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      10 years ago


      I got my hair trimmed today. Yay, an inch less of weight on my head. I re-started Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles as a different character (and right when I was at the final boss too). I didn't have enough power to finish off the final boss, so I started the game over so that I would actually know what to do now in certain places. My newer character (who is much more stronger) is in my gallery. Well, currently my display picture. Even though the game's for gamecube, it's still a pretty cool game. Besides those two things, I've also been filling out my entry forms for the county fair this year. The fair's not until October, but starting July 27th their going to start collecting the forms so that they have more time to prepare this year, as opposed to last year. You guys know my betta fish, Mushu (there's a picture of him in my gallery)...well, I'm happy because this is the longest time I recall ever having a fish this long (one month). But it's also been a while since I've tried having a fish again. When I was little I had betta fish, but they always died and ended up going down the 'water slide' ;-; Oh! I've also been hardcore playing Phantasy Star Online Episodes 1 & 2. My character's level 138, and my goal is to get her to level 140 before I try facing the final boss again. When I was level 136 I tried, and almost beat it, but didn't have enough items left to heal myself with. My character's an android, which has a downfall because androids can't learn magic. So that takes care of curing myself that way. The reason I run out of healing items is because you can only carry so much of them. I just realized something. Aside from not typing in paragraphs, I've noticed this is the first time I've ever talked so much about video games in a journal entry. Sorry if I'm boring you guys ^^; I tend to have tangents at times. It sucks that the groups are currently down, as the rest of you are probably thinking. With the groups being down and all it made me realize that role playing is like 1/4 of the things I do here on RvB. I'll admit, I hated the idea of having groups when they first came out, but now I like it. So thank you RvB, and you better not get rid of them. No threat, right? lol.

      ~ Joy

      P.s: It bugs me because I forgot to capitalize the 'b' in my username >_<

    • Absence

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      Here you can post letting us know if you're going to be gone. Please also state how long, if possible.

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    • Sample Posts

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      If you are a new member, we kindly ask you to post a sample post of the material you know so that we can get an idea of what your role playing level is.

      genxas's sample post:

      Alexander had left his house to catch his flight before any of his family was up. No good byes. Nothing. Nor did they know about it. He'd call them if his cell phone would work up there or as soon as he could find a phone where he could call long distance from. He felt bad about it and even felt guilty as he watched the sites of Russia fly by him from the back seat of a cab. He almost had to of walked but thank fully he remembered a little Russian from when he took it in school. Also he had some help from a nice lady who spoke English.

      It was so nice to be out of California and out of the United States. He going to new places and here he was. On his way to a new place to perform at a Carnival. He only brought one guitar with him. His Epiphone that his family had bought him a few years back. It was all black except for a white celtic cross on the pick guard. That was the only thing he had taken into the back seat of the Taxi with him besides the things in his pocket.

      Up ahead was what Alex hoped was his new place of residence, "Perestan!" It might be rude just to yell stop but thats was all he could think of. The driver coasted up to the curb just as another cab pulled away. Quickly he grabbed his guitar and went to the trunk where the driver had already popped the trunk. Grabbing the contents he threw them out onto the curb. Just two duffel bags and a messenger bag full of clothes. Alex went to the driver and asked what he owed him; paying his just that. "Spasiba," He waved and walked back to his things.

      Putting everything on his back and his baby in his hands he turned towards the mansion. It was even 'sweeter' then he expected it to be. He had a mistake of wearing his sweat shirt though. His skin was already sheaning with sweat. He'd just change into something cooler once he was inside. He noticed that there was two others. One going inside and the other yelling at the cab driver. He smirked and shook his head at the one yelling. Alex walked by him and made his way towards the hopefully cooler house.

      rusty1991's sample post:

