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    • Go 'stros!

      14 years ago


      I'm watching the Astros game right now. I love these guys!

      Anyway, during the 7th inning stretch, they showed this guy:

      To me, this officer looks like the epitomy of Officer Trustworthy - like someone you'd see on Adam-12, back in the days where kids weren't scared of cops. He looks like he could be on a recruiting poster for HPD, or for any PD. This is still the image I hold of the Helpful Police Officer, the guy you want to show up at your house after a break in.

      I don't know this guy, but I'm sure Eric either knows him or knows of him. I haven't decided if I'll show him the picture yet. He might say, "Oh, that's Lt. So and So and he was a complete dick," thereby shattering my image.

      ! OH Fucking SWEET! Bagwell just made an amazing play at first! Lord, I love that man!

    • More puppy pics

      14 years ago


      I put up two more puppy photos. That's me in the blue army shirt (or my left side, anyway) and that's my hand in the other photo.

      For the brown puppy photo, my sister kept telling me not to let the dog bite my finger and kept telling the puppy (that one's Meg) to stop biting me. I kept telling her "one more second!". The poor puppy's eyes were darting between the two of us - I think you can see the confusion in the dog's eyes, heh.

      Katy (my sister) got royally chewed out by our parents for getting two more dogs. She's told them that her daughter (5 year old Shelby) is learning responsibility by taking care of the puppies - and she is actually taking care of them. It's amazing, frankly. Shelby's got the attention span of a 5 year old (imagine that).

      She got tired of me telling her how to treat "her" puppy (the white one - Sarah) and finally asked me if I needed to go home. It was funny as hell - my sister was very embarrassed and got pretty upset when Shelby started saying "I think you should go home now" and "are you leaving soon?" I had to play upset, but really it was funny as hell.

      So anyway, the human body parts in the photos are me and probably all you'll see of me, unless you are fortunate enough to meet me in person. Let's just say that I have a great personality :)

    • Eric's home! YAY!

      14 years ago


      I freed Eric from the evil clutches of the hospital on Sunday. He says everything looks really big after a week in one room. I'm really glad he's home, I slept really well for the first time in a week last night and the dogs are much more laid back.

      So, yay! he's home - for a bit. He's probably going to have major surgery in about two weeks. He's got Crohn's disease (yeah, yeah, I know you know) and has a section of his guts that is shoestring narrow. It's the part where they've sewn his small and large intestine together (this is the usual spot for his problems). The surgeon said he's going to clear his schedule for that day and have another surgeon in on the operation. Yay.

      And he's home, so that means All History Channel, All WWII (European theater), All The Damn Time. I must say, I didn't miss that aspect of our relationship. It does beat the alternative - him not home - but damn, I wish he'd diversify a little.

      Y'all ought to see his arms. He's covered with bruises from the IVs. He says he looks like a successful junkie (successful as in lots of money for smack).

      Anyway, he hasn't got any liver damage yet, so best estimate is 10 years before he *has* to have a liver transplant. Beats the hell out of what it could have been. Still not happy-making, but a hell of a lot could happen in 10 years. He feels better right now than he's felt in years.

      His mom is coming to visit this weekend. I imagine I'll have a lot to say about that :)

    • Ken Caminiti is dead

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      He died from a heart attack. Sad thing is that I'm willing to bet there were drugs involved. He was just in court on Tuesday for testing postive for cocaine.

      He was one of my favorite Astros and one hell of a good third baseman. Broke my heart when he was busted for drugs and now he's dead. Shit.

      It's almost enough to make me think that there is a curse on the Astros (not just the one that makes them choke in the playoffs). Darryl Kyle played for the 'stros when Caminiti was still with them and he's dead.

      RIP Ken Caminiti and thanks for all the great plays.

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    • Yay. (fair warning, yuckiness below)

      14 years ago


      Last night I went over to my sister's house to watch a couple of movies and decompress. This has been, without a doubt, the single worst week of all my 34 years. And yay, it's all been preserved in my RvB journal. The yay part is because now when I have a bad day, I can look at my journal and say "Holy crap! Today ROCKS compared to that shitty fucking week!"

      So anyway, I got home and one of the dogs had apparently assploded. There was (sorry, this gets really disgusting) liquid dog shit all over the living room floor. Fuck. I tiptoed around all of that and what do you know? It's in the hall too. None in the bedroom, bathroom or kitchen (thank dog), but in the second bedroom (that we don't sleep in - again, thank dog) it's in the area right in front of my closet. And on the closet door at butt height of my favorite dog, Bug. The little beast.

      I gagged my way through cleaning all that up (took about two hours) and I've vowed to never ever again put blue cheese dressing on her food to get her to eat it. How can I be mad when it's my fault? I can't, but I sure as hell can be depressed as fuck that my house smells like ass and I'm going to have to drag around a huge fucking carpet cleaner to make it not smell like ass.

