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    • I'll be the first to admit...

      9 years ago


      I'm horrible at keeping up with my journal and profile. Like you all haven't noticed. I'm busy, but that's no excuse. I will try to do better.

    • Sponsors Vs Freeloaders

      10 years ago


      Cool little machinima mini-series that really started to move from episode 5 on.

      The man who brought it to life wasn't able to complete it, unfortunately.

      Check out the series here (and give it a chance...yeah, it's goofy. But it gets better).

      If you'd like to see how it ends, check out this journal.

    • How you can help lower gas prices

      11 years ago


      DiMono built a new website that everyone needs to see.

      Spread it along!

    • Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays To U!!!

      11 years ago


      Power problems stalled my Christmas wishes to you all and I apologize... :(

      But it never dampened my wish to each and every one of you my sincerest desire that you find something...
      at least in a small part of your life...
      that makes you happy...
      and you let it flourish as far as it's wings can take it!!!

      I may not know you personally, but don't begin to let that diminish your impact on others...I've watched and noticed your influence on people who desire your input...

      It is good!!! smiley0.gif

      Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!! smiley12.gif

      And May The New Year Be Happier and Brighter For You All!!! smiley0.gif

      Take your ideas and make them happen! Take your loves and make them greater! Take your world and make it what it should be!!!

      God Bless and Godspeed!!! smiley0.gif

    • In Defense of the Constitution

      11 years ago


      WAKE UP, AMERICA !!!

      Anti - CAIR
      In Defense of the Constitution

      Let there be no doubt that the Council on American-Islamic Relations
      is a terrorist supporting front organization that is partially funded
      by terrorists, and that CAIR wishes nothing more than the
      implementation of Sharia Law in America.

      Since its founding in 1994, the Council on American-Islamic Relations and its employees have combined, conspired,
      and agreed with third parties, including, but not limited to, the Islamic Association for Palestine (“IAPâ€Â), the
      Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (“HLFâ€Â), the Global Relief Foundation (“GRFâ€Â), and foreign
      nationals hostile to the interests of the United States, to provide material support to known terrorist organizations,
      to advance the Hamas agenda, and to propagate radical Islam. The Council on American-Islamic Relations,
      and certain of its officers, directors, and employees, have acted in support of, and in furtherance of, this conspiracy.

      CAIR has proven links to, and was founded by, Islamic Terrorists.
      CAIR actively supports terrorists and terrorist-supporting
      groups and nations.

      Anti - CAIR is stepping up ... Will You ???


      CAIR is attacking free speech in America !!!

      Michael Savage personally attacked! Are you next on the chopping block?

      If any of these links don't work, message me and I'll send you the stories as copied from the sites.

    • A Lesson To Us All...

      11 years ago


      Angels on the sideline,
      Puzzled and amused.
      Why did Father give these humans free will?
      Now they're all confused
      Don't these talking monkeys know that
      Eden has enough to go around?
      Plenty in this holy garden, silly monkeys,
      Where there's one you're bound to divide it

      Right in two

      Angels on the sideline,
      Baffled and confused.
      Father blessed them all with reason.
      And this is what they choose.
      (and this is what they choose)

      Monkey killing monkey killing monkey
      Over pieces of the ground.
      Silly monkeys give them thumbs,
      They forge a blade,
      And where there's one they're
      Bound to divide it,

      Right in two.
      Right in two.

      Monkey killing monkey killing monkey
      Over pieces of the ground.
      Silly monkeys give them thumbs, they make their club
      And beat their brother down.

      How they survive so misguided is a mystery.
      Repugnant is a creature who would squander the ability
      To lift an eye to heaven conscious of his fleeting time here.

      Cut it, divide it all right in two (x4)

      They fight, till they die
      Over earth, over sky
      They fight
      Over lies, over blood, over air
      And light, over love, over son
      Over blood
      They fight, till they die, over what? for our lies!

      Angels on the sideline again
      Benched along with patience and reason
      Angels on the sideline again
      Wondering when this tug of war will end

      Cut it, divide it all right in two (x3)
      Right in two

      Right in two...

      Good video version, although I mainly only agree with the first part...
      lyrics and concept differences...

      The lyrics above are more important than any depiction of any video...
      cuz vids are only one man's/woman's idea of how they think things are...
      look at other versions and decide for yourself...

    • ................................

      11 years ago


      The following was published in the Immigration Daily, which is a publication for open-borders supporters. The key points are that:

      (1) They regard you as their most formidable opponents.

