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    • My life is a fucking soap opera

      14 years ago


      So today we go to the hospital to see the surgeon. We were going to be late, so I called to let them know. We get there, Eric says he's there to see the surgeon's nurse and we're sent back to the inner sanctum. They are surprised to see us. Eric asked why the surgeon wants to see him (in earlier phone conversations he was told that he didn't need to come in and that he just needed to show up on Wednesday for surgery), the nurse says the surgeon has to talk to your before surgery. Eric says "great, but I'm not paying a copay." The nurse tells him she's not in billing and that he needs to go back out into the waiting room. We do that.

      An hour later, his name is called and we are not taken back to see the surgeon. Instead the COO of the hospital has shown up and is taking us off to his office on the 4th floor. WTF? Are we the millionth customer and we've won a free surgery?

      We get into his office, get settled, he thanks us for coming up to his office and then says, "Well, the surgeon (insert name here) does not want to see you. You have been terminated from this clinic."

      Uh, what? What the holy hell is going on? Naturally, we ask why and are told that the surgeon is terminating us from the clinic because Eric has delayed surgery (a total lie), that he refuses to follow doctor's orders (what orders?) and that the surgeon has talked to two other doctors in the clinic and they are all in agreement. We will be getting a certified letter in the mail. There will be no surgery and he can not come back to these doctors.

      We explain that this is the first we've heard that there's any sort of problem. Eric's only seen this guy in his office once. His second appointment with the surgeon was cancelled by the surgeon's office. His third appt. we were running late and I called to let them know. We had been told to come in anyway. The other doctor in this matter is also someone Eric's never seen in thier office. He's only ever seen her PA. This doctor put a stint in his bile duct (without telling him beforehand that she was going to do that) and then had to remove it after he ended up in the hospital with complications. There has never been any other surgical proceedure scheduled and he has followed all the doctors' instructions to the letter.

      At this point, we are banned from that facility and he can't see his primary care physician any longer, either. Less than 24 hours before a very necessary major surgery and this happens? What the hell is going on? Right up until we left the house this morning, we were getting calls verifying Eric's info and verifying things for surgery. Everything was on track before Eric said he wasn't paying a copay for a visit he didn't schedule that was not medically necessary. How the hell do you get banned based on that?

      I should know more tomorrow, I hope. This is by far one of the strangest things that's ever happened to us. I have no idea what recourse we have, but based on what we're told tomorrow, our recourse may involve a lawyer.

    • maybe I'll go back to an old hobby...

      14 years ago


      I need something to do that isn't work or famliy related. I'm seriously considering going back to photography in a hard core way. A little over a month ago, I spent probably six hours out on a Friday night taking pictures of the Texas capitol building and generally having a great time dicking around with my camera. I learned a few new tricks, actually used my 15 year old tripod for once and just basically had a happy several hours to myself.

      dome.jpg northsidecapitol.jpg
      These were taken on Sept. 11th. Only the dome of the capitol was lit.
      (they're a lot sharper at full size - I still haven't gotten resizing down
      so that stuff still looks sharp.)

      The Austin skyline from Riverside Drive. There's no parking there, so I stopped my truck and jumped out, praying that since it was 3am there wouldn't be anyone to get pissed. I think I took 10 pictures trying to get at least one that was sharp. I need to go again.

      The view from Mozart's on the Lake. (this one's kind of big if you click on it ~240k, but I really like it.)

      There were a lot of places I didn't go because, after 10 years of being married to a cop, I'm much more aware of personal safety. You just don't go under the bridges around here at night. Note to self: get pepper spray.

      More later, maybe tomorrow. I've got a busy couple of days coming up. Bleh.

    • My loving mother

      14 years ago


      So yesterday I head over to my parents' house for fried fish, fried shrimp and beer. My Uncle Sparky is in town and that's always a great excuse for food and beer (not that my family needs an excuse.)

      I was looking forward to the day because this week is going to suck. Eric is having major surgery on Wednesday. They are already expecting him to be in surgical ICU for several days afterwards. I need a break and this is looking like the only one I'm going to be getting for a while.

      I haven't even made it out to the back porch when my mom starts in on me about Eric. (quick background - Eric's sick and will be getting much sicker over the next several years, possibly leading to a liver transplant or death - during the time he feels ok, he is planning on traveling. His family and mine think that is extremely selfish of him and are all pissed. I say fuck'em. It's been a real joy lately.)

      "I don't know if Eric told you or not, but when your lease is up, we're moving you in with your sister." Uh, what? No, but I'm not in the mood for an argument, so I say "Yeah, he mentioned that."

      Mother continues, "Once we've done that, you can file for divorce."

