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    • 12 down 8 to go...

      13 years ago


      well 12 so far only 8 karma levels to go until i get to make my topic

    • Oblivion: gulid expulsions

      13 years ago


      When you attack someone from your guild, kill them or steal from them, you get suspended from the guild until you earn your way back in.

      Fighters Guild
      Like the other guilds, you are not permitted to steal from, attack or kill
      other members of the guild. (Non-members are fair game.) The Fighters Guild
      operates on a three-strikes and you're out policy. The first two times you
      commit a crime against a guild member, you can earn your way back in. The
      third time, you're out for good.

      The first time you are expelled, you must bring 20 bear pelts back to Vilena
      Donton in Chorrol to be re-instated. The second time you are expelled, you
      must bring Donton 20 minotaur horns. Neither are particularly easy tasks,
      especially since bears and minotaurs are leveled creatures that only appear
      when you're at the right level. That said, you can buy these from shops or steal
      them from houses.

      The Mages Guild frowns on members who commit crimes against other members. You
      get two opportunities to earn your way back into the guild. After the third
      crime, you are banned for good.

      Earning your way back into the guild depends on the type of crime. You must
      bring two types of alchemical ingredients to Raminus Polus, who will
      re-instate you into the guild.

      Theft: 20 nightshade, 20 mandrake root (find in market district)
      Assault: 20 dragon's tongue, 20 redwort flowers (market district)
      Murder: 20 vampire dust, 20 daedra hearts (vampire dust can be found in a mine south east of skingrad, near the castle walls) (daedra hearts are found in xilvali and such)

      These prices apply regardless of whether it is your first or second offense.

      Thieves guild
      The Thieves Guild has some pretty strict rules regarding behavior.
      (Apparently, there *is* honor among thieves.) You are not to steal from,
      assault or kill another guild member. Additionally, you cannot kill anyone
      while committing a theft for the guild (unless your doyen or the Gray Fox
      specifically gives you permission in advance.)

      Unlike the other guilds, getting back into the Thieves Guild is a simple
      matter of money. There is a fine attached to each action, and paying the fine
      to Armand or S'Krivva gets you back into the guild.

      crime | Fine
      --------- | --------
      Theft | 200
      assault | 500
      murder | 1,000

      * You get charged 1,000 gold Blood Price for each unnecessary murder during a
      job. The exceptions are killing one of the two targets of "May the Best Thief
      Win", their Blood Price is 500 gold. Your doyen or the Gray Fox will let you
      know if any job targets can be killed before you go out on the job.

      The Thieves Guild is pretty lenient and always lets you back in, as long as
      you pay the fines.

      Dark Brotherhood
      When you first join the Dark Brotherhood, Lucien Lachance will fill you in on
      the Five Tenets:

      Tenet 1: Never dishonor the Night Mother. To do so is to invoke the Wrath of

      Tenet 2: Never betray the Dark Brotherhood or its secrets. To do so is to
      invoke the Wrath of Sithis.

      Tenet 3: Never disobey or refuse to carry out an order from a Dark Brotherhood
      superior. To do so is to invoke the Wrath of Sithis.

      Tenet 4: Never steal the possessions of a Dark Brother or Dark Sister. To do
      so is to invoke the Wrath of Sithis.

      Tenet 5: Never kill a Dark Brother or Dark Sister. To do so is to invoke the
      Wrath of Sithis.

      You may wander what this "Wrath of Sithis" is. It is a spirit that will attack
      you if you break one of the Tenets. The first two times this happens,
      defeating the spirit means you're back in the guild. The third time, defeating
      the spirit just means you get to avoid reloading your game. You're out of the
      Brotherhood forever.

      The first three tenets are impossible to break. The game never gives you a
      chance to do any of those things. Well, you can fail to carry out an
      assignment, but you're never visited by the Wrath, it just remains an open
      quest in your journal. So, basically, you'll only run into a problem if you
      steal from or kill another member of the Brotherhood.

    • Oblivion: Cure for Vampirism

      13 years ago


      You can do this quest whether you want to cure yourself of vampirism or not,
      but there is no real reward except the cure. You must be a vampire (any stage,
      but more than just infected with prophyric hemophilia) to start this quest.
      Find Raminus Polus in the Arch-Mage's Lobby of Arcane University during normal
      daytime hours. Ask aboue a cure for vampirism and he'll refer you to Count
      Hassildor in Skingrad.

