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    • Dear Edwina Jr Weeks 3-5

      4 years ago



      WEEKS 3-5

      Hi everyone this is my third update on Dear Edwina Jr. This update is going to cover weeks 3-5 though because i haven't made a post in a while due to lack of practices because of snow and also due to me not being emotionally up to it. So practices 6 & 7 were held in the band room because of construction on the stage, so we worked on songs using the piano to make sure that we are getting our harmonies right. On Day eight we finally got to see our set for the first time. Our set contains a garage where we keep costumes and props when they are not being used and a tree house that we can't play on. :( Day nine we started using some costumes such as the pink lady jackets for the song Say No Thank You and the leis and party hats for Hola Lola. On day ten we decided that the majority of us will be on the portable stages when we aren't dancing. We have moved so far forward in these last few weeks and I'm so excited to see where we go from here.

    • 4 years ago


      I know that's it's been a few days, but I've been having some trouble putting what i wanted to say into words but here's my sort of story of how Monty affected my life.
      This last year RWBY has helped create so many good memories. Every Thursday I would camp out on the RT site for at least an hour before RWBY would go live for the public and then watch it the very moment I could. Every Friday during school my friend Mindy and i would rewatch the episode that had came out the night before. We ended up going as Blake and Yang for halloween and even though no one in our tiny town understood who we were we had so much fun. I discovered your work much later than a lot of people but you were still a huge source of inspiration to me. Thank you Monty so much for everything you did.

    • Dear Edwina Jr Week Two

      4 years ago



      WEEK TWO

      Hi everyone, this is my second weekly update on rehearsals for Dear Edwina Jr. I know that this on is a little late but, I've been busy recently between homework and getting my wisdom teeth out :/. So last week we started out with a read through in the band room on Monday and after we had completed our first run through of the script we decided to take the rest of rehearsal to go and clean the stage. We really needed to do this because the stage doesn't really get cleaned up very well at the end if the year, plus we use it to store concert percussion equipment. We also discovered a few things backstage that we know we didn't put there such as the ERMAGHERD shirt. Days four and five were spent getting basic blocking down. Tayla and Naomi started to draw the outline for our utensils for the song "Fork, Knife, Spoon'. Each utensil is almost four feet tall and they are all made from foamboard-like stuff that was taken from scenery from last year.

    • Dear Edwina Jr Week One

      4 years ago


      tumblr_nhzt54vIMD1rgdwtyo1_400.jpg tumblr_nhzt54vIMD1rgdwtyo2_400.jpg

      This year I've decided to blog about rehearsals for our annual drama club production. Our show this year is going to be Dear Edwina Jr. I'm probably going to make these posts weekly, but they may become more frequent as we enter daily practices. Usually the posts will entail some pictures that I've taken and a short summary of what happened that week.

      WEEK ONE

      This week we were scheduled to have three practices, but we only ended up having two due to weather issues. These practices were just casual 2:45-4:45 read-throughs in the band room. We read through the whole script with a five minute break where the intermission will go during performances. Once we finished the read-through we went back an ran through all the songs. Professionalism was often lost to point out a bad joke in the script or to have a short discussion on choreography, props, or costumes. During breaks and setup time we help each other answer trivia crack questions. It's so nice to get back into the swing of things with this group of people that are so much fun to hang out with.

    • 4 years ago


      HI everyone! Im a teenage girl from a tiny town in Ohio. I really dont know what to write but I really want to become more active in the community.

    • 2019 years ago

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