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    • bigblubls

      So the end is here.

      7 years ago

      Well, I leave on deployment Monday. 8 months in the Persian Gulf. Kind of looking forward to it. Should be fun. Be back sometime next July.

      Later Yo.

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      7 years ago

      Holy fuck! Holy fuck! Holy Fuck!

      Ok, so I decided to take a week off to San Diego to visit my father before I go to the Gulf for 8 months. Yeah, that's right, I went San Di-fucking-ego. Genius move on my part. My dad called me on Sunday saying that half of the county was on fire. I thought he was exaggerating as usual. Oh no, not this time. It wasn't until I was at the airport yesterday morning and every single channel on every single tv was footage of the entire city on fire. So I land at San Diego airport yesterday afternoon - after 3 tries by the way. The view coming in was one of absolute hell. You could see the smoke from as far away as Las Vegas. Flying over, there was a wall of flames from Mount Baldy all the way to south of the border, and the entire eastern basin was covered in smoke and ash, well out to the ocean.
      You can't see more than maybe half a mile in any direction because of the smoke. The soot in the air makes breathing difficult and the is so dry that your eyes nose and throat burn after a short time.

      So driving to my dad's house he jokes about how we may not have a house to stay in much longer. Sure enough, several hours after I arrive we hear on the tv that all most the entire city of Del Mar is under mandatory evacuation, and that the fire is heading straight for the coast on crest drive, exactly where his house is. Being the adventurous dumb asses that we all are, as soon as we get the reverse 911 call ordering to leave the house, we barbecue up some steaks and decide to wait it out until the last minute. So we load the vehicles with as much as we can and set up camp on the roof watching the fire creep closer and closer. While we wait for the fire to chase us out we decide to take a drive about a mile up the road to watch Rancho Santa Fe burn throughout the night.

      Right now we still don't know if the fire is going to get any closer or not. The winds have subsided substantially, but we are still under a mandatory evacuation and the news is telling us that the fire is moving down the valley straight for us. So at this time right now we don't know if we're going to have a house by the end of the week or not. It's pretty nerve racking, but at the same time I have to admit that it is pretty damn exciting. It surely has turned in to a much more thrilling vacation than I expected.
      And the best part is that NO ONE knows I'm here.

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      His brains are all over my face!

      8 years ago

      HOLLY SHIT!!!1111 just got he midnight release of Hallo 3. been playing it for the last hour. God Damn, what an amazing game. Got some pics to upload. That's right, I totally got the legendary pre-order pac. I am a God amongst geeks. Me and a friend who shall be from here forth refered to by his in-game name as DumbAss both waited for several hours at the Linhaven Mall in Virginia Beach with all of the other geeks for the mid-night release. Being the only real Uber-geeks we both sported our RVB shirts and got totaly fucked up while there. In fact, I'm still pretty drunk as I type this. We were lucky enough to participate in the Game Stops official "Capture the Flag Nerf Ternament" that encompased the entire mall. We Pnowned all of the little emo bitches that were there until mall security (read- one dude with a pair of handcuffs) shut us down.

      But that is not the best part. I am due in court tommorow at 9am for a speeding ticket and reckless driving charge from two months ago - I was doing 85 in a 65 zone and keeping up with traffic - and DumbAss who was driving tonight got a speeding ticket on base comming back for doing 37 in a 25 zone. How freaky is that? I guess Halo envy knows no bounds.

      Anyways, I really need to sober up in a few hours, and yet I can't break away from this game. i'm affraid that it has total control of my life.


      On the home front, I'm going on deployment to the Persian Gulf for 8 months in November. I guess now that we've finally done our last run-up it's starting to hit home that I may actually be going to war. It's a bit unerving, but after after two years of preparing for it I am a little anxious to get out and start doing the job that I was trained for. There is nothing worse than sitting around on your ass and waiting for something to happen with the inevitable always looming on the horizon. I'm ready to go kick some ass.

      PS, I am alll about the fucking hammer, bitch!

    • bigblubls

      Yo ho ho.

