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    • Finally at Home <3

      5 years ago


      I know I haven't been on here as much as previous times. I miss being around the community here! I feel like I have done RT a disservice or something, lol.

      Anyway! Reason being that I have moved! I finally got out of the miserable living situation I had been in. I honestly haven't felt more relieved. Of course, I will be moving again at the end of the duration of the lease on the apartment, but for now, I found a place I can easily rest my head at night. My kitty cat is with me as well!

      She seems really happy, too! She has a much larger bedroom to run around in, plenty of toys, and even another kitty to play with! (Although for now they are still getting used to each other). I do have a concern for her health again. The stress of moving and readjusting seemed to flair up her coughing spells. She had a slight limp the other day, and I can tell her allergies/skin is bothering her. I have to make yet another vet appointment! I truly feel as though the vet hasn't really helped her. I have to keep taking her back, shelling out money, but they don't do anything!!

      Ugh. Anyway! Wifi at my house, but no lap top :( Using my phone for the mobile site is more of a pain in the ass than fun. So bare with me, for anyone who may give a damn :D

    • gigglesgigglesgiggles

      5 years ago


      SQUEEE! smiley12.gif

      Imma so happy! I took the plunge and made one more step to homing mah skillZ. Sooo, I really really really really REALLY really wanna be a lead game designer at some point in my lovely little life. But I haven't drawn in ages, and been pretty timid to pick up a pencil and try again. Well, this pussy grew some balls and purchased a VERY nice set of sketching pencils, both black/charcoal and colored, a big sketch pad, and an artists' mannequin. I am looking forward to having some downtime soon where I can hopefully start drawing again.

      I will totally blow at first, but I have faith I will find my niche in this all, and get back to where I need to be! Perhaps I will post evidence of my becoming as I create :)

    • Prayers for my Princess <3

      5 years ago


      I have the most precious kitty cat in all of the world, Shibby. smiley12.gif

      She has been my little sidekick for 9 years! I could never forget the day I met that little ball of fur and wonder. She was born an outside cat to a mother residing further down the road I grew on. Her momma cat was a barn dweller, almost feral and not much for people. As her kittens got slightly older they started to wander off, and one of the neighbors tried to round them up to give them away. Well, to my luck and what would later become one of the greatest blessings ever, they ONLY kitten to get away would become mine. <3

      No one was able to catch her. She ran from everyone, anyone who tried. However, one day while I was outside with another cat I had at the time, Nikki, I saw the little black angel slinking across my backyard. I called her over, stuck my hand out and she instantly came running, loving up on me and accepting my return of affection. That moment will forever go down in history. <3

      Forward to present day, this is an animal that I have grown so attached to, and her to me. I am one of those firm believers that you can love your pet like family. To those nay-sayers, I feel sorry for you, and your opinions will never matter to me. Shibby has been through everything with me. I don't need to lay my life story out in front of everyone on display like some sappy "rags to riches" made for TV movie. I believe my personal struggles that I have endured in life are just that - personal. However, I will detail that I have lived in horrible conditions, have faced rather dire circumstances and have fought back against pretty complex odds. She has been there right with me. I feel like I could owe her my heart & soul, my life. All we have wanted is happiness, a comfortable home and a nice existence. While I am struggling still to get on my feet and keep a stable roof to our name, there has risen yet another obstacle.

      Scheduling a, what I assumed, simple vet appointment (a "drop off" one due to their insanely booked up clinic), I had taken her there as planned this past Monday. After awaiting over 7 hours without so much as a phone call from the vet, I decided to head down there and check in. It was then I was informed she has a pretty severe infection in her left ear and a bad congestion in her chest. They are keeping her until Wednesday, maybe Thursday or beyond. She is currently getting antibiotics that are injected, as well as breathing treatments. They told me she still refuses to eat for them, but that isn't uncommon for the first day of getting medicine and not feeling well. but should that refusal persist, they will have to take further measures.