      It was a frosty morning, in a small city near the english/scottish border, the winter had come early this year, but many people did not notice, since they were buisy with there normal day lives. A young man who was a forigner to this land was walking down the deserted streets. His worn blue jeens did little to keep him warm, but he wore them none the less, his grey hand mad sweater, kept him a bit warmer then his jees, the blue water proof gloves he wore seamed odd, since they were the only peice of clothing he wore that was actualy meant for winter use. the well worn boots looked like they have walked countless miles in there life time. As the young man drew to the next street intersection, he drew a Silver pocketwatch out of his jeen pocket, he looked at the time, " Well the sun will rise in about an hour, i guess i better find a place to stay" he thought to himself. As he aprotched the door to an inn, he stoped and started at it, he rememberd this inn from a picture of his parents,"How long has it been since i last saw them4, 5 years?" he thought. The young mam tried to open the dorr to the inn, even though he knew that the door would be locked, since it was far to early for the inn to open up, with a shocked look, the young man open the door to the inn, as he entered he herd a voice " so are ye looking for a room, i dont get many visiters, so I have plenty of room available." the you ng man looked around for a bit then he say the old man behind the counter, as he walked over to the counter he asked" so what is the amount per day to stay here?" the old man said with a smile, since you look like you dont have any money and i am in need of some help, ill let you stay here as long as you work, by the way what is your name young man?" Then the young man replied, "my name is Ethren, and i have a fare amount of money, but if you are looking for work at a night shift ill help you out." The old man smiled " I see i may have made a mistake, but at least you are willing to help, you look familier, have you been here before?" he asked. Ethren said " well many years ago i had come here with my parents, but that was at least 20 years ago."

      woodchunkz's sample post:

      After what felt like days truding the old dirt road, I see something. A child playing by the side of the road. Brushing the hair from my eyes I speak:* Hey, you. Where's the closest dwelling?
      (I figure I may aswell do an example of using multiple characters aswell.)
      The child: What?
      Me: Where do you come from?

      Wikia's sample post:

      Nelson stopped in front of a large machine. It looked really complex and intricate...a masterpiece of Lumarian engineering if you will. He had Izzi get schematics then proceeded to plant a demolition charge on the machine and cloaked as he and the rest of his squad walked out of the room. When he got out he noticed several Lumarian soldiers standing outside looking for potential threats and, just for kicks, decided to mess with them.

      "Looking for me?" He said as he deactivated his cloaking field.

      They all turned and raised their weapons.

      "Hold it! Drop your weapons or we will shoot!" The leader of the small group said.

      Nelson didn't comply but sheathed his lightsabers only to activate the sabers inside of his arms just as the charge went off behind him. The explosion was spectacular sending debris everywhere with a wonderful fireball right behind the former pirate. Seconds after his squad also uncloaked weapons raised while Nelson jumped forward 15 feet to the lead man and proceeded to plant his palm and a blade into the man's heart while shooting the man next to him in the face.

      "One reactor down, three to go. Let's go get to 64."

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    • Introduce Yourself

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      This thread is where the new members of the group come and introduce themselves to those of us that have already been here. Welcome!

      About Me:

      I am blue_17 and I've been role playing for six years. My favorite color's blue, and my favorite animal's a horse. I'm a huge Ichigo and Orihime fan...obviously. And I love to roleplay...another obvious thing. I have around 40 something roleplaying characters, and almost all of them have a pic, and a name. I just have to work on their information about their past, and stuff like that. I can pretty much reason with any kind of roleplay, except I'm not a big fan of gay, bi, or lesbian roleplays. No offense people, I just don't roll that way. I play both males and females, I even play horses and other animals. Haven't tried things yet though o.o; I've been wanting to do a pokemon roleplay lately, but I dunno if anyone would be up for that. And I didn't start one because no one seems to even be here anymore except for a few.

