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      12 years ago


      Okay, I know my posts and logons are sparatic and rare these days. If anyone misses my witty banter, if anyone even remembers it, and if anyone should visit my page then you can go ahead and catch up on all you've missed over at my myspace page.

      And if you jsut want to share some time on Ultimate Alliance then look up Hioshi Sama on Xbox live.

    • To post again

      12 years ago


      Alright, time for a legit post.

      Its been a long while, and there is so much to discuss, that I think Im going to skip most of it and simply discuss my current events.

      Like my emminent raise in salary. Thanks to all the folks living in MO who voted last week. And a bigger thanks to that majority of you who voted to raise the minimum wage from its appauling 5.15 to 6.50. The people on the other side of the river just got it up to 7, but oh well. They only got a .50 cent increase, while we got a whole 1.35.

      Second, my poor poor aching back. Im hunched over like an old man for awhile.

      My car broke down the other day. Battery died. In the middle of no where. So I made the two mile hike to autosone to buy a new one, then carried the thing the two miles back. Then installed. Then helped my friend move his 300 lb tv out of his apartment yesterday along with the rest of his furniture so that he can move back to KS. Shmuck. Over a god damned woman too.

      Doing moderate in my classes. Cant complain too much. Especially since im sitting in one right now posting on my blogs.

      Been working hard at the shop, selling games and such.

      Wii and PS3 this weekend. Wont that be fun?

      I get to see the new 007 friday. Thats fukin sweet.

      Saw Shallow Hal for the first time. Got the the end, and felt pretty shallow, because as cool a person as she was, I just couldnt see her when she carried all that weight. She had cankles for fucks sake!

      Im really tired right now. I woke up at 4:30 and couldnt get back to sleep for some reason. Might be because my back hurts. Who knows? The point is I spent a couple of minutes playing Halo. Man, I forgot how awesome it was to take a single shot to the back of the hunters with a pistol and just drop em.

      Still waiting to get acess to a 360 of my own. Money isnt exactly flowing well.

      Not much beyond that. Few new escapades here and there, but nothign worth mentioning.

      Take it easy, everyone.

    • Needs

      12 years ago


      I need to get back into the swing of posting on here.

      Ill get to it in the morning though. im tired right now.

      Later folks.

    • Busy

      12 years ago


      Yea, I havent posted anything in forever.

      ive been incredibly busy lately, and now is the time to sum it all up.

      For starters, Ive been doing this whole college thing. I love it. Numeber one, I like all my classes. i never had that in highschool. I was lucky to get one or two classes i liked. Now I have a whole slew of them. my proffesors are great, and I get out before noon each day. Its awesome.

      Not to mention the girls in my classes. I even managed to seduce (or be seduced by, im not too sure who was flirting more) with this girl who was 28. Mind you she has the body of a 19 yr old, but moves that Ive never seen before! Older hot women rock.

      My friend from work is also trying to hook me up in this IRC chat and radio show. If I can get noticed and become part of the staff like he is, I could even get invitations to game shows. Mind you its a long shot, but hey, better than nothin.

      Works been different. I still like my job, its just some of the people I work with. We got a new Assistant Manager, whos not really as cool as Mark, my old assistant manager. He also doesnt trust our new SGA, which I suppose works well since our new SGA doesnt trust him. They are always looking for mistakes the other might make and I feel like its starting to get int he way of work. And our manager doesnt really trust either. I miss Mark and Trey. Sure I didnt like Trey much, but atleast they all trusted eachother, and we didnt have drama. But Im sure it will get better.

      it also looks like I might get promoted to SGA myself. Of course, that means Id end up working at another store, and that would kinda suck since i do like Bill, my manager. But maybe id get moved over to the mall store with mark. That would be pretty cool.

      Speaking of my manager, hes away at conference right now. It looks like since our store is doing really well, he may get a 360 from the company. He already has a 360 though, so there could be a contest amongst us employees, since most of us dont have one. Then Id be all set for Next spring when Armored Core 4 comes out.

      And for those of you who havent seen the footage from TGS of AC 4...its fucking beautiful.

