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    • Bdoomed's Epic Roadtrip of Awesomesauce

      10 years ago


      Yep! That is the official name of my upcoming road trip! smiley13.gif
      Tomorrow morning I am setting off for Kissimmee, Florida to pick up a friend to then go to Gainesville, Florida to visit peoples for 2 days! Then, the 22nd I am going to the University of Central Florida to my friend's place so that on the 23rd, we can see Reel Big Fish in concert, and then the following day, the 24th, we are going to VANS Warped Tour to see mainly Streetlight Manifesto! ... and some other bands... depends on when Streetlight plays...
      ANYWAY then I am either stickin around another day or going home... i duno which.
      so i will be gone from tomorrow the 20th till either the 25th or 26th! :D
      yummy yummy road tripness! OF AWESOMESAUCE! smiley13.gif

      I will be takin my laptop so at some points ill hav internets to look at things!
      and i'll post some pix too when i get back! smiley0.gifsmiley13.gifsmiley13.gifsmiley13.gif

    • I think i've come to a conclusion...

      10 years ago


      I'm almost 100% positive I'm going to name my Bonsai tree Battousai the Manslayer (Battouisai for short)
      i had to remove the rocks around it because they were glued together and apparently that causes a lot of problems...
      then i found an old rock collection of mine...
      so i put those around it.
      its a lot more colorful now! :P
      now i just gotta get a weak systematic pesticide and i'm set for a while! (tho i do wanna get a few more plain lookin rocks for it.

      GROW Battousai GROW!

    • is me being up to good?

      10 years ago


      Jeffrey Donovan petted my 3 dogs that my mom took with us! :D
      once they were done filming the scene he came over! :)
      i dont have a closeup pic of him cuz... that wouldve been weird at the time i could have taken one. :P
      and here's some random set pictures...



      ^one of my dogs in that pic :P ^

      the scene was Michael (Donovan) walkin away from a burgandy pickup truck after getting out of it, and it starts smoking, and a crowd gathers, and security guards go all "omg get away peeps!"
      i think they filmed another scene of supposedly stuff fallin off the roof of a building but i didnt stick around for it... SO GODDAMN HOT OUTSIDE!

      also, after the filming i visited my aunt and uncle at their store, which turned into a favor for them involving the Home Depot and 24 plants... so i got myself a bonzai tree! :D

    • What is me being up to?

      10 years ago


      aside from typing the worst English ever...
      I am going to wake up at 7:15am tomorrow to head over to Miami's design district, specifically to the street on which my Aunt and Uncle have their store... because...
      apparently they are filming part of an episode of Burn Notice there...
      now i dont really watch the show cuz... well i dont watch much tv... but i have seen it, and i do like it, and my mom and my brother are big fans of the show, so i thought, 'hey, why not tag along?'

      so... yeah... should be interesting. might even be on tv! :O (noh waaaaaaeys!)

    • Just got the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack

      10 years ago


      it is way better than i thought it would be, and i thought it would be 8 smiley13.gif /10 smiley13.gif
      it is pure sex-tastic awesome button mashing goodness

    • Got my other messenger bag today! :)

      10 years ago


      RT you are so totally awesome, you are more awesome than awesome can be awesome. Awesome.

      so now i have 2! :D

      and, if you see this and have not yet done so, check out my last journal post! :D
      thanks for all the comments and stuff peoples! :D

    • Sooo... I drew this :)

      10 years ago


      Hope you guys like it, it took me a while because i drew it only when i felt like it, not all at once. It's not perfect and i kinda got lazy/had spacial issues towards the end, but i like how it turned out!
      tell me what you think!

    • Roosterteeth > Awesomesauce

      10 years ago


      Okay, so it's official. RT is definitely way more awesome than even pure unrefined awesomesauce.

      So as I said (and showed) in a past journal, I received the Black RvB messenger bag after ordering the Blue Caboose messenger bag right? (right bdoomed!)
      so, i went to the service page and filed a complaint saying that i was not disappointed, it just happened and i wanted them to know it happened so they can prevent it happening to someone who cared more than I do that I got the wrong bag. I made it very clear that it wasnt a big deal.

      I got an email today from the customer service department of RT (who knew they actually had a customer service department :P) saying the following:

      Hello Brian,

      I'm sorry about that! I'll have the correct bag shipped to you right away -- please keep the black one you mistakenly received with our compliments; there's no need to return it. Thanks so much for your order, and for letting us know about this -- I'm really sorry for the inconvenience!


      Mike S.
      Rooster Teeth Productions Customer Service

      how awesome is that?
      i'd be happy to just stick with it, return it, etc, but i dont have to do any of that! :) smiley13.gifsmiley13.gifsmiley13.gif

      so yes, in conclusion RT > Awesomesauce

    • My 4th of July

      10 years ago


      Went to North Miami beach to a party where we lit off some big ass fireworks (one called the Giant Blue Typhoon... it was intimidating)
      Got pretty trashed at said party afterwords, after being assured I would not be driving (of course).
      Lit a homemade bomb in my hands and threw it into a creek (bad idea lighting bombs in your hands but hey, im still alive).
      sat in the back seat of my car while someone else drove for the first time... weird experience.
      hung out at a few friends' houses before becoming sober and then drove home.
      got home, heard my neighbors still partying, went over to check it out
      got INCREDIBLY wasted and stumbled back to my house
      woke up to a phone call this morning at 11 from a co-worker telling me to go to coldstone where i work for a store meeting (one that i had TOTALLY forgotten about!)
      realized as i got in the car that i was STILL drunk as hell
      somehow got to coldstone in one piece, probably embarrassed myself in front of everyone but i dont give a fuck
      got picked up by my awesome mother in lou of the fact that i could not in good conscience drive again.
      slept from around 1 to 5, woke up a bit dizzy still
      had the most delicious dinner ever and it is now 7pm and i'm still not completely sober.
      (btw my brother and my mom went back to coldstone to get my car hahaha)

      I've never had alcohol stay with me this long! its been like 15 hours or so since i last had a drink! DAMN YOU JACK DANIELS! DAMN YOU!

      so... yeah... that was my 4th of july. smiley0.gifsmiley6.gif

    • New Stuff! (the exciting conclusion)

      10 years ago


      Allllriiiiiiiight! So i got my new stuff! (and i have pix!)
      First off, my new RvB shirt :)
      Next, the RvB calendar, and this month's picture just so happens to be the Best Picture Ever. Of All Time.

      And... interesting story about this last one.
      If you looked at my last journal, it said that I was getting the Caboose Messenger bag. Well to tell you guys the truth, I wasn't sure which one I wanted, Caboose or the regular RvB bag. I eventually ordered the Caboose bag. Buuuuut, as fate/coincidence would have it, I recieved this morning the black, regular RvB bag! Now since I didn't know which one I wanted, I'm totally fine with this, though i DID let Roosterteeth know of their mistake :)
      its niiiiiiiiiiiice! :) smiley0.gifsmiley13.gifsmiley13.gif

      soooo yeah! that's my new stuff AND I'M STICKING TO IT!

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