      There is no telling when my princess will be able to come home. She has shown no improvement yet, but it has only been a day of treatment. The vet's clinic assured me they are optimistic she will progress, it is a matter of waiting and watching to see if they can effectively treat, and cure, whatever virus or bacteria has started to attack her little body.

      I don't care that she is only a cat, and some could argue "just get another." Fuck that. And fuck you, too. To me, this is no different than telling a grieving mother just to "have another" upon the death of her child.

      I am missing her like mad. It's not the same without her right at my heels everywhere I walk when I home, right on my lap whenever I sit down, or curled right up next to me when I go to sleep at night. I hope somewhere, somehow she understands that I didn't abandon her with all those strange people and unfamiliar animals, sounds and environments, and that I will be right there ready to take her home as soon as she is all better. <3

    • "The Window."

      5 years ago


      Hmm.. stumbled upon something written ages ago, that I had uploaded on my FB account, and forgotten about! I certainly am thankful my writing skills have improved since this moment, but I still am proud of this piece. I lack the descriptive imagery that would be highly important to the meaning behind this poem, but I refuse to rewrite it. What is done is done. And I am happy with it.

      "*There's a secret window, Where the wind howls, The dead trees tap, And the cold breeze is let through.
      *The air was thick, The color was dark, And all the emptiness of the world was there.
      *It was never open, Although I was hoping, I could take a peek inside.

      -I swear I seen what I saw with my eyes, -The face of Death, He caught my breath, -Took my soul by surprise.

      *There's a secret window, Where no one knows, No one goes, and God herself would be afraid to enter.
      *The fog rolled in, The smell was strong, And all the pain grew even greater.
      *It wasn't mean to open, Until Hell had frozen, And all could die inside.

      -Flesh from flesh with dirt and dust, A zombie I'd become, -I wore the face of Death, A hole from my chest, -To be made deaf and dumb.

      *There's a secret window, Where the static gets loud, The people are numb to the sound, And where the Devil decides.
      *The Heavens are lost, Their stories we forgot, And all of our dead will rise.
      *It's was never to be open, I had just been hoping, That it would have been different inside.


    • Just moi <3

      5 years ago


      I have loved being a part of such a creative and expressive website, although it has only been for a short while now. It has somehow filled such a void I had experienced by not having numerous peers to connect with that share the same passion and interests as I do. I'm not going to place myself on a pedestal and talk as if I am some great, undiscovered prodigy that has difficulty connecting with the outsiders.Nah. In fact I am rather normal, simple. I am a young woman struggling to find her path. I have a voice. I have big dreams and wondrous goals that I salivate to achieve - as most do.

      My day to day life has me craving something bigger than myself. I want something more for who I am. I am wasted potential walking into the door of my employment, clocking in under a number, and standing behind a desk. This pretty face isn't meant for customer service and sales. I don't belong in this ugly green building, programming cell phones and discussing prepaid plan options with potential patrons. No. Surely I am meant for something beautiful. Creative. This imagination that shifts and roars inside this skull cannot die here. I need to find a way to express everything I have. I love singing. I adore writing. I can't get enough of drawing. Video games are my great escape.

      But it's not enough. It's... never enough.

      So, here I am even now, pretty face behind a plain desk. Surrounded by mobile devices and carpet that was picked out in horrible taste. Dreaming. I'm always a dreamer. I long to become someone who can take an idea and bring it to life for others to see, hear, experience. More than a book - you can only read the character. More than a movie - you can only see the character. I want to BE the character. Video game. A virtual world, an entire society and inhabitants, made up from someone's mind and brought about in front of you for you to explore. To live. To become.

      I long to become a video game designer. Until then...
      It's scratching off pin cards for airtime and setting up data on a wireless network for rude, ungrateful and meaningless people.

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      Hello Blondy!
      Welcome to the community!

      any questions feel free to ask me smiley0.gif


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      Welcome to the community! smiley0.gif

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