      Well, that's a little about me in a nutshell. Oh! And my top two favorite animes are Bleach and Full Metal Alchemist. Can't wait for the second season of FMA to come out! *grins*

      If whoever I'm RPing with and I decide to do a RP from an anime, I will play characters from that anime, or I will just throw in one of my made-ups to fit into the RP. I will do romance RPs but only so far, and I have a policy on that... which I will state when the time comes. I'm sick of all the human/vampire, vampire/werewolf, and human/demon stuff unless it's played out really well and catches my interest. Some RPs that really interest me are - well, I've been wanting to do a Pokemon RP for a while, and I'm always up for RPing as horses. Horses?! Yes, they're my favorite animal. Why not?

      I too used to go on Gaia but then I stopped because I got bored of the site. I was only dedicated to the place for not even a year, and then it was just kinda blah. The RPing site I used to go to, and would still be loyal to had they not got rid of it, was Cascade Mountains. That's where I first started RPing, and it's where all of my characters' information is that I can't get anymore ._. And due to the fact that I never got the chance to play them all, I cut the amount of RPing characters I play as from 65 to around 40. It cuts me a lot of slack! The races of the characters I currently play are the follow, I'll try and list out how many I play of each by memory:

      Elves - 1
      Red Elks - 1 [is my elf's pet]
      Falcons - 4 [one is one of my angel's pets, and her pet had babies ^.^]
      Humans - 5
      Horses - A FREAKIN' LOT O_O
      Wolves - 3
      Demons - A FREAKIN' LOT O_O
      Angels - 6
      Centaurs - 1
      Werewolves - 2

      About rusty1991:

      I ama huge anime fan, I am always looking for new show and am always watching anime in my free time.( Trying to break my WoW addiction.)My favorite color is yellow, and i have only recently started to get into RP, i am hopeing that doing RP will help revive my imagination, that was killed by playing to many video games. I am currently trying to break from haveing only human Rp charecters, and i dont have a real preference on RP yet, as long as i can have fun doing it.

      About genxas:

      I am Katie. XD
      I have been role playing since I was like eight but found Gaia when it was still It was 2003 at the time.
      I'm addicted to WoW and collect BJD's. XD

      About Wikia:

      The name's Wikia or Ed. I don't care which you use.
      I've stuck mostly to the Space Battles RP but have been a rather big role player outside of RT for about three years.
      Classic rock and movie soundtracks are amazing and Wikia is ready to go! (Insert over the top anime pose and big smirk on my face here)

      About Biolith:

      Hello. My name is Biolith, and I ahve a problem. >>;;

      Okay, maybe not too much of a problem, but something that's time-consuming and fun, nonetheless.

      I've been RP-ing for a bit longer than ten years, since one of my friends' older brothers got D&D. Got into it, and never looked back.

      So, if you've paid enough attention to the way I write/what I pay attention to/my Group affiliations, you'd probably notice that I'm a fur. Good thing for you that I tend to not use anthropomorphic characters for RPs unless I decide that I want to. At any rate, I do watch anime. Used to love Bleach back before Cartoon Network got a hold of it, and I've kind of shied away from it since the series stretched beyond the Soul Society arc. It's starting to drag on like DBZ.

      Regardless. I'm a writer, as well, though I tend to stick to reading WH40K novels. Or, at least, I have recently.

      I've stuck with the same RP character for a while, though I do do different versions of him. I'm interested in spanning my horizons out a bit, so I've decided to come here. Might do the Pokemon RP, but I'm not entirely sure about it. I could probably be coerced into it.

      I've played several different types of characters, though, and they all tend to have the same thing. I'll just list them here, as I remember them.

      2 werewolves
      1 wolf
      1 psyker-Inquisitor
      2 daemons

      And some other ones I can't remember.

      Oh, something I just noticed/remembered. I tend to switch between using European/Canadian rules for English grammar and spelling and the American grammar and spelling, so if I start using armour and colour, forgive me. It's me translating directly from my mind onto the keyboard.

      I think that's about it for now, actually. So, off I go to see what else I can do here...

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      Would you guys be upset if I moved all of this to a new is kinda of odd not having admin powers. And when I deleted my old account I obviously wasn't thinking straight >_<;

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