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    • One last try.

      3 years ago


      Thank you for actually clicking and choosing to read this post. I realize you are very busy with your work and want to thank you for taking the time.

      My name is Varun Shah, and I have been a big fan of all of your work. You may have noticed that in the past I have even contacted you both online and in person at RTX 2015 about the fact that I started a Community channel, The Know Community Channel. When I started it was because I was trying to both expand my knowledge set on video production but also because I was trying to build a portfolio of work to help me apply for internships and other learning opportunities locally. While I've applied to some work locally no one is willing to take me on without more experience under my belt. And when I have tried to apply for Internships I would either get turned away or in the case of my 4 Rooster Teeth internship applications hear nothing back for which I assume indicates I am not what the company deems competitive or what they are looking for.

      While I have tried to gather feedback from people as to what more I can do, I have never been able to get a concrete answer, and I guess the idea is to keep creating, which is what I fully intend to do whether I get such an opportunity or not because it is important to me and I love doing it. I unfortunately had to stop for an extended period of time due to a personal matters and my school work, and today when I was looking to start up again I found out the Windows 10 struck again and corrupted my install of Adobe Premiere, but nonetheless I will get it back and get going no matter what.

      I never had the opportunity to say to someone directly at The Know was one of my many idea pitches for The Know specifically. I wanted to make something that wasn't just a carbon copy of the news that you guys already produce well but rather create something that I thought would supplement or add to The Know Channel. It is for a video series that to me personally makes perfect sense and I can't figure out why exactly you guys haven't taken the chance to make it on your own.

      The concept was pretty simple it was a "Deals of the Week" Series, that I actually put into production myself last summer. I felt that this series would hopefully build return viewership to my channel but also at the same time demonstrate one of my ideas to help unite two of RT’s main channels. While helping the community get the best prices for the games on sale that week I would also advertise game play videos from AH or the Let's Play channel that were already produced, in order to both help viewers see the game in action but also to help get views for other AH videos often older videos as well.

      In this way the viewer can save money, but they could also potentially view other RT content and help generated views on those videos as well. Not only that but if the series was popular The Know could use affiliate links that would not raise the cost of any of the items it would however generate some return income from the vendor, for example Amazon, for directing traffic that purchased the title which could be used to produce more exciting content on The Know. An example of this :

      I realize that my presentation skills are lacking, but I have been trying to improve the series by adding music as heard here and perhaps trying to make a more animated background. At the end of the day what I am trying to explain is that this is not a hobby or a pastime to me. I want to learn how to make better content beyond what I can review from teaching services like I also want to explore working with a bigger productions. I have other ideas that sadly I find myself unable to execute with the resources I have access to. It is why I have tried so hard to get an internship opportunity because I know that there is a lot more I can learn from more experienced producers. I realize the chances are slim, but I have always believed in the philosophy failure is certain unless you are willing to put forth effort. It is why I have applied 4 times!, its why I intend to do so again, its what I made this channel, and its why even when I do other work these ideas are always on my mind. However sadly for me the window of opportunity to explore these field fully as a career is closing. I need to start looking at a career path that I can be successful in making money in even if though I lack the passion in these fields. I don't think that your work is easy or glamours all that I know is that I love it and it is important to me as both a fan and a producer. I don't want to believe that it is impossible to achieve ones dreams because clearly the entire Rooster Teeth company is proof that is not true. It is why I keep trying to push for an opportunity to prove myself. If you are even willing to take me on as community correspondent I will do so gladly or try and pitch myself in person or digitally I will. I really don't know if anyone will ever read this but I am not going to give up. I am sure someone in your past took a risk or opened a door for you that helped you get where you are today. All that I ask is that you consider doing the same for me now. Thank you again. Varun.

    • The Know Community Channel

      4 years ago


      Just launched The Know Community Channel!
      Apparently there was one before this, but to my understanding it has not made much content in a while, so I decided to make my own.

      If you'd like to checkout head over here:

      Thanks again!

    • free cubs tickets (2) for TODAY 1:20

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      Giving away tickets (2) to any Chicago roosterteeth fan that wants them. First come first serve. PM me your email address so I can forward you the pdf of the tickets.

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    • RT YouTube AddOn/Widget Dead

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      This is an add-on they launched in 2013, that updated as new RT videos were made. I use on Firefox, but after recent YouTube update seems they are trying to kill all 3rd party support, hopefully you guys can come up with something else internally. Thanks!

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    • Digital Copies (iTunes, UV, DMA, etc.)

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      Didn't see a topic like this in the forum so I decided to share some interesting info for people who are interested.

      If anyone you have bought a Blu-Ray or even some select DvDs starting around 2010-11 you may have noticed the inclusion of Digital Copies/Ultraviolet Codes (UV)

      Purpose is to just explain the difference between the Digital Copy options available today and benefits and drawbacks of each.