      Fast Travel to Castle Skingrad and speak to either Mercatus Hosidus (if you
      haven't completed "Ulterior Motives" in the Mages Guild quests) or Hal-Liurz
      (if you have) about a vampire cure and they'll fetch the count. The count
      tells you all he knows; he has himself been searching for a cure for his wife.
      (He likes being a vampire, she doesn't, yada, yada.)

      He refers you to a witch of Glenmoril who lives in Drakelowe, along the
      Carbolo/Reed Rivers in eastern Cyrodiil. Fast Travel to Cheydinhal and head
      south; you'll find Melisande inside the one house. She agrees to help you with
      a cure, but first, she needs a favor: five empty grand soul gems.

      The easiest way to get the soul gems is to buy them. Most Mages Guild halls
      have a merchant who has various sizes of soul gems. In addition, the Mystic
      Emporium in Imperial City will usually have one or two of that size. Bring
      five to Melisand to discover that little scavenger hunt was just the
      beginning. The ingredients she wants for the vampire cure will have you
      hopping all over the cyrodiil...

      Vampire Ashes
      For this one, at least, Melisande has a specific target in mind. She wants the
      ashes of Hindaril, who resides in Redwater Slough near the east end of Panther
      River. (It's actually on the eastern of two tributaries that feed into the
      Panther from the north.) At the first T-intersection, turn left (north) to
      reach Hindaril directly; however, you'll have to pick a lock to get to him.

      If you have little in the way of lock-picking skill, go right (south) at the
      T-intersection to find a key. This won't be easy as you'll have to swim
      through a flooded tunnel and come up into a room with several undead
      surrounding you. The chest with the key is in a corner of the room.

      If you happened to clear this dungeon earlier, never fear. Hindaril's ashes
      are marked as a quest item, so you couldn't have dropped or sold them anywhere
      and you can just hand them over to Melisande.

      Blood of an Argonian
      Again, this is fairly simple. All you need is an Argonian, any Argonian. You
      have a number of choices available to you:

      1) Pick an Argonian in any city Bravil and Leyawiin have several each, this is
      by far the simplest option if you have the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal (Thieves

      2) Raid a bandit or marauder hangout, searching for Argonians

      3) If you've finished the Daedric Shrine quests (or most of them), find an
      Argonian worshipper at the shrines of Azura, Boethia, Hircine, Peryite and

      4) You’ll find an Argonian (Skaleel) on the first level of Vahtecen, but she’s
      off-limits if you’re a member of the Mages Guild.

      You don't need to kill the Argonian, just hit him once with the special dagger
      given you by Melisande. Of course, that will make the Argonia and nearby
      friends hostile, so choose your mark wisely.

      Nightshade and garlic
      You can pick these up at alchemist shops; there's one in every Mages Guild
      hall. You can also try The Main Ingredient and the Gilded Carafe in Imperial
      City's Market district. That should be all you need to get the five nightshade
      plants and six garlic cloves.

      This plant typically grows only in Oblivion. If there are Oblivion gates still
      open, you can pop through and pick up two samples pretty quickly. If not, you
      can try the Daedric quests of Boethia and Peryite, both of which send you to a
      special Oblivion plane, where you might be able to find some bloodgrass.

      If the gates are all closed and you've previously finished the Boethia and
      Peryite quests, you may still find some bloodgrass growing around the wreckage
      of closed gates. Or, you may get real lucky and some alchemist has some in
      stock. If you've purchased the Wizard's Tower official plugin, then head
      straight to Frostcrag Spire--you can get two samples of bloodgrass in the
      conservatory next to your quarters.

      The cure
      Once you have all the ingredients, hand them over to Melisande. You then have
      to Wait 24 hours to get the cure. Return to Castle Skingrad and talk to
      Hosidus or Hal-Liurz again and you'll be escorted to a secret room where the
      Countess lies in a coma.

      Lo and behold, Melisande is there before you. She revives Rona Hassildor long
      enough for her to drink the cure and then she dies. If you try to talk to the
      count, he'll brush you off with a request you wait a day to allow him to set
      his wife's affairs in order.

