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    • MDB Animated Premieres Today!

      1 year ago


      Hey everyone!

      I’ve got like a whole five minutes here to get something out quick before I go and crash after one hell of an incredible weekend down in Florida for MegaCon. First of all, the pilot episode of MDB Animated just premiered today (and if you haven’t watched it, GO - check it out now!) and I can’t wait to hear what you think about it.

      You’ve watched Million Dollars, But… for years now, but we’ve come up to scenarios that are just impossible to act out with real humans without some serious bodily harm or mental scarring. That’s where the incredible 2D Animation team comes into play. With the help of the masterminds behind Nomad of Nowhere, Camp Camp, and RTAA, they’ve been able to take scenarios that we had no hope of ever creating to turn them into the animated feature you’ve seen today!

      So, that’s it for now. Check out the pilot and let us know what you think!

    • Fitness With Blaine Gibson

      1 year ago


      Yo my dudes! As promised, here's my in-depth post for anyone seeking help on their journey to physical fitness. Some of you may remember when I made a similar journal entry a few years back. This post will address all of those same topics and some additional subjects that may help you in the gym! If you read the old post (you don't have to, it's outdated) you may notice my regimen and diet have slightly changed.That's totally normal. As you become more in-tune with your body, it's good to mix-up your routine to avoid boredom in the weight room (more on that later). Keep in mind: I am by no means a professional. This is just stuff that works for me, and may not necessarily work for you. As Mr. Rogers would say, "You are special and there's no one else like you" (or some shit). Your body is unique and it's up to YOU to find the best routine that works for your bod. SO, let us begin my iron-pumping padawans.

      Gaining Muscle: Like many losers who didn't lose their virginity until their twenties, I remember watching Dragon Ball Z and wanting to be as jacked as Goku (in fact, I'm listening to the DBZ soundtrack as I write this). Unfortunately for us, we're not fucking ripped cartoons and we have to deal with this corporeal form that we were born with. Personally, I find the best results with the Hypertrophy approach to weightlifting. Hypertrophy is commonly used by bodybuilders, it gives you a good mix of mass and tone. It consists of 3 or 4 sets of about 10-12 repetitions. In a typical workout session, I do 8 to 10 lifts that cover a variety of body parts. I break my workout days into 3 muscle groups. 

      • Day 1: Chest, Triceps, and Shoulders
      • Day 2: Biceps, Backs, and Traps
      • Day 3: Legs

      In addition to lifts that cover the above muscle groups, I also do 2 abdominal workouts as a warmup and a calf exercise at the end. Your abs and legs need less recovery time than the rest of your muscle groups, so feel free to hit those bad boys a little more often. 

      The alternative to Hypertrophy is Strength Training. I dabble from time-to-time, but Hypertrophy makes me look and feel the best. Now, gaining muscle requires a healthy diet and adequate rest. I'll get to those topics in a few paragraphs, until then let's move onto the next subject-

      Choosing Your Weight Lifting Exercise: Stepping into a gym for the first time can be awfully intimidating. There are a metric fuck-ton of machines, lots of heavy things that you probably won't be able to lift for a while, and for some reason it smells like a sweaty asshole. But hey, no worries, I'm here to help (with the first two things, the sweaty asshole smell is unavoidable). 

      First things first: It's important to go to the gym with a plan. Know what muscle groups you want to work that day before even stepping into the building. Once inside, look around at the equipment and assess what machines will help you achieve the day's lifting goal. It's totally fine to walk around and stare at the weight equipment, I do it literally every time I enter a new gym. Don't just jump on a machine to look busy, take time to figure out what you want to do that day. Strategize. You might get the sensation that people are watching you or judging you. Do not let that deter you. Chances are they're too focussed on their own lifts OR they're checking you out (I'll get into gym psychology later. Seriously). Anyways, most machines have cute lil pictures that show you what muscle groups that specific machine works as well as directions on how to use it. 

      Need help on choosing what lifts to do or how to do a certain lift? I have a resource! THIS PAGE is a goddamn life saver. I use it constantly. Just click a muscle group you're working and it'll show you a bunch of lifts AND how to do them. is filled with tons of free workout programs if you're starting from scratch. Bookmark these pages on your phone, they're perfect for people trying to figure out what exercises to do. I rotate lifts out regularly. It's important for me to keep my body guessing. That way I'm working my muscles in a variety of ways AND I'm preventing myself from getting bored. Sometimes I may also reduce weight and increase repetitions. Have fun and confuse the shit out of your muscles. Also, most importantly, have good form. Good form gets results, bad form gets you injured. Use the above resources or ask a gym employee if you need help. 

      Diet: Diet is arguably the most important component to losing weight. You can do all the lifting and running you want, but if you eat like shit, you're not gonna do your body any good. For keeping my weight down and insuring my body is properly nourished for muscle gain, I track my macronutrient ratios and calories. It's fairly simple and can be done with the help of a free app called "MyFitnessPal". I use this app pretty much every day. Basically you type in whatever you're eating (or scan the barcode for the food item), it'll search it's database of foods, and it'll log your calories and macros. You can also set goals for weight loss, weight gain, and your daily caloric intake. Personally I like to eat around 2400-2800 calories a day. 40% Carbohydrates, 35% Proteins, and 25% Fats. Typically you'll want to take in a lot of carbs earlier in the day for energy, and then fats and proteins later in the day for recovery. 