      The most known service right off the bat:

      Older discs offered a disc and a code, which required you to put the disc into a pc load up the iTunes program and insert your code, then the title would be added to your iTunes account, generally in SD.
      Today studios who include iTunes Digital Copies, just provide a code slip which can be redeemed directly in iTunes in HD.

      So these titles can be viewed on any iOS devices (iPhone, iPod, or iPad, maybe even the apple watch (but that's stupid!!)) as well as the Apple TV
      These titles can also be downloaded/streamed on any PC/Mac with iTunes installed.

      Very good playback quality
      Very good integration for apple devices
      You have a discrete file that you can locate and store where you want when you download you movies/shows
      Stable Apple back-end

      Can only be sent to apple devices no way to transfer to any non apple device, legally.
      Other draw back is that you can't play back the titles in 1080p on a PC unless you have an HDCP compliant display, but sometimes even when you do (like me!)
      Finally one of the biggest drawbacks is there is no way to share outside of family sharing which can be a bit on pain to set up and to my understanding even when you do there are restrictions, such as people can't be viewing same title at once.

      If you've purchased any recent blu-rays most studios these stays have started to support the UV service, to the dismay of many apple mans who still prefer iTunes (understandable, but please read on)

      Now UV codes are available in both SD and HD still, SD is normally only available in DvD sets, but SD in blurays are very rare. Most people are pretty unfamiliar with this service since it is what I like to call the Origin compared to Steam for apple users. However in my opinion there have been some serious improvements compared to the way it was when this service launched.

      Multiple Service Providers, and you can choose which service works best for you, you can even use multiple services and have your entire UV enabled library in each. IE. I redeemed Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows on service A, it is still viewable on services B, and C when if want to.
      Vudu (owned by Walmart, and considered to probably be the best provider in the USA, very stable and great video quality and speed)
      Flixster (owned by Warner Bros. quailty is great on mobile, but apps can be a bit cluttered for some)
      CinemaNow (previously owned by Best Buy, now owned by a private company, very good UI for mobile, and good playback quality)

      The BIG PRO: available on practically every major device you can think of
      Game Consoles: PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One (currently not Wii U)
      Phones/Mobile: All iPhones/iPads/iPods, and most Android phones/tablets can download Vudu/Flixster/CinemaNow Apps
      PC/Mac: Both have browser based and app based viewing (app required to download content to PC/Mac)
      Supported on Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Fire stick/player
      Supported on most new smart TVs
      Many Blu-Ray players have dedicated apps

      Playback through Vudu HDX, is quick and gives you great quality
      UV Library can be shared with friends and family, therefore you have a UV enabled movie/show they can all login with their personal account and still have access to your titles without restrictions.
      You will have a master UV account that you can share with up to 5 family/friend accounts
      Any UV titles they can see and any UV titles they have you can see.
      To clarify not all content on Vudu/Cinemanow is UV enabled so if you purchase non-UV content only you can view it on your 5 devices
      On Vudu you can link up 5 devices at any given time, so can your friends and family, airgo 25 Devices can be connected to your collection!

      Vudu and Cinemanow have a Disc to Digital Program (D2D) that allows you to convert many titles that you already own physically and add them to your digital collection for a nominal fee, For Ex. (1-9 Movies on Vudu are $2 each, 10+Movies (at one time) $1 each)

      Quality on mobile can sometimes be restricted to SD by distributor, but that is mainly a restriction for iOS, also rumor is that it will be changing and removed soon
      When downloading videos to PC/Mobile hard to tell it where to download
      No specific files/folder for downloads
      Can't download and transfer to device via PC, has to be done on given device
      No Apple TV app, but works via AirPlay from mobile device.
      Not as smooth an integration for iOS as iTunes.

      If you search online you can find several films doing shot for shot comparisons between Vudu HDX and iTunes HD if you care to look

      Studios for each
      Warner Brothers


      Those on both lists are great because they let the user choose which service they want, and sometimes even let you use it on both services so if you still wanted to giveaway or share the other portion you can.

      See Post #2

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    • My Birthday Is Wrong

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      When I signed up I realized I messed up my birthday, is there a way for me to chance or fix it. I have been digging through my settings and I don't see an option. Thanks for any help!

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    • Halo Reach

      9 years ago


      We ALL Can't wait to get in on reach , and try out all the new armor abilities, can't wait to get in on the beta. How about you??

    • 2019 years ago

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    • Zack FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Zatch

      2 years ago

      from chat: i would just set up an email forward to have those paypal emails go to the main account

      • bfett9 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        Thanks ill see if I can have it filter out the RT emails to forward.

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