      Wait 24 hours and ask the steward for the count. He'll come down and
      officially conclude the quest with a small reward. And, oh yeah, you still
      have one dose of the cure to use on yourself. If you later get vampirism
      again, you have to repeat the ingredient gathering for Melisande in order to
      get another dose.

    • wop

      13 years ago


      wop you are a legend and yes the end is nigh (the great destroyer is here!!!)

    • Oblivion: Vampirism

      13 years ago


      This is a guide to vampirism in the elder scrolls IV: Oblivion. if you are already a vampire and want to cure yourself, go to the bottom and there is a link to the cure for vampirism walkthrough

      There are some advantages and
      disadvantages to becoming a vampire. To become a vampire, you must first get
      the disease "porphyric hemophilia". Three days after getting the disease, when
      you sleep, you turn into a vampire. You normally get the disease during fights
      with vampires. You can also willingly receive the disease during the Dark
      Brotherhood quests, just talk to Vincente Valtieri (before you get special
      orders from Lucien Lachance).

      You can stop the change to vampire by curing your porphyric hemophilia. Any
      normal method of curing disease works: potion, spell or Activating an altar in
      one of the Great Chapels in a city. You can greatly reduce the chance of
      getting porphyric hemophilia by engaging vampires at range. They can't infect
      you unless they use melee attacks against you.

      Once you are a vampire, there are four stages of vampirism: 25% vampire, 50%
      vampire, 75% vampire and 100% vampire. You begin at 25% (stage 1) vampire.
      Every few days, if you don't drink any "human" (human in this case includes
      Elves, Argonians and Khajiit) blood, you move to the next stage of vampirism
      if you rest (Wait) or sleep.

      Drinking human blood moves you back to stage 1 (25%) vampirism. You drink
      blood by finding a sleeping NPC and Activating the NPC. You'll be asked if you
      want to feed. Feeding on an NPC doesn't wake and doesn't harm the character.
      You can feed on beggars, your maid in Skingrad (if you're rich), fellow Guild
      members or even the Countess of Anvil (if you can break into the castle).
      Don't feed where any awake characters can see you, or they will raise an
      The benefits and penalties of the four stages of vampirism:

      Stage 1 (25%)
      Hunter's Sight (Lesser Power):
      Night Eye on self for 30 seconds
      Detect Life 100ft on self for 30 seconds
      Weakness to Fire 20
      Fortify Acrobatics 5
      Fortify Athletics 5
      Fortify Destruction 5
      Fortify Hand To Hand 5
      Fortify Illusion 5
      Fortify Mysticism 5
      Fortify Sneak 5
      Fortify Speed 5
      Fortify Strength 5
      Fortify Willpower 5
      Resist Disease 100
      Resist Normal Weapons 5
      Resist Paralysis 100

      Stage 2 (50%)
      Vampire's Seduction (Greater Power):
      Charm 50 points for 20 seconds on touch
      Hunter's Sight (Lesser Power):
      Night Eye on self for 30 seconds
      Detect Life 100ft on self for 30 seconds
      Sun Damage 1 (1 point of damage every second spent outside during the day)
      Weakness to Fire 30
      Fortify Acrobatics 10
      Fortify Athletics 10
      Fortify Destruction 10
      Fortify Hand To Hand 10
      Fortify Illusion 10
      Fortify Mysticism 10
      Fortify Sneak 10
      Fortify Speed 10
      Fortify Strength 10
      Fortify Willpower 10
      Resist Disease 100
      Resist Normal Weapons 10
      Resist Paralysis 100

      Stage 3 (75%)
      Reign of Terror (Greater Power):
      Silence in 20ft for 60 seconds on touch
      Demoralize up to level 6 for 60 seconds on touch
      Vampire's Seduction (Greater Power):
      Charm 50 points for 20 seconds on touch
      Hunter's Sight (Lesser Power):
      Night Eye on self for 30 seconds
      Detect Life 100ft on self for 30 seconds
      Sun Damage 4 (4 points of damage every second spent outside during the day)
      Weakness to Fire 40
      Fortify Acrobatics 15
      Fortify Athletics 15
      Fortify Destruction 15
      Fortify Hand To Hand 15
      Fortify Illusion 15
      Fortify Mysticism 15
      Fortify Sneak 15
      Fortify Speed 15
      Fortify Strength 15
      Fortify Willpower 15
      Resist Disease 100
      Resist Normal Weapons 15
      Resist Paralysis 100

