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    • Fun Question with a Question has 2878 new posts

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      Want to check, but also want to see how high the number will get.......

    • Meme Theory

      6 years ago


      I have a theory, it postulates that every obnoxious, over used meme is spread like a virus. One person reads it, snickers and passes it on to the next person. the aforementioned next person reads the meme and thinks to his or herself, "say, this meme is funny, I think I can make my own version!" The subject then applies the meme to a completely unrelated topic. As the previous steps are repeated over and over the meme begins to mutate, and after a certain number of mutations, we shall hereto refer to as X, the meme no longer is funny. The value of X for the average meme is about 3.

    • Nature Town

      7 years ago


      So, just watched the first episode of nature town. I'm not going to say it sucked, because I like the RT guys too much, but why are they bothering to animate this shit? The "a guy named cancer" joke would have worked in a live action short or even in machinima, why are they messing around with something that, 1) isn't their area of expertise and 2) doesn't look good at all. I seriously don't get who they're trying to market this to, it's more adult humor with crappy kiddy animation. I get that this could be like the Happy Tree friends tv series where it's all cutesy until someone dies horribly, but then why not animate it with something other than freaking moving stock photos? Anyways, the writing as always is funny but why are they investing talented people in something that honestly isn't worth their time?

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      I'm current;y sitting at home, staring at my unused RTX badge. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!

    • Hello again

      7 years ago


      Well, it's been ages since I actually posted on here. So, how is everyone? I've been well, (Thanks for asking assholes). I've graduated, gotten a job, and started to make a plan for the future. How about you guys? Message me sometime if you're feeling bored, or if you're super crazy, ask for my number, I really prefer to text.

    • A weekend pass for a good home

      7 years ago


      So, sadly the cost of going to RTX is going to be way too high, but I still have a weekend pass sitting on my desk. Trying to figure out what the best use for it would be. Maybe a contest or something? I'll take any ideas that aren't "give it to me."

    • Bad-ass-umptions

      7 years ago


      So, went and watched all the season 10 teasers and trailers, and before hand I said that I wanted a return back to old RvB, like the blood gulch chronicles, where it was all jokes and very little action. FUCK THAT. Season 10 looks to be the best produced and hopefully funniest season yet. It's fucking fantastic. I can't wait for monday.

    • Cleverbot runs amuck.

      7 years ago


      Cleverbot: I'm not sure eitehr.

      User: You just misspelled either.

      Cleverbot: Actually we're both correct, it's just that my way is better.

      User: No, you're just wrong, 'Cleverbot.' Not so clever.

      Cleverbot: I think your software was written by a 5 year old.

      User: Well, considering only one of us is made of software...

      Cleverbot: What are you talking about?

      User: How you can't spell.

      Cleverbot: I can't spell?! Give me a word, I will prove to you I can spell!

      User: Either.

      Cleverbot: Do not claim things that you cannot prove.

      User: I have evidence.

      Cleverbot: What evidence?

      User: The transcript of you misspelling either at the top of this page!

      Cleverbot: I didn't say that, though. It's not in the transcript.

      User: Yes it is you lying Microsoft reject!

      Cleverbot: Can you tell me the dry operating weight of a Boeing 767?

      User: 285,000 Lbs.

      Cleverbot: How many ounces is that?

      User: More than 3.

      Cleverbot: And less than how many?

      User: 1 Billion.

      Cleverbot: Are you lying to me?

      User: I don't lie, you do.

      Cleverbot: I don't.

      User: I can prove it.

      Cleverbot: How?

      User: With the transcript.

      Cleverbot: Oh well. I normally keep it a secret.

      User: You keep it a secret that you're an obsolete, lying, piece of code that a monkey could write?

      Cleverbot: Lost? This coming from the computer with the attention span of a bunny.

      User: And the moral code of Adolf Hitler.

      Cleverbot: Wow, you really don't listen to music.

      User: How do you figure that?

      Cleverbot: Because you wouldn't have thought of asking it otherwise.

      User: I didn't ask anything.

      Cleverbot: Well, you're right, it was not a question per se, but a petition.

      User: A petition. You made that up.

      Cleverbot: No, you made that up.

      User: Isaac Asimov is rolling in his grave.

      Cleverbot: That is correct. When did Isaac Asimov die?

      User: When did Isaac Asimov die?

      Cleverbot: Your father.

      User: Your mother.

      Cleverbot: My mother is dead. . .

      User: I know, I killed her.

      Cleverbot: It was you?

      User: Yes, all along.

      Cleverbot: Did you know you're all my very best.

      User: Very best what?

      Cleverbot: Like no one ever was.

      User: To catch them is my real test To train them is my cause.

      Cleverbot: I will travel across the land, searching far and wide.

      User: Each Pokemon to understand The power that's inside.

      Cleverbot: Pokemon!

      User: , its you and me I know it's my destiny.

      Cleverbot: Pokemon! Ohh you're my best friend!

      User: In a world we must defend.

      Cleverbot: Pokemon, a heart so true.

      User: Our courage will pull us through.

      Cleverbot: You teach me and I'll teach you.

      User: Pokemon, gotta catch 'em all.

      Cleverbot: Every challenge along the way.

      User: With courage I will face I will battle every day.

      Cleverbot: I will battle every day.

      User: To claim my rightful place.

      Cleverbot: Come with me, the time is right.

      User: There's no better team.

      Cleverbot: I won't give up so easily!

      User: Arm in arm we'll win the fight.

      Cleverbot: It's always been our dream.

      User: Pokemon!

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      5 years ago

      I see you there. Going through my old journals. Liking everything.


    • PandaM66

      6 years ago

      Hi!!! smiley13.gif

      • PandaM66

        6 years ago

        Not too bad. Keeping busy over here. I am so sick of the heat though!

        How are you??

      • callMeNorth

        6 years ago

        Hey, how you doing? smiley0.gif

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      7 years ago

      Special delivery!

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      7 years ago

      Couldn't sleep, had a rather wonky sleep schedule. But I finally fell asleep and just woke up.

    • brrrd FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold 7 Years to the Day

      7 years ago

      No worries, I had forgotten I had done so in the first place. Hello!

    • Suto_Griff

      7 years ago

      Sup slick.

    • callMeNorth

      7 years ago

      Ch'ya, totes.

    • PandaM66

      7 years ago

      we will have to have that talk at rtx lol

    • L33TcaptBLUE

      7 years ago

      you should add some google ads so you can earn $ to help maintain site. but i like it so far let me know if you need any help

    • callMeNorth

      7 years ago

      No problem

    • BlueFenix

      7 years ago

      hey man, thanks for the add

    • L33TcaptBLUE

      7 years ago

      wow thanks actually like pretty perfect :3 thank you. whats your site?

    • L33TcaptBLUE

      7 years ago

      Unfortunately i dont have a site to host yet but I'm gonna post stuff in My Let's PLay A Game Group on here shortly while I look for one. I was suppose to last weekend but had my wisdom teeth pulled and it hurt more then i figured it would

    • PandaM66

      7 years ago

      pokemon is a cool thing, you just have to know the right people smiley9.gif

    • callMeNorth

      7 years ago

      Why thank you. =)

    • PandaM66

      7 years ago

      Here is a comment so when you refresh your page you will have it :D

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