      What? Where the holy fuck did that come from? Before I can even say anything, she's off building a scenario in whatever fucking world she actually lives in. "Since he's basically deserting you, you can file under that. He's not taking your car is he? He needs to take Bug with him. We can keep Mouse and Crash over here until we work something out....."

      I have always been the peacemaker in our family. I'm the one who backs down in most arguments. I'm the one who smooths things over when everyone gets pissy around the holidays. And look what it gets me?

      I was floored. Fucking stunned. I simply could not believe that my mother thinks that I should divorce this guy who is fucking dying because he wants to spend some of his time left trying to eek some joy out of his life. Bullshit.

      Oh, it was great fucking fun to tell my mother that no, I would not be filing for divorce from Eric, that yes, I would support him while he was traveling and that actually, we were probably going to move to Indiana. Furthermore, I did not appreciate being talked about like I was some sort of idiot child and I especially didn't appreciate being ambushed like this on what should have been a friendly visit. I dislike making my mother cry, but for Christ's sake, what was she thinking?

      Yeah, I got the "we only want what's best for you because we love you" speech, but I countered with the very simple fact that only *I* know what's fucking best for me right now. I have no idea if she understood or not, but she hasn't said two words to me since then and I still spent most of the past two days over there. Hell, Eric and I went over there for dinner (he likes my uncle, too) and she wouldn't even sit at the table with us.

      Right, I need this shit right now. I fucking swear if it weren't for my dad and my grandmother, I'd have burned down my house and moved as far away as fucking possible from that crazy woman. File for divorce my ass. Jesus. Thanks, Mom, 'cause, you know, I didn't have enough stress in my life right now.

    • heh. that was fun!

      14 years ago


      Oh yes, more tech support fun!

      We support resellers of our DSL. This one reseller (we'll call them mega-reseller.net) has been yelling at us for three days about why one of their customers can't log into the network. Authentication errors. We run a report and can't see them (our radius reports run based on realm - or at least, the one's we have access to at this level). We are consistantly able to log in with the EU's user name and password - no problems. They are now yelling because they've spent hundreds of dollars and sent two techs to the site, so it MUST be on our side!

      Well, guess what? Their techs can't spell their company name and the EU's router was setup with EU@meaga-reseller.net instead of EU@mega-reseller.net. One of our guys called and left a message with one of their guys with this information. That information did not make it to the tech working the case and he just called and proceeded to attempt to chew my ass out on a case that I haven't even touched before now.

      "Oh, didn't your tech give you the message? We called today trying to get ahold of you to tell you that you've got the realm spelled wrong in the router. You didn't get that message?"

      He was in a big hurry to get off the phone then. No apoligy, nothing. What an ass. The beauty of it is that he frequently calls us. If he'd apoligized, we wouldn't have to make him verify the realm every single call from here on out. Shot himself in the foot, he did. Nice work, buddy!

    • Coincidence?

      14 years ago


      The episode of the Simpsons that's on right now is Tennis the Menace - it starts out with Abe winning a free Autopsy!

      Yeah, it's funny as hell, but it brought up the ongoing conversation that Eric and I have about what I'm going to do with him when he dies. He said that tossing him out in to the forest for the wolves to eat him would be fine.

      Director: Okay, with mole insurance, your total comes to $17,000.
      Homer: What? Oh ...
      Director: Or you could just toss him in the woods and let the wolves carry him off. It's really up to you. [turns his back to Homer and Abe]
      Homer: Mr. Salesman?
      Director: Yesss?
      Homer: We're gonna go with the wolves.

    • Ah yes, the horrible dream

      14 years ago


      This was by far one of the most depressing and horrible dreams I've had as an adult.

      First a little background. I figure that most people who care enough to read my journal know that my husband has Crohn's Disease and has been recently diagnosed with Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis. Eric's having major surgery very soon for the Crohn's - he has an area in his guts that has narrowed down to shoestring width. That area is called an anastomosis - this is where the small and large intestine are joined after three other surgeries related to Crhohn's. He always has problems there, so this is no surprise.

      The latest thing, the PSC, is a very bad thing. This is what killed Walter Payton. On a much more hopeful note, it's also why Olympic medal winner Chris Klug had a liver transplant. That he won the Bronze in Snowboarding after the transplant is the part that gives me hope. It's not doing much for Eric because Klug was in amazing shape going into surgery, but he'll come around.

      On to the dream. We were supposed to be going to some sort of crafts/music fest. Eric was driving, I was giving him directions. Seems like his family was with us, also. We got into a minor fenderbender in the parking lot (the Generic Dream Person's fault) and the GDP (remember, generic dream person) jumped out of his car with a gun. Eric responded in kind, but the GDP was faster and shot Eric. Eric took him out as he was going down. Eric had what appeared to be a minor wound in his shoulder. Naturally, since this was a dream, I couldn't get my phone to work, when it finally worked, I could NOT dial 911, and when I was finally able to dial the number, I got a recording.

