So I know no one will probably see this, but ill put it out there just in case. I love rwby, and have probably re watched it at least 3 times. But I see genuine flaws. One of the biggest issues is that rooster teeth is rushing it out. The script for volume 5 wasn't even done when it started airing. That's really bad. I understand that people want more rwby content now now now, but its delayed gratification. If we give rooster teeth more time, we will get better products. Which leads into the fight scenes. I think the fights are alright, (Except Qrow and Tyrian, and Cinder and Raven that shit was lit) But there are certainly issues with the fight scenes, such as the writers having too much input. The writers can set a general outline, but let the animators do what they want, and it will lead to better results. The writers input has lead to issues with choreography and general clunkieness in the fights. And for the fandom, don't just spew hate. What does that accomplish? Answer:Worse quality, and stressed creators. So yeah, I hope someone sees this at the very least, cause I think it could make decent improvements. Or go watch unicorn of war. She has some really good videos on similar subjects on the show.

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