      Stage 4 (100%)
      Embrace of Shadows (Greater Power):
      Night Eye on self for 90 seconds
      Invisibility on self for 90 seconds
      Reign of Terror (Greater Power):
      Silence in 20ft for 60 seconds on touch
      Demoralize up to level 6 for 60 seconds on touch
      Vampire's Seduction (Greater Power):
      Charm 50 points for 20 seconds on touch
      Hunter's Sight (Lesser Power):
      Night Eye on self for 30 seconds
      Detect Life 100ft on self for 30 seconds
      Sun Damage 8 (8 points of damage every second spent outside during the day)
      Weakness to Fire 50
      Fortify Acrobatics 20
      Fortify Athletics 20
      Fortify Destruction 20
      Fortify Hand To Hand 20
      Fortify Illusion 20
      Fortify Mysticism 20
      Fortify Sneak 20
      Fortify Speed 20
      Fortify Strength 20
      Fortify Willpower 20
      Resist Disease 100
      Resist Normal Weapons 20
      Resist Paralysis 100

      During each stage of vampirism your appearance changes. At stage 4 vampirism,
      your "condition" has become so noticeable most NPCs won't talk to you. You
      can't shop, get quests or anything else. You can use the Vampire's Seduction
      power to increase the target's Disposition so you can talk to the person. You
      can also use standard Charm spells, scrolls or the Imperial race's Voice of
      the Emperor power.

      Beginning with Stage 2 vampirism, you can't Fast Travel during the day. You
      can Fast Travel at night, but you'll need to make short hops. On foot, Fast
      Traveling from Cheydinhal to Anvil takes 11 hours; if you have a fast horse,
      you can cut that to 5 hours. So, on horseback, you can Fast Travel clear
      across Cyrodiil in one night; on foot you'll only be able to travel about
      halfway across the country.

      By Stage 4 vampirism, being outside during the day will require that you run
      along with a healing spell ready, casting almost constantly. You will not want
      to stop and fight in this condition, so traveling through the wilderness
      during the day can be quite dangerous. Keep an eye on the clock (shown on the
      map/quest screens of your journal and on the Wait menu) and don't go outside
      during the day. If you've been plundering ruins and dungeons, stay in the dungeon until nightfall
      (which the game defines as 8pm), and then you can Fast Travel to the nearest
      city. Wait in an Inn until daylight, then sprint for the stores to sell off
      your loot.


    • sponserships

      13 years ago

      armyboi04 is how it works.

      you post in this journal, and say you want to get sponsored. It is a first come first serve, therefore, it may take a while for you to actually be sponsored. with luck, it may take about 1-2 weeks for me to generate enough mods to sponsor you.

      > you can pull out at any time before you have been sponsored, this is good because then the next person gets sponsored quicker, and everyone is happy.
      >I personally do not sponsor you. i'm putting up the mods for you to be sponsored which is basically the same.
      >I DO NOT have to get you sponsored, and the person sponsoring you can decide not to sponser you for any reason, unless i have already given them the mods.

      THE RULES:
      > i will only get your sponsorship renewed if you give me 50% or more of the mods.
      >it will be cheaper for users over level 50
      >i am spending precious time organizing this for you. do not hassle me or the sponserer unless something has gone wrong.
      >IF you are at the top of the list for sponsoring, you can give me mods to help get you sponsored quicker.
      >only level 20+ people are allowed to apply to get sponsored. i don't want a level 1 n00b going and posting shit threads left right and center because i gave him the privilege.
      >just to make sure i'm not sponsoring a mod cheater, or other such being, you have to have been online for at least 5-10 days, depending on how much i like you...there is no point sponsoring someone who wont use it.
      >i'm using my own mods here...luckily for you i lack a way to get rid of them. this is my way. but do not think you are doing me a favor, i could just go and mod up Scott's account (the immortal Scott).
      > it would help if i know you. from a certain forum etc...
      >i will not get you sponsored if i do not like you. if i find you just bearable, i may ask for some contribution.

