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    • Avocado's... green little bastards.

      2 years ago


      Why the fuck is everyone obsessed with them, they used to creep me out when I was doing kitchen prep, hours bleeding and sweating into these little ramekin bastards, layering with prawns and mayo... now everywhere I see, its *thick russian accent for some reason* 

      YoU LikE AvocAdOs? HerE wiTh CHocolaTe SprEAd. Grill CheESE. It's the whole fucking trigger mentality isn't it? Instead of what gender is it, it's: "It can be a fruit or a vegetable." FUCK YOU. iT'S A SEEDED BERRY. MAKING IT A SEEDED BERRY. 

      #whatareyou #avocados #trigger 

    • It's Podcast/tubecast time!

      6 years ago


      Wow, it's been a while since I have posted anything on here.
      I have a new podcast up at the moment called the "Dark Wispers" pod/tube cast. We are on episode 3 at this time!

      Its recorded with a couple of indie authors, as we discuss everything from spaying a cat to Steven King.

      This is the link for episode one.
      So why not check it out if you get five minutes... or an hour...

      Also, if you haven't already a good idea is to use youtube downloader, to download it for free, then you can watch / listen at your leisure without needing a net connection, (I.E. when you're out and about.)



    • My pit of shi... art, my pit of "art"!!

      7 years ago


      Okay so... these pictures, I drew for the most part when I bored... I have commissioned pieces, for book covers, which you can check out by clicking here.

      IMAG0785.jpg I made this image years ago, I have a thing for red heads apparently lol... I only started drawing because my girlfriend got me a set of letraset pens... so being a geek I had a go...

      IMAG0787.jpg What's a heroine without her cat?

      IMAG0776.jpg Not everyone's that happy...

      IMAG0791.jpg Bears ... they make me laugh.

      IMAG0790.jpg I don't know what I was thinking... I just saw this guy... and he looked sleazy, and menacing, so I drew him... Of course I don't think he had wings at the time...

      IMAG0793.jpg I started drawing my son... but didn't finish it, which is a shame, but what with computers these days... I probably will with my Tablet...

      IMAG0783.jpg This dude I like... I was pleased with how he turned out... till the paper messed up with the coloring... again, not an issue with comps today -.- ...

      Now onto some computer drawn stuff.

      biglee874fabc63ec09ef.jpg Pegassus squared image. (someone in the internet box fan art group said they would love to see a Pegassus MLP so I drew this...

      death.png I think I was watching supernatural at the time... so I drew this a chibi death... yay?

      Angrymewithbook.jpg This was just an image I made prior to my tab... I was limited to mouse movements lol...

      Menewmanga.png This dude, I made with my tablet... I hope I can find the few minutes to draw some more! Turns out writing is a full time job xD smiley12.gif

    • Looking for group...

      7 years ago


      Hey, I am looking for an internet wife or wives... WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!? I hear you cry... well... The way I see it, is as follows: I am looking at making a podcast, or joining a podcast... why? Well I love to argue with people. Or make people laugh. I'm an English / Canadian, making me incredibly prim and polite... Well at least I can be... also it can help to get my name out there about my book, as apparently most authors are introvert... or is that just the successful ones? I think I just faced myself... anyway, the reason for the wives comment, I am looking at speaking with people who also argue a lot... and can agree on somethings... the whole time not taking things too personally as you married them... I would do a podcast with my actual wife, as she says some amazing things, but I don't want to give her more of an excuse to suffocate me in my sleep. So an internet marriage of a sort...

      please not that this is by no means an offer for a green card nor an actual marriage.

      I should just avoid the term wife / marriage... as I guess it sounds sexist or egotistical... both may I add can be rather brilliant features to have on a podcast. As everyone loves an asshole. Those of us who actually vote, right?

    • 7 years ago

    • The new sponsors perk..

