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      Blech, SWTOR isn't best game.

      3 years ago

      But I say that being a beta tester since September, that I wouldn't have voted for Old Republic for the Rooster Teeth award. In my opinion, the PvE storyline I went through started great as they built you up to be this awesome agent (played the IA storyline as an DPS-Operative) then the mid way point they just smack you down saying you cant kill a certain sith because you aren't strong enough, even though getting there you would cut through hundreds of sith. Then after all of that I don't think the End-game will be that fulfilling, the only reason people keep playing endgame is to grind for the gear and they almost all but eliminated that.

      then with pvp, it has no structure you go into one of three warzones, beating on the other side till either you win or lose, you get you tokens and you do it again with no purpose. They might of reworked it and decided that there should be something worthwhile to pursue in the games pvp but last I checked there wasn't.

      So overall, I'd say I wouldn't of thought the game would have won, it might be fun for the free month but after that I can't see that many people sticking around, cause even though each class has a "unique" storyline, that is about 5-6 quests a planet, then everything else will be the same for any other class you role. And not to mention the linear nature of the game, just doesnt feel like a MMO, more like a bunch of people encroaching on your single player game.

      now for the game I would have picked, well that would be even more difficult then being negative about a Star Wars game:
      coudn't pick skyrim, because you would have to split the award up to give to the modders who made it a working retail game.
      Halo was just a re-release really, even though I am glad it released.
      GoW3, was a console exclusive and well fun if you have the friends for it.
      COD 8 (MW3): well its exactly how I would imagine a FPSMMO(even though it isn't) would play like, you pick you perk package, pick you gun, level up your gun to unlock attachments for your gun, then level up yourself to get a better rank. all that was missing was massive lobbies you would run around in looking for games to join (sort of like PSO: ep 1 and 2 game searching method was). But Its too run of the mill now to get any recognition.
      well I am just being pessimistic about the games, Just upset there weren't that many unique games that came out, that fit in the category (that were any count). Of course something could of released for the PS3 and I would have never know about it, but Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning looks like it should be promising, so maybe it will do well when it releases next year. And hopefully GW2 comes out and is good.

    • asylumreject

      First Journal and its good news

      6 years ago

      So I just realised that ODST releases tomorrow. while thats good news on its own I do not have school or work. I guess I know what I am doing tonight and tomorrow.

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