      (2) Your calls against DREAM have swamped the pro-DREAM calls 50-1.

      (3) They believe they can get 70 votes, when only 60 are needed to pass, if DREAM is allowed to come to the Senate floor.

      (4) They believe that if DREAM passes they can pass a whole string of other amnesties and benefits for illegal aliens.


      Make DREAM Real

      DREAM may become reality soon. After the CIR (Comprehensive Immigration Reform) debacle (in June), no one thought serious immigration benefits legislation had any chance in 2007.

      It appears that we might be in for a very pleasant surprise.
      * * * * * * *
      The rabidly anti-immigration website NumbersUSA (the main vehicle for the antis to influence Congress) has gone on a war against DREAM, and despite its best efforts for a week now, has managed to get only 22 Senators to publicly commit to voting against DREAM (they would need 41 votes to prevail). Mr. Durbin, in response to NumbersUSA's ferocious campaign has made two minor modifications to his original language, showing that most of the votes for DREAM appear to be there. It is our estimate that DREAM would garner about 70 votes on the floor if a showdown came at this time.

      So much for the good news. Now for the rest. Senators who are eager to enact DREAM say that they are getting calls against it by lopsided ratios of 50 against to 1 for. Even a small number of calls and faxes by those in favor would help them better justify a vote against the concerted effort by the antis to bully Congress into a position where voting for benefits becomes impossible.

      Here's why everyone who wants immigration benefits, of whatever kind, should care about DREAM. If DREAM succeeds on the Senate floor, there is a whole slew of benefit bills lined up right behind it - SKIL, AgJOBS, you name it. We believe that once the benefits dam breaks in Congress, a flood of benefits will follow. Our best read of the House at this time is that the House Democratic leadership will permit a vote on any immigration benefits to come from the Senate, and we believe that there are plenty of votes on the House floor for targeted benefits like DREAM, SKIL and AgJOBS, etc. That is why DREAM is worth pushing for, even apart from its intrinsic merit, since a veritable cornucopia of benefits may well result in the wake of its success.

      We urge our readers to support (and get others to support) DREAM through faxes and calls to the Senate.

      I emphasize to you that the text above in blue is from the pro-amnesty publication Immigration Daily.

      The Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CCIR) is another entity working full-time against your interests and for outlaw employers and their illegal workers.

      Its recent assessment of the situation is this:

      Strong grassroots rally by “anti-immigration†groups scared away some Senators who were considering DREAM

      The CCIR has isolated “the myths and lies†which are the arguments against the Dream Act, and is better prepared to debate it

      Pro-amnesty activists find they do best when calling Senate offices by emphasizing that it is for children who have come to the US and stayed in school, and “stayed out of trouble.â€Â

      Pro-amnesty activists are advised to never refer to the illegal teenagers as 'undocumented students†without adding “…who have grown up here.†People will react better.

      “We feel really good about the people sitting on the fence. They (the opposition) had to go all out on the blogs and phones in order to beat us, and they just made it.†With a stand-alone bill, the fence-sitters ought to come back to the amnesty side.

      Some key Republican Senators who have been telling their constituents they will vote NO on DREAM attached to any spending bill are telling CCIR that they plan to vote YES if DREAM is a stand-alone.

      Illegal alien students have been visiting Senate and House offices daily for several weeks now and are gaining “converts.â€Â

      Unfortunately, any drop in opposition to the amnesty this week will be interpreted by some Senators and their staffs as meaning that the American people are getting tired of fighting on this issue. For some, that will be just the opening they seek to be able to give the outlaw employers lobbies what they want -- an opening for a whole series of amnesties to keep them supplied with cheap foreign labor.

      The country needs your help again this week.

      Phone Senate Switchboard

      You can see all the direct Capitol office phone numbers and the numbers for their offices back home at:

    • Letters to the editors...

      11 years ago


      Greenville (S.C.) News â€" 9/25

      We have to fight invasion of the U.S.

      It seems that whether you are in a large city, small town, or the countryside of South Carolina there are illegal aliens in ever-increasing numbers. How do people from the middle of Mexico cross our border and then know to come to our state and how do they know their way to the out-of-the-way places? There seems to be a concerted effort to populate as much of our country as possible and we citizens are sitting back allowing it to happen.

      I hear a lot of people complaining about the situation, but when I ask if they have contacted their elected officials to let them know of their unhappiness with the problem, they say no. It seems we don't know how to fight for our country on the home front. Our country is being invaded and colonized by Mexico and many of us don't recognize the seriousness of the situation. We had better recognize it and work to stop it or we are going to be strangers in our own nation.

