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    • omfg its been so long xD

      9 years ago



    • I'm Back

      11 years ago


      Ok people i'm back lost internet for a bit but i'm back

    • go to chruch

      12 years ago


      [Snoop Dogg]
      Nigga you need to stop snitchin!
      All that yip-yappin and jaw-jackin
      Nigga if you scared, go to church
      You knew the job was dangerous when you took it

      Whattup it's the big boss Dogg
      Snoop D-O-double-G, Eastside L.B.C.
      And I'm bobbin to the beat of my O.G.
      homeboy Ice Cube
      And I'm C-walkin on the motherfuckin concrete

      [Intro: Ice Cube]
      Yo if you're fucked up, put your cups up
      Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg, nigga what's up
      See he's a gangster, I'm a hustler
      Yo it's either thank ya, or it's fuck ya

      [Ice Cube + (Lil Jon)]
      I'm down with Lil Jon ain't got to pretend
      "Crunk Juice" nigga run the club that you in
      You scary motherfuckers don't wanna bring
      the ruckus (NAH!)
      You just spend all your time in the club
      tryin to duck us (WHAT?)
      And if you walk by nigga, I'ma knock fire nigga
      from yo' ass, you can come try nigga (HEY!)
      In the hood, all the way down South (YEAH!)
      I ain't Mike Jones,
      keep my name out'cha mouth bitch (Mike Jones)
      We can get it crackin if it get to clickin clackin
      Look at Mr. Jackson, nigga with no reaction
      If you scared, go to church,
      we gon' hit you where it hurts
      That don't work, we'll put you in the dirt
      Cause a whole lot of rappers
      make a whole lot of noise (hey)
      Lyrics full of steroids, niggaz paranoid (hey)
      And when you get that blowup,
      it make you throw up
      When you realize your favorite rapper
      ain't got no nuts

      [Chorus 2X: Ice Cube + (Lil Jon)]
      If you a scared motherfucker go to church
      (GO TO CHURCH)
      If you a gutter motherfucker do your dirt
      (A DO YOUR DIRT)
      If you a down motherfucker put in work
      (A PUT IN WORK)
      IF you a crazy motherfucker go berzerk
      (A GO BERZERK!)

      [Snoop Dogg]
      Click clackin, pistol-packin, Crip raggin folio
      Who the only nigga in the club with the toolio
      You ain't know? Yeah you did; there it was,
      there it is
      "Is that Coolio?" Naw bitch, let me in
      Jibba-jabba snatcher get at ya,
      spit at actors & rappers
      Hang out with kidnappers and jackers
      Make money off crackers
      can you imagine how I keep shit crackin?
      It's the big boss Dogg I'm back in action and smashin
      I flash with the bling I sur-pass the supreme
      You don't really wanna have a clash with my team
      I mix hash with the green I'm the, last of the kings
      If I got a bitch with me she got ass in them jeans
      Rollin through yo' neighborhood, my Cadillac so clean
      Servin all you suckers cause you all dopefiends
      Just like that dopeman, nigga what's up?
      You run up with that bullshit I'll fuck yo' ass up


      [Lil Jon: repeat 2X]
      You scared, you scared
      You scared motherfucker you scared
      You scared (you scared) you scared (you scared)
      You scared motherfucker you scared (you scared)


      [Ice Cube + (Lil Jon)]
      It goes one for the money (HEY) two for the show (YEAH)
      Three for the pussy, fo' for the glow (HEY)
      Five for the rookies, six for the pros (NAH)
      Seven for the numbers of them fuckin zeroes (WHAT?)
      Eight for haters, nine for the cause
      Ten for my niggaz, behind big bars (HEY)
      Fuck these devils, and they laws (YEAH!)
      Never question the size of Ice Cube's balls

    • my trun nigga

      12 years ago


      Uhh.. psssh.. it's my turn, y'knahmean?
      Get this motherfuckin money y'know?
      Yeah I went double, y'know?
      Niggaz goin triple.. five.. ten platinum
      Can't do what I do
      This is my game, this is me..
      (Alucard) Y'know?