      Next: drop the sodas and take up water instead. Soda has a fuck-load of sugar that you don't need. Water will keep you hydrated (which will help stave off injuries) and it won't make your teeth all gross. (Also, pro-tip, if you DO drink coffee or soda, swish water around in your mouth afterward to clean that shit off your teeth, it's how I keep my teeth white and healthy). Moving on! 

      When eating, know when to stop. I used to be in the habit of eating until I was uncomfortably full. You don't have to finish your plate every time, if you feel satisfied, put the fork down! You can also drink water in between mouthfuls of food to help quell your hunger. In regards to supplements: I take a protein shake after workouts (Whey Tech Pro 24 from Vitamin Shoppe or Optimum Nutrition: 100% Whey- chocolate is the best flavor). Post workout supplements are great for recovery, but don't overdo it. Too many protein shakes can actually fuck with your kidneys. There are tons of other supplements, but this ain't the journal post for those. You'll have to do your own research if you're interested in pre-workouts, creatine, BCAA's, glutamine, etc. 

      Cardio: Back in senior year of high school I got a really hot Prom date; she was totally out of my league. I felt kinda gross and pudgy, so I started running a mile every day to lose some weight before the dance. In two months the weight was practically falling off. My date ended up ditching me at Prom, but I felt really good about my body so I didn't really give a shit in the end. Anyways, cardio is fantastic for losing weight! Combined with dieting, this is probably the quickest and healthiest way to lose pounds. I tend to recommend starting with cardio before taking up weightlifting. The results from weight lifting take time to notice, and you may burn yourself out if you're just now starting to workout and you're juggling a new diet, weightlifting, and cardio all at once. 

      Now keep in mind: cardio doesn't necessarily have to be running. A lot of people have bad knees or aren't ready for that level of exercise yet. No worries! Just do activities that make you sweat and raise your heart rate safely. Biking, stair climbing, ellipticals, anything. The key is to keep pushing your body harder and harder. If you're knocking out a mile with no problem, run for a longer distance OR run at a faster speed. Keep challenging yourself, otherwise your body might get used to the exercise and it won't be as effective. Over time your stamina will improve resulting in better sleep, more energy throughout the day, and improved performance during SEXUAL INTERCOURSE. That's right, cardio leads to BETTER FUCKING. So run. 

      Rest and Recovery: I'm going to sound like a mom, but I don't care, moms are cool and sometimes hot: Make sure you get enough sleep. 7-8 hours is perfectly adequate for me. Your body will absolutely need to rest if you want it to improve. If you don't give yourself enough time to recover, you WILL injure yourself. Then you won't be able to lift. Then you'll lose motivation to get back into the gym. Then bam, back to square one. Rest days are also extremely important. For my routine I do my 3 lift days (the ones I mentioned above) and then a day of rest. Rinse and repeat. 3 days on, 1 day off, 3 days on, 1 day off, etc. 

      If you find that the diet is kicking your ass, consider a cheat day. Mine is on Sunday. It's a way of rewarding yourself for a hard week of work. It's a motivator. Something to look forward to. It also prevents you from going crazy from eating chicken breast and broccoli all week. 

      Stretching is also crazy useful. I only recently started to stretch before workouts and I've noticed a huge improvement in the weight room. It helps eliminate cramps and the risk of pulled muscles. Stretch every day if you can. And if you're a fancy fuck, try yoga. Also, again, drink lots of water. Keep yourself hydrated. Carry a big 'ol water bottle around like me. It's what all the cool kids are doing and they're not pooping kidney stones out of their dongers or pulling muscles. 

      Motivation/ Gym Psychology: A very, very, very frequently asked question I get is "what do you do to stay motivated". That's some arbitrary bullshit, yo. Personally, I don't view fitness as something I need motivation for. I view it as part of my normal routine. A non-negotiable. James Willems once said that he treats exercise like brushing his teeth or shampooing his hair. It's not something you talk yourself into, it's just something you DO. Now if you need something to drive you forward, set goals for yourself. I'll set a personal goal if I want that extra push at the gym, they keep me focussed and give me something to work toward. Example: "I want to look like this with my shirt off" or "I want to lift this much on bench press". Goals can be a great motivating force, but don't be hampered by a "lack of motivation". That's an excuse. 

      Speaking of excuses: stop making them. It's really easy to get into your own head about working out. "People at the gym will judge me", "I'm not strong or fit and I'll embarrass myself", "It's too hard", "I don't know how to exercise", "I'm afraid I'll injure myself". I hear these excuses constantly. They are all problems I encountered when I was going through my weight loss. I vividly remember one night when I was still having a hard time with my body image. I was exhausted at the end of a workout and struggling to get like 50 pounds on push press. Some meathead walked up with his girlfriend and literally said, "Dude, you can't lift that? You're fucking weak." They walked off laughing. I was fucking humiliated. I didn't want to show my face at that gym any more. But instead of letting that asshole get me down, I kept pushing myself in the weight room. I wouldn't let his shitty remark get the best of me. I don't know where that guy is now, but he's probably dead. Or he's alive and super fucking jacked. Either way, who gives a fuck? Don't let shitty people win, rise above. Also, side note, don't become dependent on a gym partner. Gym partners are great if you need a spotter, some friendly competition, or want to have someone supporting you while you learn about fitness. However, it's super easy for that person to control your routine. If they decide to get lazy and skip a day, it's easier for you to skip as well. When it gets to the point where you absolutely NEED someone to hold you accountable to go to the gym, you may not be in the right headspace. Moving on. 