      It looks like FROM SOFTWARE is really taking this shit weriously, and applying much of the good stuff from Chrome hounds to our beloved Mech series. Mostly Online gameplay, amazing graphics (even the backgrounds look good. not great, but much better than I ever expected from an AC title) the particle effects are cool, and I can already see new tactics emerging. Some in game footage shows massive mechs actually flying around like in the opening videos, while bi-peds are firing their back cannons while standing. Huge 360 degree shields covering the mechs as they take on multiple ac's in one mission, all at one time. this looks to be shaping up to be an incredible game. I cant wait.

      After a recent car accident, my baby is back in shape mostly, jsut needs some paint, but I cant afford it at the moment.

      Ive had some bad shit going down too, but nothgin major, and at the moment, it feels like the good really outwieghs the bad. Drasticly so.

      I also got to read World War Z. For those of you who've read Max Brooks "The Complete Zombie Survival Guide" this is kind of like a sequel. But dont get it expecting it to be a comedy like the last book. Its got some humor moments, but damn did this show that he can write. It gets you to lighten up at the right moments, to feel sad for all the sad events, and he manages to tell what would normally be several books of story into one short writing. And he does it well. It never feels rushed, or compact. Thats not to say that you sometimes want more, but you never feel like he really left anythign out. He told the story in the way it really should be told, and he did a fantastic job. I only hope I get to write that well some day.

      Only time will tell, right?

      Well take it easy folks.

      And remember, read World War Z.

    • Crumpled fronts

      13 years ago


      I dont think anyone here heard about how I was supposed to be camping right now. We were goign to leave yesterday morning, and I would be gone for the weekend, then come back sunday afternoon.

      Lets just say that yesterday was not my day.

      I woke up and tried to make sure that everything I needed was at hand. Something I had started to do the night before, but mom said just wait till morrning, that way noone is in your way. I figured that to be good logic, since I was pretty sure we had everything I needed. I was wrong. We had almost nothing.

      Picked up my friends and we drove all the way down to De Soto, where upon we got lost. We were slowly moving through the city streets, stopping for minutes at a time at itnersections to try and get our bearings. De Soto has no lights, so really it was a matter of jsut making sure that no one was waiting behind us to go.

      After having stopped at one intersection for quite some time (id say close to five minutes) we got a sense of where we were, and began to move forward. This is when some woman doing at a minimum 45, ran her stop sign and plowed into my car. Its made even more wonderful by the fact that her truck recieved almost no damage to it. But my little camry........I still have the toyota emblem that used to sit in the grill. The rest of the grill is probably still sitting on the road there.

      As far as health concerns go, I got a nice knot on ym head, and my knee is feeling a little tender at the moment. I can tell thta its not anything permanent, that its not even a break. But fuck if it doesnt hurt. Im sunburnt from stainding out, waiting for the tow truck, then having to stand out in the middle of a parking lot talking to an insurance agent, because its the only place my phone got reception in bum-fuck Missouri.

      My GBA, my digital cam, and my meds are all stuck in my car which is still in the repair shop down there, and frankly, im pissed.

      the worst part of the whole ordeal? I always figured that an expierience like that, where you could pottentialy die, granted you some kind of flash into meaing of life or what not. But no. All that ran through my head was, "Well, shit:"

      And of course, I had friends talk to me yesterday to bitch about their problems. Normally, I will listen and tell them advice on such things. I dont often care, but I try to help. Yesterday, I wasnt in a helpful mood. And got bitched at for it. Evidently, someone sleeping with their ex and feeling bad because he didnt think aythign of it, shoudl be far more important to me than my own personal injuries.

      Now Im not saying that these people have to give a damn that im hurt. thats their choice. But they have to understand that I really dont give a damn about there problems at the moment when my car jsut suffered a few thousand in damages, my knee got jammed up, and my ass is sunburnt.

      Im still angry, but I dont feel like venting on RVB at the moment.

      So take it easy everyone.

    • Superfriends

      13 years ago



      So this is a group of our friends as superheroes. Done by my pal Ian.

      Starting from the top, and going in the most obvious order...

      Catherine as The Penguin, Lexi as The Riddler, Ryan. A as Cyclops, myself as The Tick,
      Janelle as Blossom (the powerpuff girl), Matt as The Flash, Amie as Wonder Woman, Ian as The Green Lantern,
      Ryan N as Robin, Nicole as Catwoman, Greg as The Hulk, Brandon as Yellow Bastard from Sin City,
      Rachel as Hawkgirl, Tess as Poison Ivy, Roy as Hellboy, Todd as Spawn, and Emilee as Sailor Moon.