      My sister, fortunatally, has one of those Bissel stand up cleaners that she borrowed from our grandmother and never gave back. When I called to let her know I was going to borrow it later today (and probably return it to Mimi), she told me she got two new puppies.

      I had planned on taking a long nap in the non-stinky room (it has an ozone air cleaner), but instead I'm going over there, taking a nap with her puppies, borrowing the carpet cleaner and then coming home to de-assify the carpet.

      Yep, worst week ever, but perhaps the puppies will make everything ok. She says that they're a mix - 1/4 Rottweiler, 3/4 Chihuahua - mommy dog is half Rottie on her mother's side (otherwise this is an impossible dog) and the father is full Chihuahua. I'll have photos to put up tonight, and I'll continue to take pics because I really can't wait to see how these dogs turn out.

      Ok, I'm outta here for a few hours. Y'all have a big day!

    • And another thing...

      14 years ago


      Steve Baldwin is the perfect host for this show (Scare Tactics). He is creepy/stalker looking.

      I've never particularly liked the Baldwin boys, until I saw Adam Baldwin in Firefly. He's awesome and super hot. Oh hell yeah, I wouldn't kick him out of bed (unless, of course, I thought he'd be better on the floor).

    • fucking idiots

      14 years ago


      Yes, I'm watching Scare Tactics. It's unbelievable that you can scare the holy crap out of people by using vampire bikers. Oh, don't get me wrong, it's hilarious (when it's not just plain mean). Something about grown men and women freaking out of at the most fake setups is highly amusing.

      Yeah, I could see falling for a serial killer type something, or getting startled and screaming, but vampires? Holy fuck people are stupid.

      Oh my fucking god, this guy saw a "little monster man" and he's screaming like nothing I've ever seen. Gonna have to save this one for Eric :)

    • Yay!

      14 years ago


      I'm going over to my sister's house for food and movies! Beats the fuck out of going home and doing nothing. Eric's still in the hospital, but he's sound asleep. I may go wake him up later (remind me to tell y'all about that one time, in the hospital....), but for now, I'm taking a break from everything. Plus, my sister has a neat little dachshund named Coco. He's a pretty cool little dog and he likes me. It's neat to play with a little dog (as opposed to the monsters I have). I'll probably post a picture of him later.

      Minor update to an eariler journal entry - I got paid today and it disappeared into the Time Warner induced black hole that is my checking account. Sometimes direct deposit sucks.

      Later, folks!

    • I love the help desk

      14 years ago


      because it's my job.

      Nice Confusedguy calls asking about reverse DNS because email to AOL from his exchange server is bouncing like a super ball in a blender. No relay. Hmm. I got to give him the short course in DNS/MX records/reverse lookup. My company doesn't do static ip addresses (stupid, I know. You can't get one from us at all and we don't support routers - what the hell kind of ISP is this?), so nothing he does will help him. He's fairly resigned to that, but then I discover that he's not our customer. He belongs to that sister ISP. They have static IP addresses! YAY! Now we're getting somewhere.

      I stay on the line with him and get a tech with the other ISP. I explain the problem, get the guys static IP address for him. His exchanger server domain and ip address are with yet another, not our company at all, company. I deduced that he needed to add an MX record with his mail server name and his static IP address. I was able to explain it so Mr. Confusedguy actually understood. I impressed my cow-orker, Chris, because when I started that call, I was about at advanced luser level concerning DNS/MX records/reverse lookup.

      So I come here to post my triumph and await someone to tell me I was wrong (still not entirely confident in my answer because I have never had a call like that in all my 8 years of working a help desk and I have no formal training.) He needs to add an MX record that has his mail.whatever.com=his _static_IP_address, right? Damn I hope so.

      See? I can be nice!

    • I hate the help desk

      14 years ago


      because it's my job.

      Colossal Fuckstick #1 calls with port errors. It's the router that we don't support causing the problems, not his DSL modem. Mr. Fuckstick will NOT even attempt to bypass the router as a diagnostic test. He wants a new modem and he wants it from us. We send him to our Provisioning group who says they can't help him because the modem is out of warranty. They send him to some Tele something group (who I've never heard of) who in turn sends him to a sister company of ours (another ISP). By the time he gets back to us, he is even more pissed, and guess who gets that call? Me. Yay.

      I did have the sheer joy of antagonizing him by pretending to not be familiar with his case (there are only 3 of us here today, so yeah, I knew the whole story.) When he said his modem was fried, that he was getting port errors (which he only knows because we told him that), I got to say "Port errors? Why, that's always a router problem!" in my bestest brightest perky voice. heh heh.

      So anyway, he demanded to speak to a manager. I took his number and gave it to my manager and told Mr. Fuckstick that my manager would call him right back. That was 10 minutes ago and Mr. Manager hasn't called him back yet. heh heh.

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