      Another common excuse for not working out is claiming ignorance. I get it, you're not going to suddenly learn about every exercise, body part, or piece of fitness equipment overnight. But you have the internet. You're using the internet RIGHT. NOW. It's filled with limitless information on how to exercise. Also, homey, weightlifting is not fucking rocket science. You're lifting and lowering heavy things. You think those meatheads at the gym are smart? Nah brah. Just take a little time to learn about fitness. Over time you'll become more and more familiar with the weight room. You'll never master the gym either, and that's okay! Hell, I'm still learning and discovering new exercises. But that's fun and it keeps me interested! Also, you're going to make mistakes. Some day you'll do a lift wrong or goof up on some arbitrary gym etiquette thing. But like Yoda said, "The greatest teacher, failure is". Learn from your mistakes. Moral of the story: you live in the age of information. Don't say that you can't figure this out. You're a Rooster Teeth community member. You're so gosh dang smart.

      Last thing: Exercise requires dedication, patience, and time. Your six pack abs will not appear overnight. You won't be participating in the next Olympics. But be patient and hold strong. The results WILL come if you put in the effort. Like anything in life, you get out what you put in. Fitness requires a self starter attitude. Toughen up and face your fears, otherwise you won't make progress. Not happy with how you look or feel? That's on you, no one else, to make that change. 

      So to recap: Don't let fear govern your health. Don't let laziness govern your health. Don't make excuses. Go exercise. 

      ALRIGHT. That's all I've got for now. Feel free to post questions in the comment section below. If I don't answer them, I'm sure some lovely community members will be eager to help. I wish you the best of luck on your fitness journey. Just remember: don't give up. My decision to start exercising was one of the best choices I've made in my life and I will never regret it. I believe in you, you can do this. 

    • Clarification on Today's MDB Announcement

      1 year ago


      Hey, everyone!

      We’ve seen your messages today and I just need to clarify some wrong information that was put out earlier. The new additional videos of Million Dollars, But… that are coming to Facebook on Monday are definitely not Season 5. These are five special, experimental “Theme Pack” videos that we were only able to produce thanks to this partnership with Facebook. Without this deal, I wouldn’t have been able to pull off some of the crazy shit that you’ll see. 

      And more good news beyond getting more MDB - we're now able to fast track Season 5, which will be coming to - for our FIRST members first, as usual - starting in January. 

      We definitely want to take care of this great community that supports us every day, and also make new fun things when the opportunities present themselves. I know you’re really going to enjoy these new videos, and can’t wait to hear what you think on Monday!

    • My favorite Immersion on the Citadel

      2 years ago


      Hey guys!

      Super psyched to announce that we've teamed with Bioware to make an out of this world episode of Immersion based around Mass Effect! In this episode, we're testing whether the biotic ability "Charge" has a practical use on the field of battle. There's space aliens, space outlaws, space guns and space injuries! 

      When deciding what game mechanic to test, we went with the Charge ability; not only because it would look awesome visually, but we also wanted a fun challenge for our Lab Rats. It seemed like the best attack to translate from the game world into the real world while also being the perfect opportunity to zoom Michael and Gavin around a studio and shoot at them with paintball guns.

      This was an awesome production to be a part of for many reasons - one of which was seeing the incredible job our art and wardrobe departments did to recreate the look of Mass Effect. Stepping into the studio was like entering a futuristic space hangar, and our Outlaws and Kett looked friggin' awesome. Not to mention the Pathfinder armor Michael and Gavin wore looked like it was straight from the game. All that combined with an incredible stunt wiring team that allowed Michael and Gavin to charge around the battlefield made for a fun day of shooting.

      We hope y'all love it as much as we loved making it. Enjoy!

    • Million Dollars, But... Season 3!

      3 years ago


      HOWDY! Glaine Bibson here to announce that the new season of Million Dollars, But… is only 21 days away! On August 10, we’re kicking off a new season of the most ridiculous scenarios we could think of to test the limits of what Rooster Teeth’s finest would do to get rich.

      In addition to the usual cast of players, this season we’ve got Nick Rutherford and Kirk Johnson from the upcoming show Crunch Time, Tim Gettys and Greg Miller from Kinda Funny, Dan Gruchy from Slow Mo Guys, and the elusive Geoff Ramsey from Achievement Hunter!

      Can’t wait for the new season? OF COURSE YOU CAN'T. Here’s a peek at one of the upcoming scenarios to hold you over.


      We’ll also have a brand new trailer for you on August 3 that’s packed full of more Million Dollars, But… goodness.

    • Star Wars Rough Analysis

      3 years ago


      -The hatch that Rey pulls away in first shot has little holes in it that look like star constellations. I hope they don’t do this, but I’m wondering if that’s the first shot in the movie and they do the opening crawl against the “stars” on that.

