stupid thing"
      Schmidt: "doesn't that fall under friendly fire"
      Chruch: "it is an ALIEN"
      Schmidt: "it Tuckers kid"
      Church: "but still it is an ALIEN"
      Schmidt: "your really a racist"


      im might do some further episodes... in time

    • Episode 2: What the...

      12 years ago


      A cold wind breezes trough the Gulch

      Simmons: "Sir i think the Blue Team got a new Rookie again"
      Sarge: "Diabolical! But thats no problem this will only increase my Body count"
      Grif: "Sarge i think your Bodycount is like... None"
      Sarge: "Shut up dumbnuts.Command came up with a great plan for the final victory"
      Grif: "it's the same as always isn't it"
      Sarge: "Don't get insubordenate Soldier"
      Simmons: "I think its a great Plan Sir"
      Grif: "he didn't even told you asskisser"
      Sarge: "thats because Simmons is always one step ahead of you"
      Donut: "but Sarge you really didn't told us the Plan yet"
      Sarge: "nonsence, you'll find out early enough"

      - A stabing noise goes trough the Gulch

      Tucker: "This guy has a Seriouse problem"
      Caboose: "he might really.... dont like that wall"
      Church: "hey where is the rookie"
      Schmidt: "I HATE YOU"
      Tucker: "How could he have heared that?"
      Caboose: "Oh no... he's inside my head... like this other bad guy was once"
      Church: "ok Caboose, go in there and tell him hes comein with me for some recon"
      Tucker: "Why dont you take me with you, like we always did"
      Church: "Because hes less enoying"
      Tucker: "Sure he will just stab you if you call him.... you know"
      Church: "exactly, that is at least less enoying then taking you with me"
      Tucker: "Up yours"

      - the Red Team has setup infront of there base

      Sarge: "Grif did you get the Extra Ammo this time"
      Grif: "Of course, i placed it in Simmons Backpack"
      Simmons: "Your the worst Soldier i ever saw"
      Grif: "Thats why im here"
      Sarge: "Stop the chatting ladies, today is our Victory day!"
      Grif: "Can i just stay here and watch the flag?"
      Sarge: "Theres no way your pullin your foul ass out this time, your the bait"
      Grif: "Bait? for what?"
      Sarge: "The bullet bait you moron. thats the best part of the plan"

      - Curch and Schmidt are starting there way up the Hill for Intel recovery

      Church: "so your from germany"
      Schmidt: "i knew your a racist"
      Chruch: "what does that have to do with your from germany"
      Schmidt: "everyone hates us"
      Church: "why's that for anyway?"
      Schmidt: "We started 2 Wars, we killed thousend of people, maybee because of that"
      Church: "so why am i a racist by just sayin your from germany"
      Schmidt: "everyone is."

      - Both arrive at the Plato, Church starts sighting with his rifle

      Church: "hey the Red guys are up to something, it looks like there Planing to Attack"
      Schmidt: "how about a previouse Counter-Attack? or just shoot there leader"
      Church: "i dont know i think someone was playin with the Adjustment of the Sniperrifle again"
      Schmidt: "aren't you the only one Caryin it the Hole day long"
      Church: "ahm..... i got distracted sometimes"
      Schmidt: "you actually dont hit a damn shit it dont u"
      Church: "like you could even use it right and dont shot yourself with it dumb german warfanatic"
      Schmidt: "What the..... anyway, i can use it im a trained Expert Marksman tough"
      Church: "And when, in gods name, where you going to tell me this?"
      Schmidt: "Because you woudl have juged me for it."
      Chruch: "Judge you? why the hell should i do that"
      Schmidt: "because im german"
      Chruch: "ok..... take the rifle, the one you need to hit is"
      SChmidt: "the red one"
      Church: "how do you know that?"
      Schmidt: "hes the one in front of the group and i know the Ranks...."
      Church: "ok fine.... just wait for my singal"
      Schmidt: "did you notice the Rifel wasnt Calibrated since it was build?"
      Church: "shut up, i was starting to like you, dont ruin it."

      - Schmidt Grumbels and starts aiming at Sarge

      Sarge: "so thats the plan, not even you guys can screw it"
      Grif: "you just told us to run and shoot"
      Simmons: "thats a perfect tactical worked out plan Grif - no wonder you dont get it"
      Grif: "i hope they shot you first buttmunch"
      Sarge: "ok lets go! today is a good day to die!"
      Grif: "did anyone one notice he said the a couple of times now"
      Simmons: "shut up Grif im trying to get inspired"

      Continued in Part 2 - cause the Site wont fiture all the Text

    • Yet more to come

      12 years ago


      Becuase of the great succes from my charakter Storyline, or the term im bored like hell on firdays at work, there will be a new episode today. Stay Tuned

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