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    • Well well well

      13 years ago


      Turns out there's a guy in our second level support group that has missed way more time than Robert, hasn't ever had a doctor's note and is still working for the company.


    • Anyone know anything about the ADA?

      13 years ago


      That's Americans with Disabilities Act, for you guys who don't know.

      My cubemate and friend got fired yesterday because he's missed too much time. He's got Chronic Idiopathic Pancreatitis, a chronic illness that basically means that your pancreas is digesting itself when every you eat (or something like that). It's incredibly painful and hard to control because the only medication for it is expensive as fuck enzymes. Robert was taking probably 20 pills a day (not counting pills for nausea and pain control) just so he could eat with out killing his pancreas. Getting the picture?

      He'd come to work sick as fuck. He had days where he'd spend half the day with his head in his trashcan between calls. I was the perfect cubemate for him because I am immune to barfing noises and totally understood that I didn't need to ask him how he was every time he made an 'oof' noise. We got along beautifully.

      The guy had balls. He was in pain every single day. He only missed work when he was too sick or too stoned on pain meds to drive- or in the hospital. He's come in late when he'd feel like he could drive in. He left the building twice by ambulance. If Robert could be at work, Robert was at work.

      The work he did? He was the best tech on the floor, no two ways about it. He could explain things so anyone could understand them, he wrote a couple of scripts that made our jobs a lot easier and he was outstanding on the phones.

      All he asked them to do was put him on a 10 hour shift working 4 days a week. That would give him an extra recovery day. It would keep him out of traffic (stress would cause flare ups, too) and give him extra time if he needed to be in the hospital for a couple of days.

      So, they added all the time he's been out since he started back in March and fired him. He was in the hospital this past week and diagnosed with Mono and possibly pre-appendicitis. He'd been throwing up every 30 minutes for hours before he went in.

      I can see that missed time hurts the business, but we were better off with Robert there any time he could be there than we are with no Robert.

      What I really want to know is what the fuck are people like Robert (and my husband, Eric) who really want to or need to work, but can't keep a regular schedule supposed to do? Isn't the entire point of the ADA to keep this sort of thing from happening? Robert wasn't fired for work performance reasons, he was fired for attendance. He had doctor's notes from at least two doctors explaining his absences. He had a return to work slip from the day he missed due to being in the hospital. That man did every thing he could to come to work every single day.

      They counted the days he came in late against him the same as if he hadn't come in. They counted the days he took off (including those in an ambulance) against him.

      Other people at the help desk said that this would never happen to a store employee.... so the question is why are the technical center employees being treated worse than store employees.

      I'm pissed. I'd like to file a complaint based on what I've seen, but I don't want to stir things up if Robert doesn't want them stirred. It especially pisses me off that I need this job so bad that I'm afraid to complain out loud or in person where anyone from management (except for one guy) can hear. Yeah, I need to grow a pair, but on the other side of that is that I have responsibilities to my family. I'm going to have to strike a balance if I want to live with myself on this one.

      (oh, and about Robert's Mono diagnosis.... Robert and I shared a Mexican Martini out of the same glass about a month or so ago, so Eric says I'm going to the doctor to get tested for Mono. Great. I figure the alcohol in that thing killed any germs, but Eric's paranoid anyway. It's not like we swapped spit or anything. Geez! BTW, Mexican Martini's are the shit!)

    • happy fucking holidays

      13 years ago


      Well, Eric's in the hospital getting a small ton of tests done to find out what's up with his liver. He's been itching like mad and running a fever - the antibiotics haven't helped as they usually do - so into the hospital he went. (We know he has Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis - hardening and thickening of his bile ducts- also pronounced "liver transplaing in 10 years or less", so this is more of a see how bad it is right now thing)

      I pretty much expected this since he's been feeling pretty bad for the last few weeks, so while it sucks, it's not a surprise. I'm not overly worried at this point because it's not so much an emergency situation as it is ... uh... whatever the non-emergency bit of going to a hospital might be.