      8 years ago

      At the behest of one loyal reader, I have updated my journal.

      Not much to say. Just got off of my first 30 day cruise. Freekin' awesome. Spent a few days in Fort Lauderdale. Turned 21 a month ago, been living that up as much as is humanly possible. I'll try and throw some new pics up soon.

    • bigblubls


      8 years ago

      Drunken dots
      (Cue nefarious laughter)

    • bigblubls

      Bauer Simplex 24

      8 years ago

      The Center for Disease Control warned the nation today that an epidemic of Bauer Simplex 24 is sweeping through the conservative blogging community.

      The syndrome, known as BS 24, causes ordinarily cowardly individuals to boast of their own hypothetical bravery during dangerous real-life events.

      “BS 24 is triggered when someone discusses a recently terrifying situation, such as being held hostage, interrogated, or encountering a terrible act of violence,†said Dr. Su Do Nihm of the CDC. “It causes the victims to become delusional and fantasize how they would have responded with the calm, firm resolve of Kiefer Sutherland reading a television script.â€Â

      The disease first appeared in 2001 and has become progressively more widespread with every television season. This year had already seen an outbreak after the abduction of British sailors by Iran, with many conservative bloggers exclaiming they would never have been broken under such interrogation, even when facing such tactics as Cheeto-boarding and videogame depravation.

      But an especially nasty, logic-resistant strain appeared after the recent news of the massacre of students at Virginia Tech University. John Derbyshire, writing for the conservative National Socialist Review, expressed surprise that students did not “jump†the Virginia Tech gunman, Cho Seung Ho. Derbyshire commented, “At the very least, count the shots and jump him reloading or changing hands. Better yet, just jump him....It's trueâ€'none of us knows what he'd do in a dire situation like that. I hope, however, that if I thought I was going to die anyway, I'd at least take a run at the guy.â€Â

      Dr. Coe Bagz, Research Fellow at the Frasier Crane Institute for Television Psychology, calls this “a classic case of BS 24.â€Â

      “In terms of his words, Mr. Derbyshire does in fact seem like a cool, collected, and determined individual, almost as if knows ahead of time what will happen and that the ‘writers’ will protect him,†said Dr. Bagz. “But that does not mesh with Mr. Derbyshire’s real life actions, where he is deathly afraid of having even a penis pointed in his face.

      “I wouldn’t say that inspires a lot of confidence in his ‘jumping’ ability,†Dr. Bagz added.

      As the disease usually does, it spread quickly to other areas of the right-wing blogosphere, including columnists Nathanael Blake and Carol Ionne.

      “Conservative bloggers tend to transmit BS 24 rapidly because of their propensity to have unsafe, often anonymous, rhetorical masturbation in large groups,†said Dr. Nihm. “They tend to splatter their fellow bloggers with their written emissions without considering the consequences.â€Â

      Dr. Bagz noted that, while there is no medicinal remedy for BS 24, it does have one known therapeutic cure. “Actual combat tends to clear up BS 24 immediately, so we usually recommend enlistment.â€Â

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      Drink to the foam

      8 years ago

      I am piss ass drunk.

    • bigblubls

      Drunken Debauchery

      8 years ago

      Life is pretty sweet. Over past week I got a car -Nissan 200SX, a kick ass laptop -Asus G2P, and have been celebrating to dangerous excess. My marine roommate, his dumbass friends and I have turned our room into a nonstop kegger. And for the record, everything that you've ever heard about marines is true. every last one of them is fucking batshit insane. Here are some of the highlights from the last few nights.

      Sailor Jerry, you are my hero.

      Can't handle his liquor. Lightweight.

      You eyeballin' me boy?!!! I aught to rip off your head and shit down your throat!!!

      Dirty dirty boys.

      Safety first.

      The flight deck cranial, a drunkards best friend.


      Drunken Head Butting
      That's me in the green cranial.

    • bigblubls

      I feel so cool.

      8 years ago

      So I've already gotten comments on my last journal after 1 day. I feel so wanted. So what if it's only 1 comment. shut up! I'm still cool.