      Apart from these rules, which seem very doom and gloom, but in actual fact, im a pretty nice guy, so hopefully everyone will be happy.

      you may also be asking, how do i know that if i give you some mods, i wont just run with them?
      well, i have helped 7 people be sponsored so far.
      6) ddubs08
      7) ANiMeShoTEr2



      in the queue t get sponsered:

      1) jlee06
      2) smasher82

    • Oblivion directory

      13 years ago


      this is the oblivion directory, all the little questions that pop up frequently are covered in detail in the journals i have adapted into walk throughs. If you want to use them in forums that is fine to help people, just give credit (and the occasional link) where it is due! smiley1.gif

      Official oblivion thread
      oblivion umbra guide
      oblivion skill books guide
      oblivion skill trainers
      Vampirism's effects
      Vampirism cure
      Guild suspension

      want to post your own walkthrough? post it here, but make sure all links, photos, colors and formats have their codes altered so i can see the codes

    • the legendary umbra

      13 years ago


      OK...this journal type thing is to inform all oblivion players oblivious to the existence of the umbra sword in the game elder scrolls IV oblivion. This is for my sanity and the fellow users who keep having to say where the umbra is, how to get it and so forth.

      it will be colour coded like so

      how to obtain.
      where is the shrine?
      what the umbra does.

      just so that you know, the umbra sword as it is known, is carried by a woman called umbra (well duh) in a very small ayleid ruin. it is impossible not to find her in here, or not to find the ruin. she also carries some pretty cool heavy arour which is ok i suppose.
      it looks nice but it is basically orcish armour that is named "umbras cuirass" or what not.


      it is very simple to find the ayleid ruin. just go to the imperial city waterfront and go south west...ish. it is an ayleid ruin on the south-west coast of lake rumare. alternatively, go to the area where the lake splits into two very short rivers, this is where "old bridge" is:
      and just go west on the road straight to vindasel, your final destination:

      how to obtain.
      congratulations, the most common question has been answered! now, you could go it alone and get yourself killed, or you can follow my advice...good
      once inside, equip a detect life spell or your grey cowl. there are many rats and unless you have a good heal spell or a potion, you will deffinately need to conserve health for the battle ahead.

      immediately when you enter, do down the steps until you reach a room. DO NOT RUN ACROSS. there is a spike pit and several might be cutting your trip a bit short if you dont go in slow and steady. stick to the outside, sneak up on the rats or you can pick em off with your bow...the choice is yours.
      the exit is in the southern wall...

      the next room is also rat ridden and, it has a rather odd trap inside that you may have come across before. it is a smoke/poison that comes from the middle of the room. do not enter the middle or you will die. the outlines are easily visible so stay on the outside. kill the rats, same as before.

      now, here comes the tricky part, heal up, let your fatigue and magika restore, and get out your fortification spells...or conjuration spells, whatever suits you, conjuring stuff will distract her, but that sword is deadly and it wont last long before she starts on you.
      it is possible to talk to umbra before fighting, but in the end all you get is the element of un-surprise if that makes any sense at all.
      best option, hit her with a few sneaky arrows or spells to get the party started. a great way to stay unhurt is to jump from the balcony which has a conviniently broken hand-rail, to the broken pillar nearest to you on your right then just TRY and hit her, shes very shit off a shovel some might say. the best defense is offence as they say, just keep blocking and take cheap shots. also, if you have a burden or absorb health spell, this is very good. just keep hitting her and dont let her hit you. keep jumping and she will soon die (not from the jumping but from you killing her).

      loot the place and her and then scarper. its also nice to know that if you have lock picking skills, the chest has a soul gem in it and 570 gold...quite nice if you are just starting out. (if you have bad lock picking skills then exit the ruin, and go back toward the old bridge, near the water is a rune stone that gives you the warden key opens hard locks so that will open the chest)

      there you have it...go and enjoy killing stuff. (might i add that this is no ordinary sword, it has a soul trap for 120 seconds, on strike, and the damage is determined by your level and or blade skill, i got 13 damage but others got up to 30. it also has an encumbrance of zero!!! yay)

      where is the shrine?

      shrine? who said anything about a shrine?
      well, as one of the daedric quests, you have to get the sword and give it to clavicus vile. his shrine is north west (more west than north) just off the gold road. this is kind of an in joke as the offering is 500 gold. what you have to do is get the umbra sword. bring ti back and give it to him and you get an ugly full-head helmet that increases your Personality by 20 points. wow zorz. you can always keep the sword...i would do that. you get to hear him mutter some threats if you do, but nothing happens.

      what the umbra does.
      The umbra is a very powerful sword with a soul trap enchantment and 13 damage, plus, it doesnt encumber you unlike the other powerful weapons. this sword is argued to be THE best or one the best weapons in the game. i love it personally, but i have a sword character and might not be so good for other people. here is a picture of what i did with the umbra:
      there were more people in the back of the castle who i killed but they wouldnt move for the photo, there were 9 in this photo but about 16 in total.

      well, thats it i think, comment if i missed anything.


