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    • Wow, it's been a while.

      2 years ago


      Oh boy, it's been a while since I've even posted a journal update. quickly as possible. 

      -Had a girlfriend, then broke up.

      -Started doing Twitch streaming things, both moderating, and broadcasting. 

      -Became the PR Officer for the 405th

      -Left an online fan group

      -Bought RTX 2017 passes

      -Rebuilt armor, after Burnie signed the old set. 

      Yeah, I think that covers it. 

    • Conventions and Plans

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      So, this is kinda just a general question to everyone. What conventions do you go to, and what sorts of cosplays do you bring to them? Are they primarily RT cosplays, or do you have other cosplays that you bring?

      For me, my conventions are all over the place.

      Tekko - Pittsburgh, MantiCon - Minneapolis, RTX/CONvergence - Austin/Minneapolis, Blurriecon - Erie.

      Usually, I bring Halo armor now a days.

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    • Story of Life

      3 years ago


      Today, I learned the story of @kdicicco, @demonseaweed, as well as their friends Kyle, Holly, and Dale. Their story has both reminded me how fragile life is, and shown me how great this community continues to be.

      Three or four years ago, I almost lost my mother to a brain aneurysm. That was the first realization in quite a while about how fragile life is, and how death can come so quickly to those you care for. The story that I learned of today just reinforces that feeling of seeing how quickly lives can be taken. From the news stories, to Matt bringing up the news during RTX 2015, to Kevin talking about those lost, and to having Hannah at RTX 2016 during the podcast panel...this community has rallied together to bring some light during the dark times.

      Honestly, bringing light to people's lives is the one thing that we should do as humans. There's so much hate, pain, and sadness in the world. Sometimes, the light is important for all of us. It brings out the best in people.

      I'm glad that two people (dare I say RT family...) can share their stories with us all, both of those that have passed and the ones they continue to make. I'm glad to see you both moving forward, and continuing to get better and better.

      May Holly, Kyle, and Dale rest in peace knowing that Kevin and Hannah continue to bring light and happiness to this world.

    • So, why are we here?

      3 years ago


      Yep. First question that RvB asked everyone. So, why am -I-here?

      Well, I attended RTX 2016 this year...which was my first RTX and my first 10,000+ attendee convention in Halo armor. Now, I didn't know that I had already created a community profile here, but now's a better time than any to actually use it.

      RTX was the most fun I've had at a convention in a very, very long time. I met all sorts of people, both from the 405th Infantry Division (other Halo costumers), to Jen Brown, Shannon McCormick, and Burnie., as well as the Guardians (I could /never/ thank you all enough....) and other attendees.

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