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    • 4 years ago


      Shit. Missed my 2 year anniversary innit.

      *Elcor impression*

      "Dispirited Wooo"

    • Moving: Part 5

      4 years ago


      Went on holiday, came back, I've got dampness in my walls, walls, walls, walls (Vic and Bob reference).

      Fucking magic, as if it's not bad enough I live in a block of flats with a bunch of cunts, have security doors that offer no security since they're always open, have an intercom system for letting people in that doesn't actually let people in, have no thermostat or idea how to work the radiators, and have a boiler from 1974 I now have damp.

      Fucking damp. The one thing my flat had going for it was that it's fucking hot, how do I get damp when it's as hot and dry as Scarlett Johannson giving a talk about plumbing in the middle of a Venusian desert?

    • 4 years ago


      My heart is leaden with the news that Robin Williams has died. This should make you think, and try to understand how hard this world is to some people. You can't just struggle through and feign a smile forever, that man brought joy to millions and even with the best intentions it's likely no-one could truly have done the same for him. I hope for two things in the wake of this tragedy, firstly that he has found some peace, and secondly that society really makes a concerted effort to understand, research and beat depression.

      The world has lost the mould for people like Robin Williams, we won't get anyone like him ever again, he was a beautiful man and a superlative talent. If you're sad, you should be, don't let anyone tell you "but you never met him, you didn't know him". One of our brightest lights has gone out.

    • Holidayyyy... Celebraaaate...

      4 years ago


      I'm going on holiday later (see 4am)

      I'm going to try and enjoy it but no guarantees because I'm currently a bit mentally ill.

    • Holy fook

      4 years ago


      Guardians of the Galaxy is good. Really good, and really odd, it's so refreshing and unlike any other big budget film I've seen.

      See it asap. 10/10 would and will see again (because the premiere didn't have the after credits scene so I have no choice).

    • Moving: Part 4

      4 years ago


      Just got my fridge in the flat, it doesn't fit in the bit where it's supposed to. There's a switch marked "FRIDGE" in red letters and everything, but it's 20mm too narrow for a fucking standard 600mm fridge.

      Currently want to curl up into a ball and die, these last few days have sucked all positivity from my life.

      On the upside, I'm going to the cinema tomorrow and then Cornwall on Tuesday so at least I won't be in Sheffield to get pissed off at everything here.

    • Moving: Part 3(?)

      5 years ago


      I feel a bit better about the whole situation now, stuff is getting done. I've been wallpapering in the living room, I have a kettle and I'm getting a nice, large fridge on Wednesday. I also have a carpet, nice, better than asbestos floor tiles.

      I also saw my next door neighbour to the left, he seems like a nice normal person which put me at ease no end. The flats I live on are 4 story and it goes like this as a rule:

      Top floor: Old biddies
      Second floor: Undesirables
      First floor (me): Who knows
      Ground floor: Families and weirdos who never go outside

      Now that I know at least 4 of the people on my landing are unlikely to murder me in my sleep I'm happy.

      The stairwell smells but it has been painted and cleaned this week, so that's good and the local constabulary are cracking down on the yoofs that blight the area, also good. Generally good vibes right now.

      I took my TV and Dreamcast across earlier, so I'm going to sit on my settee sweating my bollocks off with a horribly warm beverage tomorrow while I play Ferrari F355 Challenge and wait for the workmen to come and fix my plumbing.

      Also, not related but I'm going to see Guardians of the Galaxy on Thursday, woot woot!

      Au revoir.

    • 5 years ago


      My internet managed a magnificently awful 4Mb/s tonight - it took me 5 and a half hours to download Destiny.

      I have to go to bed now :(

    • Life update, subtitle "Misery always finds a way"

      5 years ago


      So things and that, you know you know.

      I got a flat, it's a bit shit but it's mine. I dislike almost everything about it but I'm scared to say that to anyone out loud. It's biggish, and if I had some blinds up I'd probably be happier, but it's fucking boiling, the boiler's from the seventies and hasn't been serviced for 20 years according to the sticker on it, the shower doesn't work, the floor's a state and there's a big exhaust pipe from the boiler jutting out in to the bathroom. The exhaust is some kind of pressure release thing I assume, since it's a coil/ water/ heat affair, it also happens to be in line with where my face would be were I to be having a shower when it went off.

      Face like a fucking sun dried tomato if that blows.

      There's a bit of skirting board missing and the only way to get to the flat is up a stairway where I've already seen one person selling weed and I've had the keys a week.

      I also can't afford fuck all, my local housing authority have a thing going where anyone renting a property gets a £150 B&Q card to spend on paint and wallpaper and all that jazz, the only stipulation is the property needs to have something wrong with it cosmetically, my place is an absolute shithole and I didn't get one. Great. Amazing. Fuck my life out.

      At the moment the only thing in my flat is a Dyson vacuum cleaner and a tub of Wilko own brand white gloss (needed because some fucktard painted the radiators and skirting board blue in the bedroom.)

      Things I can't afford currently are fridge, cooker, washing machine, microwave, kettle, toaster, settee, TV unit, bookcase, TV aerial installation, TV license, and broadband. Also rent, which is probably pretty important haha... I was supposed to be getting some setting up money from a relative but they've decided because everyone else is a wanker, I'm not deserving of help, which was great news as you can imagine.

      One glimmer of hope is that I may have got a job working part time at a snooker club/ pub. It'll do but I'll probably not be on a lot of money so I'm going to end up living in a shithole for at least 4 months, if not more. If I don't get the job, then it's the job centre and my already low mood will lose it's one handed grip on the unstable rock and finally fall all the way off the cliff face haha...

      I said to a friend one of three things was going to happen in this flat, I either move out, deal with it, or I'm found dead in the cubbyhole. The latter is winning right now.

      Also forgot to add, I'm supposed to be going on holiday in 14 days, which will cost me at least £100 (that's not including eating or drinking). Basically I'm fucked.

      Off to feel like shit now, maybe eat a quiche. Bonne nuit.

      This has been an unpaid broadcast on behalf of I'm a miserable cunt, help me enterprises

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      RT Employees Pulling Weird Faces Series?


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