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    • Crunch's Words of Wisdom volume 1

      14 years ago


      -when you get take out buffet at china house, fill that sucker up as much as you can. you sure as hell payed for it!
      -if an angry midgit starts a fight, protect your jewels
      -women can ALWAYS find that spot you missed after shaving
      -if the going gets tough, use a rocket launcher
      -old people will be friendly if you smile at them and prove your human
      -if you forget your cd player, you'll always get stuck listening to your brothers scream at each other.
      -always think what bad could happen, that way you won't be surprised when it does.
      -beware of ninjas: they attack from the shadows
      -the dentist will never tell you your teeth are perfect. then they wouldn't have a job would they?
      -13-year olds often lie about their age in order to gain an internet social life
      -krispy kreme doughnuts taste better than any doughnut, even when they are old and stale


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    • freshmen male looking for female...

      14 years ago


      yeah, being single sucks. you see all these couples being all perfect and kissing in front of you...just is depressing. i thought college would be a big bucket of new opportunity...truth is, i was better off back home.
      oh well...i'm going to grab a tub of ice cream and sob in front of the soap operas.
      ---crunch out

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    • Top Ten Reasons College Sucks

      14 years ago


      now for a rant, letterman style:

      1. 10min + walk to class rain or shine
      2. everything costs a bunch
      3. LOTS of work to do
      4. people blast thier music, and since MSU in the hills, its all country
      5. most of the girls are sorority types, and don't dig geeks like me
      6. parking
      7. public bathrooms in dorms
      8. comunity showers, eeew
      9. friends are far away
      10. i have no money. ever.

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      ----i'm done. crunch out

    • the halo 2 bug

      14 years ago


      ok, there's been a lot of questions about not unlocking the multiplayer level "foundation". heres a post someone showed me:

      There is a bug in the game. According to Bungie, all you have to do is finish Campaign on ANY difficulty level and you should get the new mp map. The problem is, if you did all of the on screen tutorials when they came up ("Press right and A to do a Barrel Roll"), you won't get it. You have to ignore one of the on screen tutorials, then do what you ignored on the last level. The barrel roll in the banshee is a perfect example.

      If you already beat it and don't have Foundation (which is a very Wizard-esque map), start a co-op game with your profile and a new profile (Easy mode is fine). Play as the new profile guy, leaving your main profile guy behind to just stand there. Get in the banshee and do a barrel roll on the very last level...finish the game. The new profile guy will be able to select Foundation! So...delete the old profile and rename the new guy to your old name if you want.

      Sounds silly and it is...but it is the ONLY way to overcome the bug.

      This MUST be stickied. Brian at Bungie talked me through this on the phone when I reviewed the game.

      i'm going to try it this weekend and see if it works. i'll let you know if it does! good luck!

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    • Halo 2 pwns

      14 years ago


      i've missed so much class because of this game: stying up late and sleeping in, and going to class and sleeping there. i love the game, but man...i can't be lacking in the grades. anywho, i'm back now. so expect to see crunch around more.

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    • what? life? where?

      14 years ago


      probably won't be checking the site due to the control halo 2 will have on my life. i might dl the new eps of rvb and watch them on my downtime, but i can't guarentee that there will be much more activity from me on here. if you guys want to join crunch, add capncrunch86 to your xbox live friends list. until next time!


    • Halo 2 soundtrack

      14 years ago


      i walked into EB today to drool over the halo 2 boxes, and i asked the cashier guy "hey man, are you guys gonna sell the halo 2 soundtrack on tues...." i got interrupted mid sentence to see a shiny compact disk case with the much worship halo 2 ring.
      "we're selling them early" he stated.
      "are you sure you can" i studdered.
      "i guess so" he continued, "we have three left."
      I snatched one and ran out the door laughing histerically.

      I am now the proud owner of the halo 2 soundtrack. and lemme tell you, this stuff is great. with a track by breaking benjamin (blow me away), 4 new tracks by incubus (w00t), and a bonus cut by hoobastank (connected), i had a mighty fun ride home blasting this cd. its a very nifty addition to my collection. also, the mjolnir mix is the best! (link below) well, i'm going back to rainbow six. till the 9th my friends.

      the mjoiner mix mp3 (very nice)
      i couldn't get the link thingy to work right so just copy and paste ^_^

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