      -She seems to be salvaging engine parts in the Star Destroyer. Fucking dope. There’s just ruins of star destroyers and ships hanging out on this planet. Think of all the dead bodies and untold history just lying around

      -She’s talking to Maz (lupita nyong'o)

      -Star destroyer loading bay has tie fighter parts lying around

      -Shot of starship taking off, a At-At leg in the foreground

      -Shot on starkiller base(?). Probably HUX talking to the troops. Snow Planet!

      -Blood on Finn’s helmet. He saw some shit.

      -Finn might find out he’s a force-sensitive and tries to escape. Obviously he gets hit and Phasma/Kylo are on the hunt for him on Jakku

      -The jacket that Finn wears has been seen on Poe Dameron (action figures, torture scene). Maybe he steals it?

      -The red beam in the Kylo shot might be the star killer base’s death beam. We see it in that shot and the shot right after Poe is being tortured (trees blowing away)

      -Kylo Ren’s voice is incredible

      -We can hear Vader’s respirator. I love that Vader’s dying wish for peace went unheard. He’s a martyr for the dark side even though he did not want to be. The jedi and Sith are legend.

      -He’ll finish what you started? Kylo is either out to eliminate the remaining jedi, if any, or bring peace to the galaxy via a giant super weapon

      -Poe’s getting mind-fucked. He’s wearing Finn’s JACKET! So this scene takes place before Finn crash lands on Jakku

      -THEORY! Poe gets captured, Finn helps him breakout, steals his jacket for some reason, and they get separated

      -Han may have been without the Falcon (based on the “we’re home” line)

      -Falcon may have crash landed on Jakku after the Battle of Jakku, restored by someone and found again?

      -Han went from talking about hoakey religions to preaching about the jedi and the force. Pretty cool.

      -Knights of Ren. One of them looks straight up mandalorian. Strange weapons. Some blasters, staffs and a paddle? Dead bodies FUUUUCKING everywhere

      -The Xwings are attacking the stormtroopers that are prepping on the beach. Normandy visual. This is the same planet that Han and the others are on with the flag temple

      -The elite tie fighters are in the fight (red paint)

      -Tie fighters shoot backwards now

      -Black Xwing. Rumored to be a stealth model. Possibly incorporated so that it can read better on camera during the snow fighting

      -Resistance planning a ground and air assault. Finn is running to the Falcon. Right before snow planet showdown?

      -On Jakku, Finn and Rey were running to an escape ship? It gets blown up

      -Ancient robot on flag temple? Mandalorian flag, Clan Fett and Clan Vizsla sigils can be seen on the different flags as well. Maz's fortress? It's the same place where Phasma's vanity fair magazine photo was taken (it was in ruins in her photo).

      -We may have only gotten that one shot of Luke. R2 is his only companion, but C3P0 and R2 are seen together in promotional art? Maybe they’re reunited?

      -Again, phasma and Kylo are seeking out Finn on Jakku.

      -Rey crying over a dead body on the snow planet near climax of film? Looks to be brown leather on frame left. Han? Finn? Chewbacca's satchel? There’s also something metal in the shot that looks like the gas canisters on Han’s jacket or Chewie’s bandolier

      -Han, Chewie and Finn are being held captive, about to be executed. A storm trooper running in the back, the fire and destroyed structures look like the same planet where the Xwings are coming in to attack ground forces? They get rescued at the very last second

      -Chewie has a booboo on his arm :(

      -Starkiller base/ ice planet featured in poster. Climax battle with black Xwing?

      -Ground and air battle, Finn and Kylo are fighting with lightsabers down there somewhere

      -Poe looks like he got his ass kicked, possibly from the interrogation?

      -Planet might open up on an equator to reveal the weapon (powered by planet’s core?) smoke coming out of trench

      -Rey firing a blaster! She’s pissed, avenging someone?

      -Xwing pops a storm trooper. DOOOOPE

      -Explosion is in star destroyer, you can see the loading bay and a tie fighter. NOT the bridge. Maybe that tie fighter that’s raising hell in the beginning that crashes? (Same as the one in trailer 2) MOUSE DROID!

      -Han and Leia reuniting? I bet they haven’t been together for a while. Possibly mourning the death of someone? Chewie? or just happy to see each other after so long

      -Kylo ren has no helmet at the end! We will see his face. I doubt it’s normal because Finn looks fucking horrified

      -That lightsaber fight is going to be nasty. Neither of these dudes have been properly trained. It’ll be a brawl, but still well choreographed, less of a dance like the prequel trilogy lightsaber fights though

      -“Just let it in” sounds like Leia saying that. Maybe she adopted the ways of the jedi and is instructing someone? Whoever it is, they're savvy about the Force. Probably Maz again.


      -Kylo and Rey are brother and sister. When I was at Celebration her speeder was labeled “Kyla Rey’s Speeder”. So maybe Rey is just her last name? Kyla and Kylo?

      -We will hardly see Luke. He may have gone into solitude in fear of turning to the dark side. He may have tried and failed to start a new academy, but the Jedi and Sith are no more since they’re merely legend now. Kylo was a wayward student who discovered the dark side in his pursuit of knowledge.

      -What the hell is the state of the galaxy/republic/empire? If the battle of Endor is just a “story of what happened” then something is totally off with the state of the governing body

      -Rey is TOTALLY a force sensitive, but Finn might not be? He’s seen wielding the saber, but that might be a red herring. Not convinced.