      I think its awesome work, and had to share it with more folks.

    • Halo the Graphic Novel

      13 years ago


      So we are/were selling it at work, though you cant get it at my store right now, since we sold out the same day we got the shipment. But one of the customers who had reserved it hung out in the shop to read it with me and Mark (one of my coworkers.)

      Its pretty sweet. I didnt get to read the whole thing, but I liked the bits of the four stories that I did get to read. And the artwork is incredibly well done. I just want to say that if you get the chance to read it, do so as quickly as you can. Its worth the $26 and change.

      Not much to say beyond that. Just been working and playing games all the time. take it easy folks.

    • I'm still not supposed to be here today

      13 years ago


      Clerks 2.

      The title alone sells me on the movie. A sequel to a my favorite Kevin Smith film. my hands down fave. Dogma is good, and I like it because Im catholic, and it addresses alot of issues I have with my faith, but its still not clerks. There is jsut something about seeing Randal lash out at the customers in a manner you only wish you could get away with while you're at work that is inspiring. That said, it is fair to say, that while I greatly enjoyed the flick, Clerks is still my favorite Kevin Smith film.

      Dont misunderstand me, I really really loved the movie. It was completely worth the money I paid to go see it. There is a slight chance I may even go see it again in theaters. I really liked it. But like most of his other films (Mallrats aside) it deals with some of the personal issues that Kevin Smith has to deal with at thsi point in his life. This makes for good storytelling, and is really what makes all his movies great. The reason it falters for me here is simply because these are issues that I cant quite identify with yet. Maybe later on in life, this will take on new meaning for me, but right now, its not me yet.

      Minor Spoilers further on:

      The general theme of Clerks 2 is for Dante and Randal to deal with hitting middle age. The fact that they still have minimum wage jobs compounds the problem slightly, but even if they were middle management, they would still face the same issues. They have to deal with the fact that they arent kids anymore. Its also established early on that Dante is soon leaving Jersey to go live in Florida with his new Fiance, and as a result, is leaving everything in Jersey behind. This includes Randal.

      This for me is where I can see the great writing, and the good acting that was put forth on behalf of the film, but cant quite get into it. I suppose I am sort of in the same spot. Amie and Ian are leaving for college next month, which feels somewhat the same, but its still not the same as the movie. Partially because its onyl a temporary parting, but another part is that we havent been friends for thirty years. That adds a bit more to their situation than it does to my own.

      It also has less of the general Smith dialouge that picks apart the various aspects of todays pop-culture and society, and I kind of miss that. Its not gone altogether, but its certainly missing something when you sit back and think about all the dialouge itself. Still, its got great laughs, and good all around Kevin Smith humor to it, with a blend of his large vocabulary migled with dick and fart jokes.

      "Cockstain" Classic smith word right there.

      I will give it up to both Smith and Mewes aswell. To keep playing Jay and Bob and being able to do it so well, they deserve alot of credit. Sure, they arent quite the same as they were in the first film, but I feel like they have only gotten better at their parts.

      As far as it goes though, I can still identify better with Clerks and Dogma. Simple reason is that Im not at a stage in my life where ive had to deal with the major driving force behind Clerks 2. Tis a great movie, its got what it takes, and I can see why it earned an 8 minute standing ovation at Cannes. But for me, right now, all i do is hang out with my buddies and argue about the guilt of the contractors who were killed on the second death star, while we scare away customers at Gamestop.

      But it was worth every dime I paid to see it.

      I also overheard alot of people hoping for a Clerks 3 as I left the theater. In all honesty, I really hope that Smith leaves this idea alone. He might be able to pull off a third movie, but it would be really hard. I think that as far as these personas go (Dante and Randal) their story has been told, and to tell anymore might ruin it. Possibly not, but it seems like itd be alot easier to screw up a third one than to make it right.

    • Work, girls, and so forth

      13 years ago


      Met a girl recently. Been spnding lots of time with her as of late. Name is jessica, but her nickname is Jo. I like Jessica better though, and will probably stick to calling her that.

