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    • heh heh

      14 years ago


      I'm childness enough to enjoy the fact that Comedy Central is showing Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and it's uncensored. heh heh.

      Fuck you FCC, you censorshipy motherfuckers!

      And, bonus, the close captioning is also uncensored!

    • WOOHOO!!!

      14 years ago


      Rochester got a book store!! YAY!!!

      That link won't work long - probably not beyond Monday. It's just the front page of the Rochester Sentinel.

      They are also getting a gun shop! Yay! Books and guns :) heh, sort of like that episode of King of the Hill, only not really.

    • Anyone else?

      14 years ago


      It drives me completly insane the police helicopter is in the area looking for someone because I don't know what's going on. Eric won't let me get a scanner (I can't blame him for that, but still), so I have to wait until it shows up on the news. It doesn't always, though.

      When I commented about the anxiety that the helicopters caused me (hell, the one I was talking about was circling our street for almost a full hour), my doctor told me I'm essentially a control freak. heh. Wouldn't you be if you had so little control over so much in your life? Besides, being nosy isn't being a control freak, it's just being nosy.

      *sigh* I wanted to play Halo2 Live tonight, but Eric's awake, so I can't play. We weren't getting along well when we were playing co-op, so tonight hasn't been any fun. Last night was a lot of fun, though. To everyone I was playing with, THANKS! I had a blast! I

      EDIT to explain why I can't play if Eric's awake - we only have one TV :) If it were a PC game, there'd be no problem (of if we had another TV). (we only have one TV, but it's really big, so that makes up for only having one)

    • I think I made him mad....

      14 years ago


      I'm playing Halo 2 live for the first time. I'm in a CTF match. Some guy on my team walks up to me, gets in my face and says "Bugdog, why don't you do something?" meaning don't just stand there. I'd just respawned, fyi.

      I said "What, you mean like capture the flag AGAIN for the team? Because I can do it again if you'll get out of my face."

      He didn't say one word to me after that... and I did capture the flag again and get our flag back.


      He also had nothing to say at the end of the game when I said "Oh, hey, look! We won 2-1. Was that what you meant by doing something?"


      heh heh. I can tell this is going to be great fun. My first match without the filter, I got asked if I'd been stepped on. I said no and the next question was had my balls dropped yet. I said I sure as hell hope not because my husband would be pissed. Not one word after that. :)

      I like this game!

    • Moving...

      14 years ago


      I'm moving to Rochester, Indiana ... I think.

      The good reasons:
      Insanely lower cost of living (rent would be half, utilities 1/3)
      Can live on Eric's pension easily with out me having to work
      Large possibility that I could focus on photography with tons of things to photograph
      They actually have all four seasons there
      It snows and it's not a city closing event
      Eric's family is there and I like them. They think I'm awesome
      I could work at practically whatever I wanted because Eric's family knows everyone (I'm hoping for the newspaper, frankly)
      It would be a whole new place to explorer
      It doesn't take six hours to get out of the state
      It's 1700 miles away from my mom
      They have fiber to the curb and plans for broadband wireless in the works.
      Practically no crime
      Did I mention four seasons? Complete with pretty leaves and all?
      No rush hour traffic. None.
      Family who wouldn't mind watching the dogs if we went on vacation
      His family will help us move
      Eric would be happy and wouldn't just sit around the house and mope (so he says).
      Eric would have people that are not me to depend on for entertainment
      The nearest mall is only 10 miles farther away that our current nearest, and theirs is in another town
      I love the area, it's beautiful and they have tons of neat festivals and crap all year
      Lots of hiking and canoeing and it doesn't usually get horribly hot during the summer

      The Bad:
      1700 miles away from my dad, grandmother, sister and niece
      No bookstore in town
      Breaking the news to my mother (she's going to go apeshit and get weird about money)
      Breaking the news to my dad and grandmother (they will be unhappy, but will probably be supportive)
      My sister already knows and she is very unhappy.
      Moving in winter has to be a bad thing.
      I may get offered a state job in the next week. If I take that job, I will lose the $3500 bonus for staying here until December 20th (when it closes), but if I don't and then we don't move, I'm screwed.
      Indiana has a state income tax - possibly bad because of Eric's pension, what with him being 35, not the more approved of 65 (even though it is a disability pension we get screwed by the IRS).
      It gets freaking cold in the winter and I've never dealt with cold below 25 degrees F
      We'll need to sell a hell of a lot of our stuff (which we need to do anyway)
      I'll miss Austin. A lot.

