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(if you got mad art skills, your art may be shown up here!)

  Welcome to the World of Remnant. A world of fantasy. A world of heroes. A world overrun by the violent Creatures of Grimm. Since the dawn of time man has struggled against them... but there are those who take up arms against the Grimm, and who strive to make the world a safer place. Over time, they came to be known as Huntresses and Huntsman, and Academies were created and dedicated to training people who walk their path. Will you live life as normal, safe behind the kingdom's walls? Or will you set out on adventure, risk it all, keep the Grimm at bay, and protect those behind those walls?

This thread is dedicated to the craft of creating original content (characters, monsters/Grimm, weapons, organizations, places, things, etc). More specifically, content imagined in the World of Remnant (aka the RWBYverse). Some may come here to better our art skills, (writing, storytelling, drawing, painting, etc). Others may come just for the fun and love of creating.

This post is meant to serve as a helpful guide on how to create content, and what to consider when creating them.

Table of Contents

1.0) RULES
5.0) FAQ

1.0) RULES

These have all been either confirmed by CRWBY, are seen the show, or are just common sense. In order for your content to fit within the World of Remnant, the facts of the world—stated or shown—must be followed.

There may be room to bend the rules a little bit (as long as it can be well explained and written), but it's been agreed upon by the majority: If you just flat-out contradict the established rules of the RWBYverse, then you haven't created RWBYverse content.

01) For characters, refer to the "RWBY color naming rule" twitter / wikia

02) Refer to the World of Remnant episodes for more rules on the world, and its lore and history

03) No straight character plagiarisms from other artists, or series
i.e. "Kiwito" Basically Kirito from SAO, then using "kiwi" to fit the color rule
i.e. "Balamb Academy" Basically Balamb Garden from FFVIII, but instead of a Garden it's an academy

04) Unless explicitly stated, ASK PERMISSION before using someone else's artwork, character, and or concept
— If you do not get permission, it is advised that you do not use it
— If you cannot find the owner of the original work to ask them in the first place, it is also advised that you still do not use it

If you're feeling down about these limitations, or feel as though they're hindering your creativity; remember, Rooster Teeth made an entire show out of a videogame. In other words: limitations can breed creativity.

Allow the limitations to challenge you, and be proud when you are able to overcome them!


Unlike the rules, these are only suggestions; at the end of the day create whatever you want. These are only for OC trying to fit into the RWBY canon. It has been agreed upon by most OC creators.

01) No overpowered characters (without reason). This includes flat-out invincible characters.

02) Consider anything that might contradict the current RWBY continuity
i.e. Penny-like (robots with Aura) Why? Penny is currently the only "synthetic" capable of generating Aura. "Synthetics" haven't been established as being a prevalent people in the show as of yet
i.e. Silver eyes Why? Silver eyes are said to be "an extremely rare trait"

03) If you want critique or feedback on what others think of your content ASK FOR IT
— If you don't get critique immediately, wait a while. If no feedback continues, politely ask again. It's in the nature of a forum for posts to go unnoticed sometimes.

04) If you're giving critique, make sure it's CONSTRUCTIVE
— You can point out flaws without being mean, and if you can, offer solutions on how to fix said flaws
— If someone doesn't explicitly ask for critique, thoughts, or opinions, consider not giving any to them

05) And lastly consider this quote on semblance:
  "When Ruby is talking about Yang's semblance, she uses the words "that's what makes her special". Now a lot of people might think of that as Ruby's normal lack of eloquence, but I think it gets right to the heart of what a Semblance should be.
  It's not just a random super power, it's a reflection of who your character is, it's what makes them. It's tied into their personality or their nature at an intrinsic level." — AlbionBard, CREATE A CHARACTER FOR RWBY #33577616

3.0) Content Skeletons

Below is the absolute minimum you need to create those types of content. If you want to make something that doesn't have a skeleton, or add more information or trivia, refer to the profiles on the wikia (character / location) for ideas on what information you need, and or how to include that info into your content's profiles.

   name here
   race here (if Faunus, what animal?)
   [name of Semblance] — description of Semblance here
   [name of weapon] — description of weapon here
   description of backstory here
   name here
   size here (length, width, height)
   description of abilities here (long claws, poison fangs, elemental breath, etc)
   description of Grimm here (Grimm ecology/habitat, when/where first discovered, etc)


OC List
Comprehensive List of Color Names
Comprehensive List of Team Names
OC creation Masterpost
More colors
20000-names color names
Need a place to catalogue your characters? Try Google Docs

5.0) FAQ

What is an OC?
What is an AU?
What is Canon?
What is an Allusion?
How do I paste an image to the Rooster Teeth forums?

There are so many "creation" threads already on the forum, why create another one?
   Well... because:
— In the original "Create a character for RWBY" thread people keep asking the same questions about how to make stuff "Do I have to copy the first post?", "How do I paste an image", "Can I make my own [NOT CHARACTER]?"
— The same mistakes are seen over and over too (like not following the color rule), "borrowing" images from other artists online and using it as their own, etc.
— The owner of the OG "Create a character for RWBY" thread is the only one with the power to edit the first post of that thread to add stuff that can help first time readers... But they haven't been active on that thread for thousands of pages now.
— The other threads just say "Let's talk about original content... Here are my ideas!" and leave it at that. I wanted to create something that wasn't just about my stuff. I wanted to help others make their own stuff.

Are you the ruler of this thread, is your word law?
— Nope, I just made the thing.

6.0) Character Example

Your own character doesn't have to be as detailed as the following example.

Your character can be much simpler and still be a good character!

I just sometimes go overboard with the backstories...

(props, if you can figure out who the character's allusion is)


(if you can make a better and more simple example, your character may be featured here!)

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