      Chorus: Me

      Yo it's my turn, I demand my respect
      Give me my burn, or get slammed in your neck
      cause it's my turn, I'ma reach to the top
      Gimme my burn, I'ma speak with the glock
      cause it's my turn, don't make me turn your wig
      Gimme my burn, don't make me burn yo' crib
      I'ma rhyme it right, and keep the ghetto in a trance
      But when the time is right, me and the Devil gon' dance

      Fuck you and yours; make way - I'm comin through the door
      And screw the law - breakin the rules ain't nothin new at all
      I'm true to all the shit that I done, check the clip in my gun
      Respect the click that I'm from, or get lifted and stunned
      Dunn, you just a small fry, fuckin with the fall guy
      Alcuard, The Honorable, all rise
      Sky's the limit, nuttin less if my guys is in it
      For the right price, even Christ could get it
      Fast life we live it - all my memories are vivid
      I remember only minutes
      that's how I mentally get rid of all the enemies
      The spirits that definitely mimic my every melody
      and lyric which so heavenly rhythmic
      In magic do I build, but math do be equally compatible
      And secretively battle you to reach my peak in equilateral
      I'm from the streets deep in the bottom yo ain't no Mario Brothers
      Official B-street niggaz, quick to body yo' mother (ouch)


      Jesus H. Christ, how many times I gotta pay the price?
      You scared to death I'll make you twice as afraid of life
      I bring sight to the game for every night you complained
      you couldn't see the light - I was bright in your brain
      Ignitin the flame, keepin your third lid
      Speak and observe with the mind
      what are blind sleep til they worth shit
      I'm earth wind and fire, the first one to fire
      Reppin Dub-unot since birth til I retire
      I wire your jaw, wire the walls with plastique explosives
      and riot the halls at the malls where all the crackers ? live
      Keep flappin yo' gibs and I'ma come back with those kids
      from the back of the bridge
      I think two and touch means tackle the bitch
      I rap for the chips, but I'm truly assassin
      158, six feet tall, brutally handsome
      That's the pro - got beef withAlucard, you gots to go
      Mafia style - tear you a new ass-a-hole
      Flash your dough, but you too cool for the captain
      cause I don't give a fuck if I was quadruply platinum
      And to the jenny, very funny, get your nut off
      Cause in real life, you don't know
      I'll blow your motherfuckin head off (ooh yeah)

      That's my motherfuckin word, you understand?
      Thought we was a fuckin joke?Shit
      Dub-Unot nigga, you don't know me
      You don't know my name, don't say it, you understand?
      Told you before I ain't no motherfuckin rapper understand?
      Shit, I don't make no songs about rappers I don't like
      If I'ma make a song,
      it's gon' be how I beat yo' motherfuckin ass understand?
      That'll be the name of the motherfucker
      "That's Why I Had to Beat Your Motherfuckin Ass"
      featuring other one

    • Da jacks

      12 years ago


      There is a new gang at school. Da jacks i'm da co-founder and co-own. you people think i should leave them?

    • I'm leaving

      12 years ago


      Buy homies i'm leaving see cya when i get back

    • jk

      12 years ago


      <a href="" target="_blank">
      <img src=""></a>

    • Diss 1

      12 years ago



      Real muthaphuckkin g's...
      Real muthaphuckkin g's...
      Real muthaphuckkin g's...

