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    • Screw you guys, I'm goin' home.

      11 years ago


      Some of you have probably noticed that everything from my account is gone. There is a good reason for that. Why? Because I am deleting my account. I was going to wait until my sponsorship is up but I don't really know what the point of having this account is anyway if I don't use it. That said, the account will be deleted in the very near future. Like sometime next week.

      This isn't a direct attack on anyone that was on my friends list -in fact if you were on my friends list and still want to keep in touch my GT on XBL is bob902004 send a FR or messege me on here and I will send you my Windows Live IM-thingy address- or geared toward anyone in particular but people on this site suck ass. Most are a) perves, b) way to drama filled for my liking...this isn't high school you know, don't bring your shit on here, c) extremely gullible and...well, I won't go anymore into it. This site has been going down hill for the last year. Anyway, later peeps.

    • Power supply problems?

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      I just had one of the wierdest things ever happen and now I want some answers. When I booted my computer up just now the power supply fan was making a really wierd, and kind of annoying, noise. I was curious so I stuck my hand behind the fan exhaust and there was hardly any air coming out. So, I took my computer apart and watch the fan for a sec and it would spin fast then it would slow down to almost a stop and repeat the process. I shut down the computer, blew in the fan a few times, some dust bunnies flew out, and put it back together booted up again and it is fine now. There air is moving just fine. My question is, to anyone that might know something about power supplies is, do you think the power supply will die soon? Was it just maybe because the dust was slowing it down or stopping it?

      Anyway, it is only a 350 Watt power supply...if it dies I will probably get a 400 or 500 watt one.

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    • What constitutes a "waste of time?"

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      If you spend an entire day doing nothing but playing games why does society, in general, look down on you and call it a "waste of a day?" If another person sits all day and watches movies then they are not "wasting their day" they are simply "having a good time." How is not doing anything except watching other people do things you only wish you could do not wasting your day? At least with games you are doing something and you have a since of accomplishment.

      I don't notice this as much now, but when I was a kid I would always be afraid when someone would ask what did you do this weekend? Because chances are if I didn't have anyone to go hang out with then it was game time for me. Now that I am older I still don't really like to watch movies. It seems to be a "waste of time" to me. I would much rather be doing something even if it is only moving my thumbs, but at least i'm actually playing the movie rather than watching something that has been acted out. Anyway, tell me what you gues think.

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    • Help with the map system in Marrowind

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      I just got Elder scrolls III: Marrowind not too long ago and for some reason on my xbox the map is not working. If I take the game over to other xbox's it will work fine. My just won't display it. Anyone got anything that might help me?

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    • Northstar

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      I was doing a search and there is no threads about this band. I realize that Northstar is kinda oldish. But their music is awesome! Was then still is now. The songs "The Pornographers Daughter" and "Broken Parachute" are amazing. They have good music and good lyrics. They weren't very big but if you have ever heard of them let's discuss...

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    • I'm looking for a Strongbad cartoon

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      There is one Strongbad cartoon, i believe it came out over a year ago, where he is dressed up like the anime guy and he says something like "ow, my eye...that's eye." Does anyone know what this one is called? I have looked two days for the stupid thing.

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