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      3 years ago if you would have asked me if I would be sitting here today righting this entry I would have told you no. I was diagnosed with a rare form of muscular cancer and about to go under the knife to hopefully have it all removed. The doctors were afraid of nerve damage that would leave me immobile. But my thoughts on the whole thing was well I'd rather know I didn't have cancer than just treat it and hope it would be gone. So went through the surgery. 2 days after the fourth of July 2012. My parents were there to support me as most parents do I was wheeled into the operating room and they informed me that the doctor had discussed with a team of doctors and had decided to change the way he would remove my tumor. They gave me the happy juice and the next thing I knew i was waking up to the buses telling me I was fine. When I regained some of my senses I knew I was most certainly not fine. I had no control of the muscles in my leg or ankle and I could not feel anything from above my knee down. The doctor told me it was from the surgery and the nerves were inflamed and to let it heal. A week went by, then two for my return visit. My muscle control never returned by that time and the doctor referred me to physical therapy as well as 5 rounds of high dose chemo and 5 rounds of radiation. I was down in the dumps feeling absolutely horrible form all the treatments and also that I couldn't fix my body the way it needed to be fixed. I would do noting but cry all day and think this was no life to live. Then the day before I decided to end it all I found one of Michael's the impossible game rage quits and I actually found myself to be laughing for the first time since my diagnosis, I watched as many as I could find to lift my spirits up and keep me going then found the rest of Achievement hunter. The pure joy they showed in every aspect of their days producing these videos for the fans was what got me out of my slump and I told myself I will meet them one day. I worked the hardest I have ever to be able to just be able to walk normally. I still have days where my muscles don't want to work but I push through it. I am proud to say that my original place of cancer is totally gone but there is a 98% chance it will show up in another part of my body so I have 2 MRI's a year but so far I'm cancer free!!! Thank you Rooster Teeth for literally saving my life and bringing me back to the person I was before this horrible disease. #RT12Years #happybirthdayroosterteeth @RTContests

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      Hi! Random request here but on day two of RTX me and my friend cosplayed as Blastoise and Ninetails from Pokemon. We were so busy we forgot to take any photos. I know we posed for quite a few and I'm looking for any that were taken. Thanks in advance!!

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