      We should be contacting our mayors, city/county councils, law enforcement, governors, state legislators, senators, congressmen and even the president to voice our outrage at allowing our country to become so compromised. We citizens should remember -- this is still our country and we make the rules here -- not the illegal aliens, not the Mexican government, not the ACLU, not elitist judges, or the lobbying groups that constantly try to force their agenda on us. If we don't like what the government is doing, we tell them to get in line with the people. They work for us, we don't work for them.

      Ruth Pollard
      Greenville, S.C.

      New York Daily News â€" 9/27

      Making it easy for terrorists

      Gov. Spitzer announces to the world - come one, come all for free health care. The driver's license plan he has concocted truly makes me think the governor has gone mad. He would give driver's licenses to terrorists under his plan. Why would terrorists not flock to New York to get an ID - a driver's license? It is a national embarrassment to have the governor of the 9/11 state actually put on the books a law that would give terrorists an ID.

      Robin Hvidston
      Upland, Calif.

      New York Times â€" 9/16

      Immigration Status and Criminal Suspects

      To the Editor:

      The sad case of Rene Perez (“A Death in the Shadows,†editorial, Sept. 9) illustrates the need for increased cooperation among federal and local law enforcement agencies in the area of immigration.

      If New York police were required to ask criminal suspects about their immigration status and to contact federal immigration officials when a suspect appears to be in the country illegally (as is now the case in New Jersey), perhaps Mr. Perez would have been deported in connection with one of his 59 prior arrests.

      Violence against anyone should not be tolerated, but neither should the violation of our nation’s immigration laws by those who enter illegally.

      Beverly Chaney
      Sleepy Hollow, N.Y.

      The Fredericksburg (Va.) Free Lance - Star â€" 9/25

      Illegals are costing taxpayers big bucks

      A Sept. 16 article states, "As her husband steps out the back door of their suburban rental home and into the early light each morning, Veronica makes the sign of the cross. Keep my husband safe, she prays to the Virgin Mary, and away from the police." ("Localities react to national immigration debate.")

      Veronica has more to fear for her husband's safety at work than the police.

      Employers who hire illegal aliens have not only lowered wages but also safety standards at work for illegal aliens. She should also worry that an illegal alien drunk driver might kill her husband on the road.

      Jorge, another illegal alien, states that we should just leave them alone to work. Really? Where does Jorge think the free health care and welfare that supplement his low wages come from? Not to mention the education of the anchor babies?

      All he knows is that the U.S. government gives him all these freebies but he doesn't know that it's us, the taxpayers, who have to give up part of our wages to the government.

      I live in California, ground zero for illegal immigration. It costs my state $10.5 billion a year to educate, medicate, and incarcerate illegal aliens.

      We taxpayers can't afford the illegal aliens, and that's why we can't just leave them alone.
      Haydee Pavia
      Laguna Woods, Calif.

      REPUBLICAN and Herald (Pa.) â€" 9/25

      Unsecure borders invite terrorism

      To the Editor:

      Six years after 9/11 and the most devastating attacks on our country, our government still permits hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to come across our borders every year.

      We must insist that elected officials carry out their duties to secure our borders and defend and protect America from illegal immigration.

      Illegal immigration has devastating effects on our economy, our health care systems, our schools and prison systems.

      Border security and control will become a major issue in the 2008 elections and it is high time that we implement a tough policy on border security and control.

      Without secure borders, it makes it so much easier for terrorists to infiltrate our country. Securing our borders now must be a number one priority.

      Al Eisner
      Wheaton, Md.
      Pottsville native

    • Arabs Buy Stock Exchange:

      11 years ago


      Bush and Company Sell Arabs Stock Exchange

      Sheikdom shakedown: Dubai moves on Nasdaq
      Arab ownership of U.S. stock exchange raises flag in Congress
      Posted: September 20, 2007
      4:14 p.m. Eastern

      By Jerome R. Corsi
      © 2007

      In a complex set of transactions, Dubai is moving to acquire 19.9 percent of the Nasdaq in New York, placing the Arab government in an ownership position of the key U.S. stock exchange and raising concerns in Congress.

      As a result of the transaction, Dubai also will acquire 28 percent of the London Stock Exchange, one of the oldest and largest in the world.

      The transaction is being made through Borse Dubai, a holding company 100-percent owned by the government of the Emirate of Dubai and controlled by Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, the head of the Dubai ruling family.

