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    • 6 years ago


      Wow, just look at how far this site has come along!! I invite you all to reconnect if you haven't already! :)

    • I'm still alive

      12 years ago


      all of those who have been worried about me, (all one of you), I'm spending more time over at, hit me up over there.

    • Surgery BOOKED!

      12 years ago


      About god damned time! Took two weeks of chasing the secretary and an extra phone call to my medical insurance company...

      27th of December, 9am GMT.

      Oh my fucking god, I'm so excited!

      1 year, 8 months, 13 days, 12 hours and 33 minutes ago was the last time I was able to walk without pain.

      Best wishes to all from one very happy Blue.

    • YAY!

      12 years ago


      So Sunday is usually my paper work day, I pretty much can't be bothered to look at my banks statements etc until the end of the week as I know what's in all of my account at any given time in the month...

      So this morning I got a moving on sorting out the 20 odd items of post from the last week... I get to one which has my solicitors stamp, this gets me thinking.... "have I forgotten to send him something?", "was I meant to goto a meeting with him that I forgot?"... So I open it and find a cheque stapled to the front letter...

      I've been given an interim payment for damages to my bike!! It may only be £1292.50 (2,468.11 USD) but hell, I've almost forgotten how long it's been since my crash!

      Now, which loan do I start to pay off first? >_<

      In other Crash related news, I'm getting booked in for day surgery sometime mid-december to get 4 screws removed from my leg! The titanium nail is going to stay in my leg as it would be a lengthy operation and alot more pain when I come out of hospital. Finally I may be able to go up and down stairs without pain, run without sharp stabbing like pains, and maybe even go back to the gym...

    • Just a quick update

      12 years ago


      I've been talking with my solicitor alot over the last few days and he requested that I put together a list of what everything has cost me. Have a look below, even I am a little shocked!!

      £2600 Bike
      £160 Helmet
      £120 Jacket
      £80 Trousers
      £110 Misc clothes (work shirt, work trousers and jumper...)
      £160 Bike boots
      £5040 6 weeks loss of earnings.
      £1250 Insurance cost.
      £1680 Cost of care full time after hospital.
      £840 Cost of care half time after hospital.
      £8000 ish plus injuries
      £20040. so divided by two as it is a 50/50 claim, it currently stands at

      £10020 So after my last bit of surgury and a futher loss of earnings, it will stand around the £14,000 mark.

      A message to all who ride bikes or are thinking about getting one.

      Take Care.

    • WOOP!!! 50/50 CLAIM!!!!!! MONEY!!££££££

      12 years ago


      As lots of you recall I had a VERY near brush with death last year on March 3rd, and is detailed on a previous journal.

      This Journal is in regards to that. As you may have guessed by the Title, The other party involved has agreed to a 50/50 fault acceptance!

      What This Means To ME. This means that I will be able to recieve up to 50% of the final claim for compensation. This is currently estimated to be up to £15k. YAY!

    • Catchphrase (a crazy british thing)

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      Now some of you UK folk may remember that great show catchphrase where the contestants win money for guessing what the on screen character is trying to represent..

      Think charades but on the tele.

      Now something like this was going to happen at some point on this show, but who knew it was going to be so funny!


      I'd so love to see this show make a comeback!

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    • Domain Knights - THE Hacking RPG

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      I've been playing Domain Knights for about a year now, and still cannot get enough of it.

      the idea behind it is, you're a hacker, you are given a "cyberdeck" and set free onto the net to do what ever you please. wether it be research your own Uber hacking programs or just use the store bought ones and create havoc amongst the ranks.

      There is currently about 120 players worldwide hacking each other and kills are usually posted on the sites forum daily. I seriously encourage you to play this game. It is entirely played from within your browser window and is free. No downloading required!

      so give it a go over at Domain Knights -

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    • MSN 7.5 Beta for those interested.

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      For all you guys who want to be on the cutting edge of technology. Microsoft have uploaded their MSN 7.5 beta. although not linked from the main msn page. the english version is available Here

      Dutch is Here

      Spanish Here

      and German Here

      enjoy the moving backgrounds! (the fish one is the best)

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    • Homebrew Petition To Sony

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      guys I'd like to draw your attention to the petition here which is basically asking sony to stop it's forced network update.

      776 signatures already. we need to get it up to the 10,000 mark to be significant, tell your friends, grandparents, local constabularys.... everyone. help the world of free information.

      many thanks,


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