      So, I came home last night to fine that Tippy had eaten my MP3 player and my Sony expensive headphones. I guess she really missed me. My bad for leaving them anywhere in the house, I guess. Heh... it gives me a great excuse to get a better one eventually :)

      This morning, the student loan people called to bully me. It's Eric's loan. He hasn't worked in a couple of years. I could give a rat's ass about his student loans at this point, but I tried to cooperate with them.... Up to a point. That point was where I found out they'd contacted *my* 86 year old grandmother. Oh fuck no. I told them that if they did that ever again, or contacted anyone else in my family (or his) that they'd be hearing from a lawyer for harassment. They weren't took happy with that.

      I got a guy named Aaron on the phone. He was clearly the "closer" - he was all nice and friendly until I told him that I was not willing to enter into any agreement with his company until Eric was out of the hospital. He switched the the "I'm a big bad bully" side of the script then.

      It was all I could do not to laugh at him. I mean, really. He's going to bully money out of me? Not fucking likely. He said "We can take your taxes" and I told him to feel free! I could give him the Tax Advocates office number and if they wanted to take over my payments to the IRS that that would be awesome. I think it got personal with him then.

      I never once said we wouldn't pay, I just said that I'd try to work with them after my husband was out of the hospital. He then ranted some about how he could garnish 25% of my husband's disability from the City of Houston. I said again I'd work with them, but not today and he actually said "Oh, we've got you on the phone right now. It's today or never."

      I said, "Ok, bye!" and hung up.

      Does that mean we don't have to pay them?

      I'm not too worried. This is the third company that's been dumb enough to buy this loan.

      Hey, all you student loan collection companies, my husband is dying a slow and painful death. He might have to have a liver transplant (if he chooses to do so) in the next 5-10 years. So, fuck you. Come fucking get me. Better yet, call my grandmother again and I'll come to you.

    • I can't decide...

      13 years ago


      Scared or impressed... hmm.

      A lot of both. I strongly suspect this woman is part insect.

    • For the last freaking time

      13 years ago


      The Polar Bear is a large bear found in the northern hemisphere, the arctic to be specific.

      Penguins are flightless birds found in the southern hemisphere. They are not only found in cold areas, but are found as far north as the Galapagos Islands. They actually occasionally cross the equator when they are feeding, but they never EVER get as far north as Polar Bear country.


    • Merry Christmas y'all!

      13 years ago


      We're watching It's a Wonderful Life in between throwing the ball for the pup. Her name is Tippy today. Pepper didn't work out - turns out Eric remembered that he had an ex-girlfriend with a dog named Pepper.

      She's Tippy because her tail has a white tip :)


    • We got a puppy!

      13 years ago


      Well, it might seem like it's too soon, but Eric really needed a little friend to keep him company during the day. We both miss Bug more than I thought possible, so we decided that the best thing for us was to get another small dog. We found the perfect dog at Oklahoma Beagle Rescue. After a couple of weeks of back and forth with Chuck in Norman, OK, we went up and got our little doggy.

      She's a tiny Beagle/Shepherd mix - weights about 20lbs. She's currently named Violet, but we're going to change that as soon as we find something that fits her. Violet is just too prissy for this little girl :) The current contender is Pepper.

      I took these photos last night. She's very smart, very agile and damn, she's fast :) Oh, and she's cute as hell!

      I'm still recovering from the drive up and back. I couldn't sleep the night we got there because I was so excited... so I'm still catching up. Pepper is laying on the end of my chair asleep while I'm typing this. She's half Bug's size and seems to take up about 1/4th of the room that Buggy took. Sweet dog :)










    • The secret...

      13 years ago


      I'm pondering whether I should share with you all where I get my great and wonderful links.

      No. I'm not going to eBay and doing searches for sex toy camouflage (hmm, that could be an interesting search). No, nothing as fun as that.

      Instead, I go to Boing Boing - A Directory of Wonderful Things every single day. It's one of the few interesting websites I can still get to from work and it never fails to have something entertaining, if not down right wonderful (as advertised).

      My other secret favorite web sites? Hmm. Maybe later, if anyone is interested. I'm sure y'all go to a lot of them yourselves ;)

    • Does it burninate when you pee?

      13 years ago


      The grand sequel to the FSM and Cthulhu Dildo Cozies - The Trogdor Dildo Cozy!