    • 3 years ago

    • Fitness Advice

      4 years ago


      So after I said I'd offer fitness advice to anyone who asked, I got bombarded with messages. Instead of answering each one individually, I'm going to make this here journal post to cover a variety of topics regarding exercise and a little diet stuff. Full disclosure: I'm not an expert, nor would I claim to be. What works for me might not work for you, so take all of this with a huge grain of salt (but watch that sodium intake, bro).

      Gaining Muscle: I personally enjoy the Hypertrophy approach to weightlifting. It's commonly used by bodybuilders, and I've noticed it gives me a good mix of mass and tonage. Hypertrophy is typically 3 or 4 sets of about 10-12 repetitions. There are some great workout programs available on that I've used in the past. They break it up based on your goal, your intensity level, and the amount of time you want to commit to the program. Look into it. I'm super reluctant to upload my own regimen because it's what's working for me now, and it may not be what your body needs.

      Diet: For keeping my weight down and insuring muscle gain, I keep an eye on my macronutrient ratios. I want to make sure my diet is divided into 30% Fats, 30% Proteins, and 40% Carbohydrates. I use a cool app called "Tap and Track" on my iPhone that helps me monitor this. You go through and enter information on your weight, activity level and goals and it calculates roughly how many calories you should take in in a day. Typically you'll want to take in a lot of carbs earlier in the day, and then fats and proteins later in the day. Another note about diet: drop sodas. That's a load of sugar you don't want. I stopped drinking sodas regularly years ago and I don't regret it. Sodas make you gain weight. Stop eating if you are no longer hungry and drink between mouthfuls. If you're full, don't finish what's left on the plate. You've gotten the food your body wants, so cool it. Drinking between mouthfuls of food helps quell your hunger. In regards to supplements: I take a protein shake after workouts (Whey Tech Pro 24 from Vitamin Shoppe). Post workout supplements are great. Other than that, I do not feel comfortable giving supplement advice. I cycle creatine now and then, but if you want to get into that, go look at professionally written articles about it.

      Exercises: Don't neglect cardio, and don't neglect body parts. Cardio will help you burn fat and increase endurance, so go biking, go running, climb stairs, whatever. Just get that heart rate up. As you improve, introduce more challenges. If you notice you can run a mile with ease, then run faster or run further. Keep pushing your body, you'll be surprised by your increase in stamina, and it'll help with other aspects in life (like staying awake throughout the day or HAVIN' SEX). In terms of lifting, work all your body parts. I break my workouts into three days. Day 1: Biceps, Backs and Shoulders. Day 2: Triceps, Chest, Traps and Forearms. Day 3: Leg day. I also like to do small abdominal exercises each day. Your abs and calves can regenerate quick enough that you could work them on a semi-daily basis if you wanted. If you can lift something easily, at 3 sets of 10 reps, increase the weight. I shoot for a weight that, on the tenth rep, I am giving it my all to lift it. Don't just coast through exercises, you won't see improvements that way. Push yourself.

      Final Notes: Don't get discouraged and stick to it. You won't get a six pack over night. It's a slow progression, but you will get there if you put in the effort. Like anything in life, you'll get out what you put in. With fitness, if you put in a lot of time, effort and work, you'll get results. Just give it time and stay motivated.

      One of the best parts of RTX was people coming up to me and saying I had inspired them to exercise. I love hearing about people improving themselves. The last few years of my life have been the best, I owe a lot of that to the fact that I feel in control of my body and my health. Everyone deserves to feel this good. Life's too short to keep pushing off fitness goals and wishing you were in-shape. If you want to make a change, get off your ass now. Don't wait until tomorrow, because you'll keep pushing it off, and pushing it off. Leave your computer now and go improve yourself. Best of luck, and I want to hear all of the success stories next RTX.

    • 5 years ago

    • A silly video

      5 years ago


      So when I'm not working or at school, I volunteer for UT's student-run television station known as TSTV. I'm a producer on Longhorn LateNight where we do SNL-style skits and talk show-style interviews. I've made it a habit of writing and acting in one sketch each episode when I'm not running cameras. It's pretty low quality stuff, but here's one of my favorite videos we've made:

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    • IanTay FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      11 months ago

      Hey Blaine! I know you suggested Twitter as a way to pass on the details about touring Japan with Alanah, but maybe this might be easier to put all at once.

      So first up is Tokyo! There's the basic big districts like Shibuya (Shibuya Crossing, Hachiko), Shinjuku (Night life stuff), Harajuku (Fashion, Meiji Shrine), Akihabara (Anime & electronics), etc. Those are quite easy to navigate your way around with Google Maps, as long as you know what you want to see. You might want to visit an owl/porcupine cafe if you like the cute critters, but those might need online reservations with how popular they are now. Also, I'd recommend experiencing Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySEA at least once. 

      Food-wise, go hit up Tsukiji Fish Market, though I wouldn't recommend the famous Sushi Dai unless you have a lot of time (I went at 7am, queued until 12pm). Other than that, there are quite a number of food blogs that point out the good places for ramen and other foods.

      After that, there's the stuff that's further afield. If you're going to do what I did and do day trips out, there's Kamakura city and Enoshima island for starters. Kamakura is where the temples are (remember to budget for entry fee), and you should remember to see the giant Buddha statue. After that, you can take the Enoshima railway to the Enoshima station, where you can walk over a causeway to the island. (I recommend getting the day pass, as it gives bonus discounts for stuff on the island). Enoshima has nice gardens to see, plus a giant viewing tower overlooking the whole place, and most importantly, a Love Bell for couples to ring while making a wish. :D Then at the end of it, you can soak in a hot springs spa (with a mixed swimming area) to relax after all the walking.

