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      7 years ago


      Rooster Teeth! What's up! I decided to make my second journal entry Halo-related as Halo is a big reason as to how I found Rooster Teeth in the first place.

      To be more specific, I want to address the community of Halo.

      Halo as a leading title in the world of console FPS is not nearly what it used to be. With the relatively flat lifespan of Reach, fans such as myself are looking at Halo 4 to be a resurrection going forward into the new trilogy. The Halo community needs to step up and do it's part for this resurrection to truly happen.

      By resurrection I mean that the series will once again have a large impact on Xbox LIVE population and an extended lifespan that has a significantly sized community.

      There are forces at work that are trying to make this a reality. Of course the game will sell well. That isn't really the issue. The issue is trying to get the average casual gamer to play the game for more than 1-3 months. Catching CoD isn't really a reality, but gaining XBL relevance for an extended period is something that I believe is easily achievable.

      I think the people here, on the internet, can really propel Halo 4 to be a prolonged success. It's about being active in the community. This can be anything from making Halo-related content on YouTube to just telling a friend about the Halo Waypoint site. More specifically than that, though, my main point was to pimp out a site that has started to grow in recent months. halocouncil.com is a hub for the community to come together and discuss the future of Halo in the competitive spectrum as well as the casual. Being active on sites like these and showing 343i that Halo has a valuable, intense community can progress towards 343i listening to the community even more than they currently are.

      In the end, it's all about money. I'm not going to sit here with my fingers in my ears shouting "lalalalala", acting like 343i isn't a for-profit business. Some of the recent news (GameInformer Halo 4 cover story) can show that easily. They are changing Halo to win a more casual CoD-crowd. A lot of these changes aren't exactly what most true Halo fans want to see happen to the game they have grown to love over the past years. Being an active part of the Halo community can help shape the way this game is approached, however slight.

      Overall, I just want Halo 4 to be the most kickass Halo yet. And don't get me wrong, there are a lot of things about Halo 4 I'm really excited about. Multiplayer, though, seems to be a little at risk for another Reach-like vibe. I think most of us who are extensive Halo fans can agree that Reach wasn't really a great multiplayer experience. I want to feel that addiction again. In Reach, I never really strived to ever be good. The reward of good play just wasn't there. Some might say that the solution is simply to bring back the 1-50 ranking system, which I agree with 100%. But the reality is that there is more behind Halo that made it addicting than matchmaking rankings alone. Halo fans know this.

      Please check out halocouncil.com and see the content posted there! Watch the videos! Share them, tweet them, thumbs up, subscribe! Let's gain some relevancy as a community. I know it's there somewhere.

      And if you don't, that's fine too. You reading this was enough to satisfy me.

    • Why Did You Join Rooster Teeth?

      7 years ago


      Hey, internet people. Hope you're having a good day. I just thought of a question that hopefully a few people answer: Why did you join this site? Was your joining based on the three categories of comedy, gaming, and community? Do you hope to one day work for Rooster Teeth itself?

      I made an account a few days ago even though I have been watching Rooster Teeth content for years. Red vs. Blue was where it started for me (probably like most of you as well). Lately, I have been getting even more into what the company is about. To say the least they have captivated my interest career-wise.

      In all reality, who wouldn't want to work at Rooster Teeth? It seems like the ideal internet-age company. Sure, we might not see all that happens "behind the cameras", but I think we are given a pretty fair view of how they operate. The thought of working there alone gets me envious as a gamer and aspiring adult. Are a lot of you fellow members in a similar position?

      I'm not even sure why I started typing this. I suppose it was sparked by my curiosity of why I joined anyway. I'm just going to keep typing and see how this "journal" turns out.

      Regardless of motive, I'm glad to consider myself part of this community. Rooster Teeth has been a very influential part of gaming content creation and part of that is how involved they are with the community. As a simple kid wasting his time online, I couldn't ask for a better experience (Porn doesn't count). I guess me joining this site was to connect with people who had a similar interest. Twitter and Facebook don't really have the same type of direct focus. With roosterteeth.com, you know that members have at least the same basic interest (Rooster Teeth). Though some could be here for the RvB only, or the Achievement Hunter, or the Shorts, etc.

      Feel free to send me a friend request regardless of why you're here! I'm sick of looking at the sidebar and seeing that "This user has no friends." It's rather depressing, actually.

      Moving forward in my collegiate career and search for the meaning of life (and big sums of money), I can only hope that Rooster Teeth makes a large cameo appearance. My desire to contribue to something such as Rooster Teeth is probably just as large as yours or the millions of others on here. Hell, cleaning toilets for their building wouldn't even be that bad of a bargain.

      Scratch that. Fuck cleaning toilets and any other forms of manual labor. This is the internet.

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