      As for you Pervelope, because of your devotion and total rockingonness, I grant you all of my mod points. I may not know where they came from, but at least I know where they will be going.

      As for your comment, as of right now I actualy do have a choice in the matter. I'm not obligated to go in the least, and the navy would probably prefer it if after spending an entire year schooling me on my job I stayed in my rate for a while, but I've already made up my mind to vulunteer to go IA. That's independant Augmentee. Basicaly I get attached to an Army Company already in Iraq or Afganistan or something like that. I'm not too caught up on the particulars, but I do know that we get several weeks of hardcore combat training before we go. I figure it's the least they can do.

      When asked why I'm doing this- which has happened just about every time I bring the topic up- I'm still not quite exactly sure myself. Maybe some ordain sense of duty, the thrill of adventure, the extra money, the life exsperience; maybe just to be able to say that I actualy did it. That I answered my countries call of duty, despite the fact that I am still abjectly apposed to the war. Or maybe I'm simply doing it now on voluntary terms before I'm ordered to go. Either way, it won't be for a good while, maybe up to a year before anything realy gets set in motion so I have plenty of time to prepare. I don't know, everythings been pretty fucked up lately, I just don't know any more.

    • bigblubls

      Durka Durka

      8 years ago

      wow, I haven't logged on here in like seven months. I can't believe how many people on watch list have like 500 journal entries that I haven't viewed. Hmm.

      By the way, did you know that durka is the equivalent of fuck you in Arabic, or Farsi or whatever fucked up language they speak in Iraq. It's amazing the things you can learn about a people while you're killing them. I guess it's good to know though, I'll be over there soon enough.

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    Currently enlisted in the United States Navy, Stationed on board the Harry S. Truman. I work in the Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department as an Aviation Electronics Technician specializing in Communications/ Navigation (ComNav) and IFF. Yeah, it's a mouthful, try explaining that to people when you're drunk.

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    • Neoma


      8 years ago

      "Where did all of this come from?"

      I think the question is quite irrelevant. People are too up tight about life and all, they don't even like the process of dying and give superstitious reasons in liking death. How about relaxing and enjoying it? You can't know everything, some people just don't realize.

      Although, you can either pretend to know everything, or work hard to figure out a little of everything. And what good does pretending do?

    • Tucker23


      8 years ago

      I know the French, it's one of the few things I can read without a problem in that language.

      I must agree with your choice, after all, it's not really a pipe.

    • OneL


      10 years ago

      I'm glad that you bring up these points for they are good ones. I would suggest that whoever is at fault here should be dealt with in a just fashion. If that means going to Ireland or Australia so be it.

      I guess if I really stop and think about it, it may be better to bring the troops home and concentrate on defending the homeland. However, then that leaves the rest of the globe. I suppose that each country would then be responsible for themselves. I don't know what to think in this matter. I do thank you for keeping the discussion going. It's nice when civilized people can have civilized conversations without an uproar.

      I guess the main thing is that the terrorists who do these things are stopped and brought to justice no matter the cost. It won't stop here, more people will die in vain until these people are stopped.

    • deathslushie


      10 years ago

      You ended up in Connecticut, Southington nonetheless. You poor thing.

    • Bloomsickle


      10 years ago

      lol who DOESENT like cookie dough ice cream?? lol

    • cutencrazy


      10 years ago

      way to be

    • OneL


      10 years ago

      just saying hello!

    • SauceJr


      10 years ago

      Ok the practical joke with covering the car in shrink wrap was a great idea. What I have done is actually gotten inside someones car and filled the entire thing with wadded news papers. It takes about an hour to fill an SUV from front to back but its well worth it. They come out and see that their entire car is filled. Now if you filled a car with newspapers and then covered it in shrink wrap, would that be to mean?

    • Killerclown


      10 years ago

      red dwarf is the best with listie ans smeg head rimmer the cat and of coarce kryten with a wierd middle +last name last name is xj4 any way red dwarf rocks!

    • BloodHawk


      10 years ago

      Would you call it a bulbus bufont?