      Nikko is another temple area (take the bullet train to Utsunomiya, then switch over to a special Nikko line, about 1 hour+). Many world heritage shrines to see, so budget for entry again too. However, some of them may be undergoing reconstruction. The biggest one to see is Toushouguu Shrine, with the famous three monkeys displayed there. (Costs 1300 yen to enter!). But that's not all; there are hot spring hotels further up (need to take a bus), along with a mountain lake (Lake Chuuzenji) and a huge waterfall (Kegon falls). On the other hand, if shrines aren't your thing, there's a shuttle bus you can take from the train station to a theme park called Edo Wonderland. It follows an entertainment theme of old Edo, with ninjas and samurais, as well as a museum showing that era. Fun activities include dressing up like olden Japanese, exploring a ninja house with secret passageways, shooting a bow or throwing shurikens, and even watching a geisha procession. 

      Another possible area for a day trip is Hakone (famous for hot springs. Seeing a trend here?), with a travel itinerary called the Hakone loop. You start by going to Odawara (buy the pass from there, choose the one depending on how long you're spending there), where you change to a train on the Hakone line (it goes up the mountain by switching tracks in a zigzag manner), until you reach Gora. I stopped here for lunch and to explore a public garden, before proceeding onwards on one of those street cars that go up and down a slope. At the last station Sounzan, you switch to a cable car that brings you all the way up to the top. Take a moment to enjoy the view (you can see Mt. Fuji) and the hot spring eggs, before taking the cable car down to Lake Togendai. There, you switch to a ferry cruise that crosses the lake, and choose one of two stops to get off at, Moto-Hakone or Hakone-machi, both with their respective sights to see. Lastly, take a bus back down to Hakone-yumoto, and you have completed the loop. One other thing to see along the way would be the Open Air Museum (definitely recommend this), though it might be very late in the day after you're done with the loop. You might want to spend a night at one of the hotels if that's the case.

      Then there's the slightly further stuff. As I mentioned before, there's the Zao Fox Village in the Miyagi prefecture. To get there, you need to get off at Shiroishi-zao station, and take a 40 minute taxi ride up into the mountains where you'll see a giant gorilla statue waiting to greet you. The foxes there will have probably shed their winter fur, so they won't be so fluffy. Also, it'll probably smell a bit, but that's because there's a pig farm located nearby. Getting back down is just the same method in reverse.

      A good place to try would be Sendai & Matsushima. From Sendai station, you head towards Matsushima-kaigan station (NOT Matsushima station), and tour around the port area from there. Try some unagi/oysters, and walk to Fukuura Island. After that, take a ferry tour of Matsushima bay, and see the various islets, and end at Marine Gate Shiogama, where you can take the train back to Sendai. At Sendai, make sure to enjoy a meal of gyuutan (beef tongue).

      If you're heading even further north, there's apples at Aomori, a mountain temple (1000+ steps) at Yamadera, or even food at Hakodate.

      On the other hand, I heard you were going through Kyoto and Osaka. Try visiting the Universal Studios Japan, I heard there's a Final Fantasy 4D ride at the moment. Also in Osaka is the aquarium, Osaka Kaiyukan, where there's a big cross-shaped tank filled with stingrays and whale sharks. And don't forget checking out the famous Dotonbori, where the Glico Man ad is.

      Before I went to Kyoto, I did a day trip to see Himeji Castle, which is definitely worth it, and finally got to Kyoto in the evening. Kyoto's a place for shrines and stuff, like the famous Kinkakuji and Kiyomizu-dera (as mentioned before, budget for entry fees). Then there's the bamboo grove in the north part, and the Fushimi-Inari shrine with the multiple torii gates. It's a big rush trying to see it all in one day, but possible if you try. Nara itself can be done as a day trip, accessible from either Osaka or Kyoto, and you just have to walk westwards to reach the temples with the deer. Other than that, I don't really think there was much else to see.

      Even further west, you have Kobe. I didn't really tour that area much, but I did stop over to give my Mom a belated birthday dinner of Kobe beef after we visited Arima Onsen further north.

      Lastly, there's Hiroshima, one of the nuclear bomb sites. Aside from visiting the bomb monument, there's Hiroshima Castle and Shukkei-en Garden, which are nice to see. With your JR Pass, take the train over to Miyajima station, where it entitles you a free ride to Miyajima Island. It has temples and wild deer, quite like Nara, but it's also famous for oysters. (Try the Kakiya secret set, which gives a bunch of oysters cooked in various ways). The main highlight would be the gigantic torii gate that's right out in the bay, accessible during low tide. There's even an aquarium there that's very nice to visit, and I saw a performance by trained seals there.

      Anyway, that's all I have! Hope the info helps your Japan trip plan!

    • WhiskyOmega

      1 year ago

      Hey Blaine! Hope you're having a great 2018 so far!

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      Saw your twitter post on Reddit. I laughed for a minute, mi lord. But hey front page. OsySXZ9.png

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      Blaine and Jons baby lol

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      Thanks, accepting my friend request! You've quickly become one of favorite of the RT crew. Keep up the good work, man. 

