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    • Archeage

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      Okay so Archeage recently came out and I noticed that no one has made a forum post on it. Is anyone playing it? Cause I am and am enjoying it,
      the game is FTP so I recommend anyone interested in a pvp centric sandbox mmo give it a try. Though there are limitations to the FTP aspect of the game. Such as the inability to own land though there are public farms, and only getting labour when you are online and less then a patron(subscriber)

      Labour is used to identify items plant and harvest crops, craft, and a few other things so its pretty important. Also crafting in this game is pretty important because you can craft the best gear in the game instead of having to find gear just from loot.

      Anyway just thought I would post this to see if anyone else is already playing and try to get other people interested.

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    • SLI laptop

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      Hi does anyone know how to check if my laptop has SLI? I know i have two graphics cards but i don't have the SLI enable option in my nividia control panel.

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    • X Rebirth :(

      5 years ago


      I'm very sad how many bugs X rebirth has, why is it that all the good space games that come out have so many bugs nowadays. At least it not as bad as sword of the star 2 was and there already fixing the bus. :(

    • X Rebirth

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      So is anyone excited about X rebirth coming out in two days?

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    • Great Space Novels to read.

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      Hi i was wondering if anyone had some good suggestions on books that take place in space? I read some books with interplanetary settings instead of interstellar and those seem really interesting, like leviathan wakes by James s. a. Corey. I also just like more space opera books to. I'm currently reading the Spinward Fringe series and would recommend that to others who like space novels.

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    • Should I buy a xbox360 again?

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      My Xbox just got red ringed recently(a few months after my warranty expired) and I'm wondering should I buy a new one. I want to play Halo 4 but at the same time I'm not sure if it is worth it to buy a new Xbox now since the next generation consoles might be coming out soon. So I'm wondering should I buy a new Xbox 360 now or should I wait till later to buy a console?

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      Welcome to the site! smiley0.gif If you ever need any help, just send me a friend request and message and I will help you whenever you need it! smiley13.gif

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