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      7 years ago


      I got a staff award from Joel!

    • Joel Heyman, VP Candidate? It's Possible

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      So, most fans of Joel know that before his parts in RvB and Rooster Teeth, Joel was an aspiring actor in Hollywood, acting in such shows as Passions and The Inside, performing voice acting roles in The Strangerhood and Code Monkeys (among other things. :3), and acting as an extra in several shows, the hit TV show Friends (as can be seen here and here) being among them. Now, not to say his career with RvB isn't awesome, as I'm sure many of us here would kill to be in his shoes, but what if he wanted more?

      Now, I'm not sure if any of you guys have ever seen the weird, yet slightly awesome talk show called The Chris Gethard Show, but it's essentially a talk show done on Cable Access and over Ustream consisting of a cast of improv comedians. They do various bits and characters, one of which happens to be a 36-year-old Connor Ratliff, who is running on the platform of just being old enough (He was 35 when he started his "Campaign"). Ratliff announced two weeks ago that he wanted one of the 6 main Friends cast members to be his running mate. Since he, most obviously, failed to do so, last week he released another campaign ad extending his reach to anybody who can prove they'd been on an episode of Friends (Here, skip to 40 minutes in). I just saw this a few minutes ago, and decided I wanted to bring this to the community's attention.

      Would people be interested in voting for some guy and Joel Heyman for VP? Would Joel be interested in being VP, even if it was for a joke? In what way would Joel dispose of some guy and achieve total power? I'd really like a consensus on this.

      (TL;DR: Joel for VP, watch the 3rd link.)

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    • RTX 2012

      7 years ago


      I sat there, watching the countdown, until the order screen popped up, and just clicked the facebook "Like" button.

      Being broke sucks. Maybe next year...

    • Hmmm...

      7 years ago


      So, I broke my hand, right hand, second metacarpal, to be exact.

      Geoff, I feel your pain. Fallout is a saving grace though, just make a character that's high on the agility and vats your way to the end. Companions are a must though...

    • Well...

      7 years ago


      ...Isn't this reminicent of myspace? Maybe only because I haven't written a journal since I was a 15 year old emo kid, but myspace-esque nonetheless...

    • 2019 years ago

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