      According to its website, Borse Dubai was created Aug. 6 as the holding company for Dubai Financial Market and Dubai International Financial Exchange in a move to consolidate the Dubai government's two stock exchanges "as well as current investments in other exchanges, expanding Dubai's position as a global capital market hub."

      The announcement set off a firestorm of criticism in Washington, prompting President Bush to comment today in a news conference, "We're going to take a good look at it, as to whether or not it has any national security implications involved in the transaction. I'm comfortable with the process to go forward."

      On July 26, Bush signed into law the Foreign Investment and National Security Act of 2007, a law passed after last year's controversy over the effort by Dubai Ports World to acquire London-based Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation, an international ports operating firm that would have given Dubai control of operations in up to 22 U.S. ports.

      The Foreign Investment and National Security Act of 2007 was passed to strengthen the examination requirements of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, or CFIUS, a highly secretive bureaucratic panel constituted by the Treasury Department to pass verdict on the national security implications of foreign investments in the U.S.

      In a letter today, Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., urged Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson to conduct the Borse Dubai CFIUS review under the standards imposed by the Foreign Investment and National Security Act of 2007, even though most of the requirements of the new law do not take effect until later this fall.

      Schumer chairs the Joint Economic Committee, composed of 10 members each from the Senate and House of Representatives.

      "Nasdaq is not just any exchange, but one of the world's largest," Schumer wrote Paulson. "With approximately 3,200 companies, it lists more companies and, on average, trades more shares per day than any other U.S. market."

      Schumer's letter posed five specific questions for Paulson:

      What national security concerns are raised by allowing a foreign government to own U.S. financial exchanges?

      Specifically, with respect to Dubai, are there national security concerns about this particular country's influence or control over a U.S. exchange?

      U.S. exchanges are a critical asset to our national economic infrastructure. What implications would foreign government control or influence have on our economic security?

      U.S. economic security depends on continued competitiveness in a global financial market. What impact will this transaction have on U.S. financial competitiveness?

      If national and economic security concerns can be satisfied, should restrictions be placed on this transaction to limit Dubai's control and influence over U.S. exchanges?

      The Department of the Treasury could not be reached for immediate comment.

      Original story link

    • DREAM Act = Amnesty !

      11 years ago


      "'Comprehensive' reform may be dead, but amnesty is very much alive."

      Amnesty Again
      National Review : September 17 , 2007 -- by Kate O'Beirne

      Determined amnesty advocates who lost the fight for "comprehensive" immigration reform three months ago are now attempting to grant illegal aliens "amnesty on the installment plan."
      Illegal aliens who entered the U.S. before age 16 and who have lived here illegally for five consecutive years will be the first to qualify under a bill the Senate is expected to vote on this week. Senator Dick Durbin (D., Ill.) will offer his Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act as an amendment to the defense-authorization bill. Later in the month, senators will attempt to extend amnesty to agricultural workers.

      Under the DREAM Act, applicants for amnesty who claim to be enrolled in a community college, technical school, or university will receive immediate "conditional" legal status. Sound familiar? The Migration Policy Institute estimates that about 1.3 million illegal aliens will be eligible for the amnesty. Because the act's provisions are retroactive, additional illegal aliens will also qualify. Along with illegal aliens who have graduated from high school or completed a G.E.D., any illegal alien, regardless of age, who initially came here illegally before age 16 and meets the education provisions qualifies for a green card and eventual citizenship. As green-card holders, they can all sponsor their illegal alien parents for green cards. To accommodate DREAM Act aliens and their parents, numerical limits on green cards are lifted.

      The DREAM Act also makes illegal aliens, present and future, eligible for discounted, in-state tuition rates by repealing the federal law that prohibits such a benefit for illegal aliens, unless it is also extended to citizens and lawful residents. Unlike legal foreign students, illegal aliens will also qualify for federal financial assistance.

      The DREAM Act enjoys bipartisan support. It's backed by Senators Clinton, Obama, and Kennedy and its Republican co-sponsors include Senators Hagel, Lugar, Crapo, and Craig. Senator McCain supports the bill even though last November over 70 percent of Arizona voters opposed a proposition that would have qualified illegal aliens for in-state tuition.

      "Comprehensive" immigration reform included both beefed-up enforcement measures and amnesty for illegal aliens. The reform failed because public support for the former was overwhelmed by public opposition to the latter. "Comprehensive" reform may be dead, but amnesty is very much alive.

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