      IF you do use this please comment so i can see how many people i've helped...thanks

      ...what a waste of an evening


    • Oblivion - skill books

      13 years ago


      This is a kind of library of all the books in oblivion that give you skill points, ive also added the rewards you get from people in quests...the first

      ~a dance in fire (version 1 and 2)
      ~the black arrow v1
      ~mystery of Talara v1
      Rewards: +1 for protecting quill weave's secret in "a rat problem"

      ~A Game at Dinner
      ~mannimarco, king of worms
      ~song of the alchemists
      ~de rerum dirennis
      ~calcinator treatise

      ~daughter of the niben
      ~the dragon break
      ~reality and other falsehoods
      ~the lunar lorkhan

      the armorers challenge
      last scabbard of akrash
      light armour repair
      cherims heart of aquina
      heavy armor repair

      the ransom of zarek
      a dance in fire v3
      the red kitchen reader
      the argonian account book 1

      words of philosiphy
      2920 morning star v1
      fire and darkness
      song of hrormir
      battle of sancre tor
      rewards: +2 whatch the blades practising at cloud ruler temple for a couple of minutes

      death blow of abernanit
      the mirror
      a dance in fire v2
      the warp in the west
      reward: +2 same as blade...(the one above)

      the legendary sancre tor
      the importance of where
      night falls on sentinal
      mace etiquette

      the doors of oblivion
      liminal bridges
      2920 hearth fire [sic] v9
      2920 frostfall [sic] v10
      the warriors charge
      commentaries on the mysterium xarxes book 1.

      the horrors of castle Xyr
      response to beros speech
      A hypothetical treachery
      the art of war magic
      mystery of talara v3
      comments on the mysterium xarxes book 2.

      hand to hand
      immortal blood
      the wolf queen
      ahzirr traajijazeri (yes...really)
      way of the exposed hand
      master zoarayms tale
      rewards: +5 watch the two trainers outside the arena

      heavy armour
      hallgerds tale
      2920 midyear v6
      how orsinium passed to orcs
      history of the fighters guild

      the wolf queen v3
      the argonian account book 3
      incident at necrom
      Palla, volume 1 (Can only be found in Arkved's Death Quarters in Arkved's Tower, part of Vaermina's quest)
      mystery of talara v4
      commantaries on the mysterium xarxes book 3

      light armour
      the rear guard
      ice and chitin
      lord jornibrets last dance
      the refugees
      rislav the righteous

      the gold ribbon of merit
      a dance in fire v5
      vernaccus and bourlor
      father of the niben
      the black arrow v2

      the buying game
      the wolf queen v4
      2920 suns height v7
      a dance in fire v6 and v7
      +5 from Seed-Neeus for completing "Shadow Over Hackdirt"

      the first hold revolt
      2920 suns dawn v2
      the black arts on trial
      before the ages of man
      souls black and white
      commantaries on the mysterium xarxes, book 4

      notes on racial phylogeny
      the exodus
      2920 rains hand v4
      mystery of talara v2

      the locked room
      the wolf queen v1
      proper lock design
      advances in lock picking
      surfeit of thieves

      the wolf queen v6
      2920, last seed v8
      sacred witness
      legend of krately house
      puloined shadows

      biography of the wolf queen
      the wolf queen v5
      2920 second seed v5
      the wolf queen v7
      reward: +1 from arvena thelas if you turn quill weave in at the end of the mission "a rat problem"

    • Oblivion: skill trainers

      13 years ago


      This is a guide to all skill trainers in cyrodiil, where they are, and master quests. they are screen shots to reduce copy and pasting and also because they wont fit if i type them view bigger versions, just click the section you want (they are grouped in threes and twos)


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