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      Hello Everyone, and welcome to the Volume 6 Discussion page. Before we get into theorizing and discussing the show, allow me to lay down some ground rules

      Think before you speak:

      I'm not some Nazi who censors what people say, but please. Think about who you are talking to so we don't have petty arguments.

      Lurking is okay

      I do my fair share of lurking in forums. To me, it just shows that you are good at paying attention. So don't be afraid to be a lurker 

      Don't be "that guy"

      do I really need to go into detail? We are to discuss, and theorize, not trigger each other. So, please. Save the drama for your mama (not that she'd listen either....)

      With Volume 5 coming to a close, and RTX Sydney on the horizon, I am excited to see what will happen next. With that said, LETS GET TO WORK PEOPLE!!!!

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    • Red vs. Blue Season 15 waiting and in depth discussion thread

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      Hello everyone! Welcome to the party! This is a thread for theories, discussion, and general nerding out over our great show. I just have some basic rules

      1. No spam. Nobody likes to read 50 shades of grey on an RvB forum, so don't do it.

      2. Respect. I don't like filling out hurt feelings reports, so follow the golden rule. Well all get Along fine

      3. Lurk. If we are in a heated debate, and you want to join, read a few posts, and find out what the discussion is.

      4.NO WARS! On the rwby forum, there were... personality conflicts.... I don't care if you are red, blue, pink, green, caboose, UNSC, Project Freelancer, or Charon Industries (please tell me I didn't butcher that) No Fighting or ye shall be muted!

      I hope you all have a blast, and LETS DO THIS PEOPLE!!!!!!!!

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