      7 years ago


      I think that it's awesome with the new sponsors only chatroom here on Roosterteeth... its just a shame, that the room throws off the same aura as an eleven year olds disco... with boys one side, their eyes scanning the room nervously, wondering if they should approach a member of the opposite sex, meanwhile the girls, all huddle together talking just under regular hearing levels so the boys get more paranoid that they are talking about them... smiley4.gif

      Good thing that I was always the moron in the party who would powersliding on the dance floor, and dancing like I should be in a southern baptist church, dancing the devil out through my shoes, while being tazed by a few thousand volts.... honestly, being a dad now is so much fun, as it means that I get to look forward to my own kids parties, and showing off my fantastic dance routine...

    • Z Day

      7 years ago


      Well, as I am sure you are aware of the current state of affairs in Miami, (with the Miami Cannibal) and the apparent "reanimated flight attendee, who was believed dead before trying to take a bite out of the mortician, this could mean the beginning of the end... but never fear... There had been signs for some time apparently...

      Basically there is related articles earlier, I think May 16th in Florida, there was a bizarre outbreak, that people some believe was one of the first signs, (at a highschool, students and teachers broke out in a rash.) then in Illinois on the 21st a man was detained after losing the plot and biting a womans cheek ~(I assume face))~ then on the 23rd a guy bit the tip of his cousins nose off... A clear case of "Got your nose!" being taken to new extremes, on the 26th an anasthesiologist bashed his head until bloody, the same day as Rudy ate Ronald... in the horrific "Miami cannibal" attack...

      After speaking with some of my paranoid, and more educated friends, some believe if it were remotely possible for a corpse to reanimate then we would all be fucked regardless, and so they say it is more probable for a disturbed individual to be more akin to a Voodoo/hoodo Zombie.. Well to that I say this:

      The voodoo zombie, they are more likely to be catatonic, or handicapped than eating the flesh of the living so amorously. Part of the ritual used to raise them, involves a lot of choking (with no safety word I might add) The then disorientated "victim" is in a mental state where by they are more succeptable to outside influences, its like a state of hyper awareness, topped off with various pyscogenics, and a swollen adrenal gland and voilla.

      At least if the zombie apocalypse does present itself you have easier means to defend yourself, unlike in the uk, where you might be lucky to get a crossbow, or an air rifle... (Crossbow pretty ideal though) then you can evaluate what state they are in, (rate of decay) if none, then head north, if they are, then head to the glades, as it will definitely speed things up. xD The UK is only a small island anyway... compared to the continent of the US...

      Chances are good that its nothing, and not the end of the world... but hey, who wants to be caught with the trousers around their ankles presenting themselves to any variety of butt munching bastards...

    • Embarrassing...

      7 years ago


      I love my son, he always keeps me thoroughly entertained... I was having an in depth conversation with him, and we were discussing what he wants to be when he grows up... Because I know for a fact that I wanted to be a Teenage mutant ninja turtle... Of course, by now I would only be a ninja turtle, as my "teens" are behind me... but I digress... Any who, so we were on the way to his play school, we discussed how one of his sisters wants to become a fashion designer, the other a teacher, Leo, heard this and thought for a while, before replying: "Daggy, I wan be a cocodile" That's a crocodile between you and me, and I felt incredibly proud! Follow your dreams son!

      Any who, the point of this little journal is that my son, at three years old, struggles with certain words, (understandably) and while at a cafe, I asked him:

      "Do you want any more squash?" too which he replied.

      "No jews."

      "What?" I asked, he had caught the attention of some people sat nearby...

      "No Jews daggy no jews!"

      for about ten seconds I thought I had spawned a mini Hitler... Before realizing what he meant.

      The thing was, he wasn't just saying it, he was screaming it, and there was a Lipschitz convention going on or something... It's in the embarrassing times like that when you know what your made of. So, pulling myself together, and at the thousand yard stares being delivered from five feet away, I smiled, and said:

      "It's fine, I'm native american, he is going to be hating a lot of races for a while yet..."

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    • 7 years ago

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    • senseiseth

      7 years ago

      Hey Lee, what's going on?

      • senseiseth

        7 years ago

        Not bad, finally finished college, and looking at getting the new job. Plus finally having some time to finish these stories and such.

      • biglee87

        7 years ago

        Hey, sorry for the long reply, the last few weeks have been hectic, with re-writing, scenes and cover art for some other authors, I have only been on here once or twice lol... How have you been man?

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