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    • KiKadet

      13 years ago


      I am not a daily reader of the forums. Not even a weekly or monthly, actually. I just pop in to download the videos. That is all.

    • New Wallpaper Happiness

      14 years ago


      In an effort to please the rest of the Halo community, I have created happy happy backgrounds of special Red VS Blue scenes dear to our hearts. They include, Caboose's Mind, Church before showing he sucks with a sniper rifle, Simmons and Grif playing I Spy, everyone getting lost, and when Donut's poor head gets blown off. Enjoy at,

    • Epi 39

      14 years ago


      Very good Episode. Just to clear a few things up for you.

      All the dead people on the ground represent what is going on during the Postgame Carnage Screen. Everyone's just dead and laying there, all...... dead and stuff.

      When Reveille sounds, that represents start of game. They really should have gotten the voice of the thing when you sign in saying, "CAPTURE THE FLAG." That would have been good.

      Everyone jumps up, scaring the heck out of Sarge and (uhm.. maybe not) Caboose, also confirming Caboose's wild suspicions that they were sleeping.

      No really, everyone on PC talks like that. Not the red guy with the flag tho... most people just keep yelling at that guy to run for it.

      I really hate the lack of a lagger that doesn't know what's going on. "omfg lag"

      Well... going to watch it..... again...... all by myself.

    • All Your Base Are Belong to Me.

      14 years ago


      Well.... Locutus sure has said a lot. It almost scares me how fast people answer to these kind of threads. Wooow. It's pretty cool too. Debated with people about Trek vs Wars. So far, Loc is the about the only person forcefully arguing that Trek's "The Borg" can whip a galaxy full of mechs, Jedi, and battle droids. Strange.

    • First Day Exploring...

      14 years ago


      Gahhaaha.... The new Red VS Blue Forums.. No Smilies, no Search Engine, brand new points over there <<< that I have know idea how to use... I used the wrong username that I would have wanted, I don't know anybody here except my clan members.... this is the life.... WHAT KIND OF HELL HOLE IS THIS?! GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!! <Error... Your connection to the retard has been terminated. Please try again.>

      Blackjack, or KiKadet ...

    • 2019 years ago

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