    • Boston_Tom

      3 years ago

      Hey if you directed the Tinder short you dude a super good job. I mean as I watched it i forgot it was just a short! By the time it was over I was asking myself when it comes out it was like a movie trailer. GOOD WORK!

    • Rad-Watson

      3 years ago

      Happy Birthday Blaine, I love your work at RT and you have really helped inspire me to step up my workout.

      Have a great night.

    • improbablewhale

      3 years ago

      Happy birthday Blaine! (ps we're birthday twins so that's cool.) Have a good one!

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      Hi, Blaine! Thanks so much for accepting my friend request!

    • Eliisya

      3 years ago

      Just wanted to let you know the Darth Maul comics ARE in fact canon!

    • JBenedictW

      3 years ago

      Fan theory – Star Wars,

      So me and my two brother have debated episode 7 to death and have agreed upon a theory that I would like you’re input on.

      So the starts on the premise that we have to consider the force being a semi-conscious thing that is constantly trying to correct its self, find balance if you will. Unfortunately being semi-conscious the force tends to over compensate, so when light side becomes to strong it unleashes a terrible dark side power and Vis versa.

      We see this in the prequels when a thousand years of light side supremacy is undone by the rise of a great dark side power (Emperor and Vader) and again when Dark-side takes control with the rise of Luke Skywalker, this is examples of the force trying to correct itself, allowing these things to happen to bring its self into balance, but it just can’t manage to get it right.

      So Luke is meant to bring the balance to the force and the new Jedi Order is his first attempt at this, unfortunately it leans too far to the light side and the force has attempted to correct this by these new evils, Snoke and his lot.

      Realising his mistake Luke through the power of the force see’s in the future a repeat of the past with the force falling back into the hands of the Dark side, so Luke devises a plan believing that the only way to bring balance to the force is to ensure that light side and dark side find a way to co-exist with one another, in order to do this he first needs to defeat the new dark side power and make sure equally powerful light and dark side masters remain to develop the future, what more masters who will co-exist.

      In order to do this he takes 2 siblings, Ben and Rey Solo, who he selects to become these masters. He wipes Rey’s memory as she is young, of her parents and sends her to Jakku to be the first steps of her training, he then sets R2 only to relive his location when he next encounters Rey, Luke being the one who drops them off.

      He tells Leia about his plan and the importance of Rey’s separation from her parents and that she not know where she came from, Leia and Han disagree on this and this ends up splitting them up, this is why both have such semimetal attitudes towards her, as she spent most her childhood with the New Jedi they never really got to know her as a daughter but still love her and both know how important it is she not know the truth until she is ready.

      This is also why Han wants to keep her around, because she is his daughter.

      Now we have 2 theories regarding Ben,

      First, Ben knows about Lukes plan and when Luke explains that he needs to master the dark side in order to bring balance to the force and become Lukes agent in Snokes’ forces to help stop him Ben struggles with the idea but to help him Luke shows him how to commune with Vader.

      This is why Kylo Ren struggles so much with the lightside, because she is actually not really darkside but forcing himself to do dark things in order to bring balance to the force, this is also why he asks Han to help him, because he is still struggling with the light and needs to commit to the dark to save everyone from Snoke, Han also knowing the plan is aware, which is why on the bridge both realise what needs to happen, and Han helps Kylo kill him so that he can later save the galaxy and bring balance to the force.

      Second theory Luke like the mind control he does on Rey removes Ben’s knowledge of his sister and plants a seed in his mind to push him to the darkside, Han is aware and bridge scene is Kylo struggling because he doesn’t want to be dark but and doesn’t understand the urge to become dark and Han knows that the he has to.

      The full form of the plan is that Rey will become a master of light and Kylo a master of dark and defeat Snoke and when they turn on each other Luke will reveal they are siblings and family and that they need to find a way to coexisit with one another and bring balance to the force, this is why it is so important for Leia and Han not to reveal Rey’s heritage.

      Our theory for end of episode 9, after defeating Snoke Luke reveals Rey and Kylo as siblings and there need to co-exisit and then allows himself to die so that Light and Dark exisit in balance with one another through those 2, meaning that the force doesn’t try to correct itself and no more bad things come out of the force.

      This all stems from the idea that Kylo and Rey are siblings, why do we think they are? Chewbacca, from the lore we know (and were pretty sure this is still cannon) Chewbacca owes a life debt to Han and this lasts as long as Chewbacca is alive, by the rules of life debts if Han where to die Chewbacca would there have to sever Han’s descendants as long as his family line exists, with current information that would mean by the fact that Han is dead Chewbacca would have to serve Kylo, but instead he travels with Rey, if Rey is Kylo’s sister Chewbacca can do this and not break his debt to Han.


      • ClaudineParis

        3 years ago

        Okay it's a pretty cool theory. But

        There is no way Rey and Ben are siblings. Leia may not be a jedi, but she has been known to be force sensitive, and as seen in episode VI and VII she percieves changes in the force etc. even identifying the force around her father, brother, and husband.

