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    • My time in clans continued

      8 years ago


      It's been a year and about 4 months and I am very glad, some of my best times in my life were achieved by meeting these people. We repaired some broken friendships and all is well in the's kind of like ROTJ's ending.

      Be sure to eventually check out our Machinima when it is finally created, for in depth looks on it from the journal entries of some of the characters go to Dinoman666"s profile and read them :)

    • My time in clans

      9 years ago


      This is going to make me seem like a horrible person but the only reason i joinedthe Covenant Squad Omega in the first place was to fill the gap while I was waiting for Halo 3 ODST (Which sucked anyway). That was my original motive anyway.

      That was September, now a good 9 months later I am not regretting a single bit of it. I have been through the name change to The Heresy of Sangheilios, and a split which tore the clan into two seperate sides a Competetive side (Warriors of Heresy), and a Recreational side (Heresy of The Forgotten). I joined the competetive side with Buwx and am currently Second In Command of the whole clan.

      EDIT: Name change to Shadows of The Covenant (what our new breed of operation is is classified)

      I hope I can survive Buwx long enough to make it through a year :)

    • 2019 years ago

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