      I cant figure out what it is that has me so attracted to this girl though. I mean, shes cute, fun to hang around with, smart, and she got a really great body. But none of those is whats getting my interest. I cant figure out what it is that I like do much about her. Guess I gotta keep seeing her to figure it out.

      Pretty much spent the entire day with her, since I only worked three hours, and that was open to noon. And tonight im supposed to go to some nightclub with her downtown. I think its gonna be fun, but gotta wait and see.

      Works been good, for the most part. Some customers who get on my nerves, but other than that its a great job. And I already knew there would be idiot people in the store, so its not like I wasnt prepared.

      Finalizing plans to go see Clerks 2 this friday, and just about ready to get tickets. Im really only waiting to talk to Jessica about it and see if shes got the free time. If not, is till get to go see it with the group, and ive been waiting for that.

      It also looks like ive got an artist for my webcomic. My good friend, and the rather attractive Emilee, whom said she might do it. To get a sense of her artisitic abilities, here is a link to her deviant art page. Emilee's Art.

      Bout sums it up for the big news. Off to play some games and have fun. Later.

    • Webcomic

      13 years ago


      Okay folks. Not much to talk about. And htis has to be a short post since I need to leave for work soon.

      But yea, just letting everyone know that I may get started on a webcomic soon. Its not going to be too great, but I figure itll make a few folks laugh, and it shuold be a fun little project to do for a few years.

      The thing im working on right now is finding an artist, since I've already written out about 20 strips thus far. If more develops on this situation, I'll let everyone know.

      Another important update.

      Everyone get tickets now for july 21st. The release of Clerks 2. Fuking yes.

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      Can you please go see my journal?

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      While that is scary, I agree with ya. The Viper is a wicked fast ship!

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      Dance- Colbert, dance!

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      kreia's backstory is far greater then even the game reveals, If i poted the entire origins of her then it would be huge, for starters her name is Arren Kri, mother of Brianna the handmaiden, she trained revan and was exiled for having a child then betrayed by the council for revan's fall, she took the name Kreia to escape the shadow jedi (jedi assassin's) and then traveled to malachor to find what revan found then she became Darth Treya they original sith advisor to tulak hord

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      Start stocking up on anti-zombie equipment smiley6.gif

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      thank you, finally someone else who understands Kreia, like Exile. if i could i'd exalt you for a plus one you your karma but since i can't +1 mod

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      That and it's the one you usually hear about

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      THey most likely skipped Magician's Nephew as The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe was more complete. That is, it gave a full story that really didn't need a sequel.

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      ...I got bored.

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      What's up man?

      Haven't seen you online in a while.

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      I eat little kids, and some times steak

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      *is confused* you sold out.... XANGA man XANGA!!!!

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      I must agree with you on the grey Jedi thing. Jedi and Sith are both so incredibly restricted, you can't get anywhere with either. Where is that quiz where you got Han?

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      Oh, and I second what SloeBombFizz wrote, too.

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      Yes indeed, the grey Jedi rule. Note my avatar. Mara Jade walking the fence between the two sides of the Force. Well, you know .... we females like to change our minds. hehe :-)

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      a Socialist and a Writer. * Good stuff.
      God Bless these United States indeed... and keep them safe from Right-Wing Xenophobia.
      But that's just me.

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      raven_alpha (Lee) & Bladeshift (Christian) Do you know who im talking about now lol

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      Greatings -bows- My name is Tash. I just thought i would come say hello. You seem to know some of my friends. Lee and Cristian. -smiles-

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      I too am a Socialist

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      awesome movie and tv show favs! i like your style

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      Do you want more comic.

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      damn straight

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      Long Live Deathscythe Hell! The only suit that if piloted by the Great Duo Maxwell could crush Wing Zero and Heero.......(in my opinion, i mean geez he took out the Veyeate and Mercurius with eeze)

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      Damn you love all the good anime.......

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      The Ground combat is sweet.
      And you got the model nuber right on it.

      AND GO DEATHSCYTHE HELL! The best of the deathscythe models. In my opinion.

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      I kinda have a tie between gundams:
      RX-79(G) Ground Combat (Not sure on model #)
      Deathscythe Hell
      but if I had to pic I would probably go with the RX

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