      Looks like the good outweighs the bad and it's likely time I took some control over my life. I'm 34 already and stuck on a damn help desk making not quite enough to pay all our bills (and having to ask my parents for money every fucking month really sucks monkey nuts).

      I seriously need to do this. Hey, you guys give me some tips on how to deal with my mom and I'll be eternally grateful.

    • Sonic...

      14 years ago


      I went to Sonic for lunch today. Got a Route 44 Cherry Vanilla Coke (yum) and decided to try their Popcorn Chicken.

      Yay. I got a box of fried flour lumps. Wonderful.

    • Neat plant posters

      14 years ago


      I like these posters.

      I'm watching Adaptation and, being the strange and obsessive individual that I am, I had to look up orchids. That site had some cool posters. I might have to get a few (er, wait... let me look at the prices... uh, yeah, reasonable prices!).

      I also found a couple of stock photo sites that had pictures that were not quite as good as some I've taken. Hmm. Maybe I do have some sort of talent.

      Also, I am quite like this screenwriter guy, Charlie, only I'm not a guy, not 40 and not going bald. And I haven't written a screen play.

    • Even if I ever did decide to write...

      14 years ago


      I'd be a talentless hack compared to Joss Whedon.

      I mean, fuck, he wrote a musical, for Christ's sake! How do you write music, anyway? How do you consistantly turn out good and funny and clever shit, for YEARS? Yes, I know there are other writers (Ben Edlund is another of my favorites), but it's still Joss at the heart of things.

      Can anyone guess what I'm watching? I bought season six of Buffy the Vampire Slayer last night. (no saying that's stupid unless you've watched an entire season, ok?) I got hooked on this show maybe a year before it went off the air. I just could not believe that it had anything to offer to someone as smart as I am (yeah, I'm a fucking moron sometimes). I bought the first season on DVD for about 25 bucks and sat at work one weekend and watched the whole thing. My days off were spent forcing my husband to watch (he'd been of the same mind as I was about being too smart.... jesus.)

      So anyway, here I am, watching the making of Once More with Feeling. After I'd bought the first season, I went out and found a copy of this episode. I'd heard about it and I wanted it. After I saw it, I went out and bought the soundtrack. It lived in my CD player for almost three months. No shit. Needless to say, I know all the words now. It's practically impossible for me to listen to without singing along (typically I won't sing in the car if someone else is present - this soundtrack is the exception, apparently). It got back into my truck again, this time on an MP3 collection I made. I listened to it three times yesterday, singing along until I had a sore throat and was out of breath. Holy hell,

      I've tried to get my sister hooked, too, but when I went to her house last night to spread the joy, the DVD wouldn't work in her player. Oh BALLS! So tonight I'm taking my DVD player over there. I made her sit still long enough to watch the first two episodes from that season, and she hooked, too. MUAHAHAHHA!!! My evil plan is taking shape! (she jumped right in, and believe me, season six is not the easiest place to jump into Buffy. OOo, that sounds a little sexy, doesn't it?)

      fuck fuck fuck, I want to be smart like this guy.

      Urp... um, sorry, Eric usually gets this speech when we watch this show (Angel, too, but mostly Buffy and this specific episode. Mostly), but he's asleep.

      Ok, I'm done for now. I think. Besides, it's hard to type and sing.

    • Roberto T. Fruitbat

      14 years ago


      Roberto T. Fruitbat

      Roberto, he no like the light.

    • Thanks, y'all

      14 years ago


      I just wanted to say a quick thanks to everyone who has even thought nice things about me. October is normally my favorite month of the year, but this one has just plain sucked.

      There are a few days left to make it good, though, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed! At least I don't have to worry through a surgery, SICU stay and hospital stay (like I had my mind set to worry about). Now I just have to worry about what next, and I do belived that I'll do that later. LIke in November.

      I'm actually in the process of building a photo gallery (online, naturally) and as soon as I have anything up and working (the 'and working' is always my big trick), I'll put a link here.

      Thanks again, guys. You really have no idea how much it means to me to belong to a community like this one.

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