      Verse one

      Hey yo matsen, here's another proper crack
      And it's phat, watch the sniper, time to pay the piper
      And let that real shit provoke, so you's a wanna be 'loc
      And you'll get smoked and i hope that yer fans understand
      When ya talk about playin me, the same records that ya
      Makin' is payin me
      Motherfuck matsen
      Motherfuck Katie W.
      Motherfuck Wishkah
      Yo, and here comes me left blow
      'cuz i'm the a-l-u-c-a-r-d, and this is the season
      To let the real motherfuckin g's in, ya like a kid ya
      Found a pup and now yer dapper, but tell me where the
      Fuck ya found ya found an anorexic rapper
      Talkin 'bout who ya go squabble with and who ya shoot
      You're only 60 pounds when yer wet and wearin boots
      Damn alucard, they tried to fade you on matsen
      But matsen day only met Los gangast's pay day
      All of a sudden matsen is a g thang, but on his
      Old album cover he was a she thang
      So nigga please, nigga please don't step to deez
      Motherfuckin' real g's

      Yo matsen, what's up? *bang*
      Yo matsen, what's up? *bang*

      Blood hound before he died
      Now take it to the rapper, claimin to be dapper then
      The matsen, smoother then a bitch but matsen's a rollin
      Gangster, ain't broke a law in yer life, yet every time you rap
      You yap about the guns and knifes, just take a good look
      And the nigga, and you'll capture the fact, that the bastard is
      Simply just an actor, who mastered the bang and the slang
      And the mental, of niggaz in b street, wishkah, and Auther street
      Never ever once have you ran with the turf, yet in every verse you
      Claim you used to do the dirt, but tell me who's a witness
      To your fuckin work, so ya never had no buiness, so
      Save the drama jerk, niggaz straight kill me
      Knowin that they pranksters, this is going out to
      You studio gangsters,see i did dirt, i did work, so
      Many niggaz can vouch that, so since i got stripes
      I got the right to rap about that, but niggaz like you
      I gotta hate ya, i'm tired of suburbian niggaz talkin about
      They comin from projects
      Knowin ya ain't seen the parts of the streets g
      Think ya tryin bang around the time of the peace treaty
      Wearin khackis and ya mob while ya ryhme, little fag
      Tried to sag, but he's gettin flooded at the same time,
      And ya set don't accecpt ya, so ya scared to kick it with yer homies
      'cuz ya know they don't respect ya, so nigga please check
      Nuts before ya step to deez, motherfuckin real g's

      Verse three

      Blood Recon
      Well, it the knocc out, definition orginal baby gangster
      Approach me like you hard, motherfucker i'mma bank ya
      Shank ya, with my fuckin shank, if i havta
      matsen an Katie W.are fuckin actors
      Pranksters, studio gangsters, busters
      But this time yer dealin with some real motherfuckers
      G's, nigga please, don't try to step
      Because if ya do, and i pill cap is all that would be left
      See, young niggaz like me, will break ya off somthin,
      Claimin my city, but matsen you ain't from b street
      Niggaz like ya'll is what i call wanna be's it aint shit compared
      To real motherfuckin' g's

      Funky is this track...
      Yo matsen, what's up? *bang*
      Yo matsen, what's up? *bang*

      I never met an og who never did shit wrong
      Ya tried to dis the Alucard so now nigga it's on you
      And ya doggy dogg, think yer all honk and shit
      Both of you bitches, can come and suck my doggy's dick
      Beatin a bitch don't make ya shit, but then agian some niggaz
      Think it makes a man, damn it's a trip
      How a nigga could switch so quick from wearin lipstick
      To smokin on chronic at picnics, and now ya think yer bigger
      But to me you ain't nothin but a bitch ass nigga
      Who ain't worth a food stamp, but at
      Katie's house, i hear yer gettin treated like boot camp
      Gotta follow yer seargents directions, or get yer ass
      Pumped with a smith and wesson, learn a lesson from the e
      Stay in your place and don't step to real motherfuckin g's

      Yo matsen, what's up? *bang*
      Boy ya should have known by now..
      Yo matsen (what's up?) *bang*
      Boy ya should have known by now...
      Yo matsen (what's up?) *bang*
      Boy ya should have known by now, Alucard duz it

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