      Typical missing dream time - we're at the hospital. I'm being told that Eric is going to suffer major brain damage if they operate (if they don't he'll die - if they do, he'll live, but be fucked up forever, no doubts about it). I know Eric's feelings on this (he'd rather be dead than not be himself). His dream family also know, but don't care. Let the yelling and crying begin. I ask everyone I meet what they think, whether I should respect his wishes or his family's. I think I was yelled at by everyone I've ever met and called selfish by everyother person, no matter what my decision was. I finaly got to talk to Eric and he says to let him die.

      I woke up in tears. This is the first time I've ever had a dream where he's died or been near death. Oh, I've lived through the near death part (his intestines split open one night while waiting for surgery and he nearly died then). *sigh* I have never had a dream hit me like this one has. I can shrug off just about anything, after all, it was just a damn dream. Not real, not even likely to happen, so wtf? I can still feel the feelings that I had over having to make a life or death decision for someone I love.

      Shit. I'm sure that was horribly entertaining for y'all. I feel somewhat better having written it down, though.
      This is so much cheaper than therapy!

    • Kerry gets goosed

      14 years ago


      Kerry gets goosed

      I don't like hunting much. Nothing against guns, nothing against hunting for subsistance, nothing really against hunters, but I hate seeing animals killed for politics.

      I'm not a big fan of geese - they are noisy, mean and shit a lot - but killing one just so you can get the good ol'boy vote is bad. I said the same thing about Bush and the dove hunting bit (although, I believe that both Georges have been hunting for years, not sure I believe the same about Kerry).

      I don't like my choices for president. So many reasons to dislike both of them - I can't vote for Bush because he is dead set against stem cell research (the only real hope I have for my husband living more than 15 years). I don't have anything that concrete against Kerry (I just don't like him), but I'll end up voting for him based on this ONE thing - stem cell research - no matter what the rest of my brain says.

      Next journal will be about the horrible dream I had last night and how I know that it's a decision I'll have to make one day.

    • COOL!!!

      14 years ago


      I got my husband listed at IMDB! WOOHOO!!

      He played an SS Man in the movie Shining Through. If you've ever seen the movie, he's one of the Nazis storming in to where Melanie Griffith is hiding. He's the first SS Man to go to the left (his right) when they are rushing into the apartment where Griffith is hiding. On a whim, I submitted him as an uncredited extra and they accepted it! He's really pleased, actually, way more than I thought he would be.

      Eric Donaldson (II) @ IMDB.com

    • Amazing...

      14 years ago


      I'm getting my ass noob modded for finding it amusing that Geoff kept his modem at dog pecker height and it got peed on.

      Oh well, I still think it's funny. I'm getting added funny value now that I'm getting modded down as noob (what with me being far from noobish) and knowing that I'm being modded by those who are trying to suck up to Geoff.

      So, anyway, we went to San Antonio this weekend with Eric's family. We spent most of the day on the River Walk (gee, is that one word or two?) and for the first time in a billion years, I managed to convince people that riding the river taxi was both a good idea and a fun idea. YAY!!! No more worrying about falling in the river for bugdog! Yep, that's my biggest fear when we're down there walking around. I know for a fact that if I didn't always have some form of expensive electronic gadget on me at all times that my husband would shove me in. He's a dick like that.

      I have to say that I've never seen an adult get stupid so damn fast as my MIL did when presented with a menu at Texas Land and Cattle Company. She had to ask what everything was (even the obvious things like a house salad), she couldn't decide what she wanted, she dithered over the prices, worried that it wasn't regular food (which I still haven't figured out) and generally made everyone around her uncomfortable.

      Nothing against people from small towns in Indiana, but Jesus H Christ, it's the same fucking food in Texas as it is in Indiana! Cow is still fucking cow! Chicken, well guess what? It still tastes like CHICKEN. Holy FUCK, I KNOW the fucking water doesn't taste like it does back home, so drink tea instead - don't complain to the poor waitress and don't make everyone at the table try it! Don't be shocked that we don't have Western dressing (and if someone could tell me what the hell that was, I'd appreciate it) and then say "but this is the West, isn't it?" Don't complain that the Caesar Salad is "just a plate of lettuce".

      It was trying, but at least she didn't freak out in the car (like she usually does).

    • GO GO ASTROS!!!

      14 years ago


      Damn, that was fucking sweet! Kent hits a 3 run home run in the bottom of the ninth! Now that's the way to win a game :)

      Especially fun was the intentional walk to Berkman. Kent comes up and the announcer says that "(Kent) doesn't like it when you walk people in front of him." and that Kent takes it personally. The announcer said that it would put Kent in the zone and it sure as fuck did!

      Awesome game! I loves me some 'stros!

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