        Following what we know from Rey in TFA, Rey remembers being abandoned on Jakku, waiting for her family to return, and through the visions through Luke's lightsaber there are hints that she might have been one of the padawans at the time of Ben Solo's uprising. I really don't believe that Leia, who was obviously traumatized by loosing her son to the dark side etc would have just 'accepted' the death of her daughter, especially if she could still feel her being alive through the force. Nor would have Luke just abandoned his niece - although debatable, since Skywalker boys are weak ass bitches, excuse the language.

        I do believe thought that Ben Solo knew who Rey was, recognizing her from his past. Althought complicated, i do believe there is a chance that he may have been the one to leave her on Jakku, far away enough from himself and Snoke to protect from his new master his weakness in sparing her life.

        In conclusion, althought there are many things that can be said about the Kylo/Rey relationship, i do not believe they could be siblings, or even related.

    • Shepsus FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Shepsus

      3 years ago

      I watched the Spoiler Cast. Though this is a great movie, I has small issues with this film I'd like your take on, since you are just as much of a fan as I.
      First, the most minor complaint from a writer standpoint - Kylo Ren should not have taken off his mask until he saw Han Solo. He first took his mask off during the interrogation to Rey, and left it off when speaking to Snoke. That leaves him less menacing and more like Anakin in the prequels. If they waited until the moment of Han Solo, the audience would have been far more accepting (I think) in noticing he is human and young (rather than Darth Vader-esque).

      Second - Where the hell are the Y-wings? I can believe that the A-Wings were retired eventually (because they are an older class ship modeled after the republic starfighters), but they are doing a bombing run on a planet, and they only bring their starfighters? Y-wings are the bomber ships! I feel like they simplified it too much with that. I enjoyed seeing the ragtag ships of the X,Y, and A-wings versus the sleek TIE Fighters, Bombers, and Interceptors. This time around they only had two ships, the X-wing and TIE Fighters.

      I like your theory of Rey being a clone. I also think that their will be more Jedi's.

      My theories are that both Finn and Rey are Force Sensitive and will train. I also think Maz Kanata may be a Jedi, which could potentially explain the longevity of life. And explain the why she kept Luke's lightsaber.
      I think it would be a funny dynamic of Finn training under Maz in some type of scene.

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      Hey Blaine, hope you're doing okay after that rt life. This type of stuff can really, really suck, particularly because people tend to put their desire to get an easy laugh over other people's emotions. Anyway, however you might be feeling right now, hang in there--you're a cool dude and you dealt with that shit like a true BAMF

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      Dude... just saw the RT life. So sorry man. Don't worry you truly are the biggest Star Wars Fan though. Hope to see your break down in your journal after you see it!

      PS The community is on yourside

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      blaine gibson more like vain dibs-on the protein shake

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      I'm sure you've seen a thousand of these already, but thought it'd be cool if ya saw the one I made.

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      are there any gyms near the convention center that you would recommend?

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      Hi, i just want you to know you are an awesome dork.

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      Happy Birthday Blaine! smiley0.gif

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      Hi sorry to do this but... To anyone it may concern! I have a song I enjoy and I believe it fits the Red vs Blue universe to a T! I would like to make a video with them but I don't have the equipment to do so. So I want everyone to check out Smash Mouth's 'I Wanna Stay Home Today' and help make this dream come true! '(>.<),

      PS. If possible the preferred makers would be none other than our hosts Rooster Teeth but, if you feel inclined to make one by all means please do go ahead.

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      Blaine you big handsome man-baby, have a great day. Here's to many more!

      Made dis fo you.


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      K'oyacyi,Ner Vod! (hope I got that right, it's been a while smiley4.gif )

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      From one huge Star Wars fan to another, happy birthday! PS. I think you should've won the argument with Brandon on Free Play, by the way!

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      Happy birthday! And don't worry, no girlfriend means you don't have to split your cake with her.

      Even though you're on a diet so you'd probably want to but that's not the point.

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      Happy birthday Blaine! Also, may the Rock be with you....


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      New Star Wars Cast regarding the new trailer/ Star Wars Celebration? Maybe even have Bruce from FH join in? What are our chances

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      I gotta ask. I listened to the Special Podcast where you got to meet one of your heroes, were you taking his remarks as jokes, were you disappointed, or was it everything you hoped and dreamed?

      • Shepsus FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Shepsus

        4 years ago

        Apparently there is a pretty solid theory that that wasn't actually Harrison Ford. If not, fooled me, and makes me sad.

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      Hey, since your like one of my favourite members from rooster teeth! (really funny guy, honestly).. anyways you were an intern and i want more information on all that do you think you can message me?

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        ahh fuck me...i wish i was rich, (dont we all) but thanks anyways!

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        You'll need to attend a college within driving distance of the office and receive college credit. If you have other inquiries check

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        Thanks for the add and welcome to the site! :)

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      Hey Blaine, I'm sure you've been asked this before but would you have any recommendations for any particular brand of whey protein?

      • CameronPetty

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        Awesome thanks for the info and for responding so fast!

      • bgibbles FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

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        WheyTech Pro 24 by Bodytech is what I use. Its a vitamin shoppe brand, pretty much the same as Optimum nutrition

    • Levius

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      You blew my mind with that protein beer! I think you just revolutionised lifting and partying. Need to try it this weekend. Or vanilla flavoured pure pro with vodka and coke, the possibilities are endless.

      • Levius

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        We need to get a kickstarter going, low carb protein beer and creatine cocktails!

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        Anything goes with protein powder!

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