      See? If I had talent, this is the sort of thing I'd use it for. This is probably why I was passed over for the talent gene.

      I can't wait to see what's up next!

    • Account weirdness

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      Check this out - farreg's account is fubar. He can log in and do all his normal things, but take a look at the screenshots I took. He send me a PM and I got the following -


      Looking up his account, I got this - and it blanked out all the past users I've investigated

      I'd link you to his account except if you'll notice in the first image, his URL does not have a UID.

      How about a rousing round of WTF for him?

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    • Crono

      14 years ago

      I think you win for the cutest dog pictures in a profile.

    • bugdog

      14 years ago

      aww, DeadParrot, you aren't crazy, you just aren't adjusting well to change :(

      I'm not doing much in the forums unless I'm seriously interested in a conversation or feeling crazy. There's just too many new people around that I don't feel like getting to know. I love the Journals and the personal profiles, though. I didn't ever get into Xanga or LJ or any of those other blogs, but I love it here. heh heh, it's sort of like having a buffer between me and the whole internet, so I like posting in my journal here.

      I'm probably the one who's crazy... but I do know what you're saying

    • DeadParrot

      14 years ago


      Am I crazy for hating these forums?

      Just about the only thing I do around here is comment on profiles.

      They just fuckin' suck.

    • NicoleAnneUA

      14 years ago

      you like brooks & dunn, you are old but still cool. awesome.

    • SeanGHOB

      14 years ago

      Damn! I couldn't see the second page of comments until I posted and it didn't show up, so I clicked on View All Comments and - lo and behold! - you'd already replied.

    • SeanGHOB

      14 years ago

      Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair

      It's the most common error heard in Help Desk calls.

    • DragonEdge

      14 years ago

      Dogs smell funny

    • bugdog

      14 years ago

      Gee, you have that over there too?

      (problem exists between keyboard and chair)

      That's our #1 problem. Always has been and always will be. heh.

    • SeanGHOB

      14 years ago

      Hiya bugdog,

      As we are both Help Desk persons (though I am currently "between positions"), I thought I'd ask if you know what a PEBKAC error is. B-)

      I'll be back in a day or so to see if you've answered.

    • squashua

      14 years ago

      Love the dog avatars.

    • Show

      14 years ago

      Why must you inflate me e-ego so? =D

    • ToolPackinMa

      14 years ago

      I'm older than you, neener, neener.

    • Turiya

      14 years ago

      Sup yo?!

    • Infiniti805

      14 years ago

      love that doggie!!!!!

    • GrySovCob

      14 years ago


      People For Puppies in Avatars

    • AcePilot

      14 years ago

      Dog pics are great!

    • BigWillieLL6

      14 years ago

      Hey bugdog, I'm leaving a comment here about your journal because I'm too lazy to comment on each entry. But there's some funny stuff in there. And I hope your husband gets to feelin better.
      StarGate rocks by the way, and so does BugDog.

    • boredmarine

      14 years ago

      I wondered if he even tried to power cycle his router... or even releasing and renewing his ip address... Gotta love the tech support business, its pretty much i do too. I got a trouble call from a a staff sergeant the other day, he claimed his internet wasn't working correctly. So i ask him, well whats wrong ssgt? He says its running slow, taking like 20 seconds to load a page... So im like, ok and the problem is what ssgt? Hes like "its slow can't you like make it run better... don't you guys have like a speed switch you can just turn up? "

      I wanted to bash my head into the table...

      I also got a pretty good one today. A sgt called, said his emails not working, so i ask him if his internet is working, he said oh yeah the internet is working perfectly, its just my email won't send or recieve messages. So im thinking to myself, alright maybe he has the exchange server set incorrectly... but no its fine. So i asked him to give me his ip address so i could remotely connect and mess around for a bit... i tell him how to use ipconfig... guess what it says... media state disconnected... So i ask him again, hey sgt are you sure your internets working, he again replies yep... i ask him to check it again, hes like oh it just now stopped working... so i tell him to plug in his network cable and try it again...

      I again wanted to bash my head against the table

    • Voshterkoff

      14 years ago

      Welcome to the new forums! How is your husband doing?

    • cocoa

      14 years ago

      awww...the doggie in your avatar is adorable! :D

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