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    • sooo... I drew this too :)

      10 years ago



    • Yay! and nay....

      10 years ago


      I solved a rubix cube today, now im learning how to do it WITHOUT looking at how to do it the whole time! It's progressing slowly but surely. :)
      i think i've solved it about 7 times now :)

      Update: I can solve it now... one less thing off the list of shit to do before I die... joy.

      in other, sad news... God decided he didnt like me much and decided to break my xbox.... the screen keeps freezing. xbox support says itll cost me $100 to fix it... but Gamestop says they'll swap it out for me free. i love gamestop.
      so i am xboxless for about 2 weeks as i have to send it back to miami to be swapped out (for semi complicated reasons it cannot be just any gamestop... however if it happens again it can be any gamestop) (at least its free!)

    • quick journal before i sleep...

      10 years ago


      Got a 32" hi def tv today, 1080p... its beautiful... im using it right now to type this. its both a comp monitor and a tv for the xbox and n64 and cable tv. im in love.

      recently got back from seeing Inglorious Basterds. Best movie ive seen in theaters in a very long time. absolutely amazing. see it, you won't regret it.

      kay i sleep now, its 4:30 am. good thing i aint got shit to to tomorrow.

    • Jengajam

      10 years ago


      was awesome. i never knew about it till Burnie's journal, but it was awesome, and I even called in, and gave a shoutout to Panacablahblahblah, and told Burnie to think of doing a live drunk tank, along with many other peoples. :)

      and everyone should check out Citation Needed, its a new, very funny comic, and it needs to be more popular than it currently is. Join the group!

    • COLLEGE!

      10 years ago


      Yep, I'm here again, another dorm, way better than the last two... awesome space/layout
      Moved up here Sunday the 16th, 6 hour drive from Miami, all by my lonesome. I love it!

      Over the last 2 days I've removed all of my stuff from my storage place here, leaving only my old roommate's stuff. and my Scion TC could only fit one box at a time... so I've taken a lot of trips there. Fun. I wouldn't try it if I were you.

      So I went to this area event last night, twas a game night thingy. Most people were playing this game called Mafia, a game I never played and didn't have interest in playing... so I cannot relay it's rules...
      Anyway, went to another room where a few people were playing Super Smash Bros for the N64. SMILE!
      So that was tons of fun, and I even gained a rival, this RA chick from a neighboring dorm. Nothing is hotter than a chick who not only plays Super Smash, but rivals me. She even owns the game too :)

      so that was fun, met a bunch of people in my area, and quickly too hehe.

      and I am mostly moved in, few things are being shipped from home because I am dumb and forgot a lot... aaand gotta unpack a bit more... and buy a fridge... and gotta buy a TV... 32" hi def!
      and... um...
      sad I couldn't go to RT: Philly, but it's just so damn far away... and I was moving. heh. Maybe next time guys.

      so yeah that's what I've been doing!
      wow I used actual grammar, spelling, punctuation. Crazy.
      It's this college atmosphere.

      I think I'll go sleep now. smiley1.gif

    • My Epic Roadtrip of Awesomesauce

      10 years ago


      A picture journal by Bdoomed :P

      soooo yeah. Last week I went on a lil roadtrip from the south of the south to the north of the south :P
      by that I mean I went from Miami to Gainesville and then to Orlando and then to Miami again.
      well actually I went from Miami to Kissimmee to pick up a friend to take with me to Gainesville then by myself to Orlando and then to Miami again.

      pic my friend took of me after i picked him up in Kissimmee :) look at me im so happy.

      This is partially in response to Runelady's "I <3 Colorado" journal, as an extention of my comment on how fucking boring Florida is.

      I drove NORTH! and these are the breathtakingly beautiful images of the Florida landscape.
      keep in mind these were taken while going 80 mph. :P
      my god Florida sucks...
      still sucks... so bored.
      ummm yeah still boring...
      im so excited! wait... no im not.
      still bored...
      oh joy, a lake.
      a hill?! no fucking way.
      i duno if you can see em, might have to view image and enlarge it, but those dots are COWS! YES! I KNOW! i saw them too! crazy....
      so yeah... florida sucks.
      pretty damn obvious aint it?

      so anyway after driving and such i got to orlando and here's the view outside of my friend's dorm...
      oh man isnt UCF beautiful. kay actually its pretty nice in some places.

      and then....
      Reel Big Fish concert! i dont really know any of their songs cept... one... but yeah, they were good, i had fun.
      best picture ever right here...
      kay not really the best picture ever but its damn cool.

      and then...
      Warped Tour! I went for ONE band, my favorite band, Streetlight Manifesto (fuck any and all of you who don like em.)
      i ended up meeting the whole band and got a shirt signed by all of em and even my phone signed by the lead singer (but it has since rubbed off of my phone smiley4.gif )
      best shirt ever!

      bein at the front of the crowd is the best smiley0.gif

      I also saw Less Than Jake who were good, and Big D and the Kids Table who were fun. not really a good band but fun to watch and dance to.
      consequently, as you can see in that streetlight pic, the lead singer's arm was broken or sprained or sumtin so he couldnt play guitar (which, to be honest, hes not that great at), so the guitarist from Big D played for him and it made for a much more fun show smiley13.gif because he could move around the stage and do shit and stuff.

      oh and I got 9 hours of direct sunlight with no sunscreen at Warped Tour making for some fun sunburns on my FACE!

      and then... DRIVE HOME!
      best. milage. ever.... or close to best ever... 69 MOTHERFUCKERS! smiley13.gifsmiley13.gifsmiley13.gif

      sooo yeah. that's my trip in a nutshell... a very awesome nutshell.
      the odometer on my car said 902 miles and i think i zeroed it out about 2 miles late and checked about a mile after my trip was over hahaha sooo the whole trip, Miami to Kissimmee to Gainesville and local driving in Gainesville and then Gainesville to Orlando and a LITTLE local driving in Orlando and then Orlando back to Miami is 901 miles :P

    • I'm home again

      10 years ago


      i'll eventually put up a huge "Epic Roadtrip of Awesomeness" journal covering pretty much everything.


      10 years ago


      The latest Air Out My Shorts episode read my short story! :D
      this is my... 3rd i think read on AoMS! :)

      by the way everyone should listen to this podcast, it's awesome.

    • Kill me now.

      10 years ago


      i just got my first ticket... fucking $244...

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