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    • And the Vultures Dive to Intercept....

      9 years ago


      (First person to tell me the song, artist, and game these lyrics were in gets a cookie)

      So I met with the Navy recruiter today, and I got exactly what I expected. Most of the stuff he told me weren't necessarily lies, but they were not the whole truth. Tomorrow I meet with the Coast Guard and the Air Force....

      In case you're wondering, no, I'm not going full boar, but I'm going into the reserves. So I will only go 4 days of the month (which is actually two weekends) and two weeks in the summer. But before all that, Boot Camp a.k.a. "Basic Training", which is about 8-10 weeks depending on which branch. I'll probably pick the Coast Guard since I have an excellent swimming background, and their boot camp is in Cape May, NJ.

      Also, I met with a psychologist today. Not because I'm crazy, far from it. But because I feel like there is something trapped inside me, and I don't have anything to tell anyone in my immediate family or relatives for that matter. My conscience is totally clear. (Apparently this dude is not only a psychology major, but he is also a zoologist major) He told me there was this animal trapped inside me, yearning to be released. Which, bear with me here, sounds a little crazy coming from the doctor, but I think he's onto something.

      He told me to get up off the couch and stand up, he gave me a quick overlook of my physical structure, and asked "Can you run fast?" I told him, "Yeah, fairly quick." He told me to sit down and said "I know what's in you, a White Tiger. You see, and no this is not because you're white, but because you mimic the intelligence and agility of one." I told him "Well, that's interesting, I've always thought of myself being like a Tiger Shark cause I eat everything in sight." He said "I know a few people who are very Tiger Shark-like, but I personally think you're a White Tiger, just in the few minutes we've talked, I can tell you're a very smart guy."

      After that little conversation, I thanked him for meeting with me and came home. Shortly after that I took a quick nap to get myself rested, and during my dream, I had an interesting experience.

      I was napping in a sunchair near a pool with my eyes covered by a towel, when I took the towel off, I looked down at my feet to find that I now had white paws. I jumped up out of the chair to look at my hands, but they were now white paws too. I rushed toward the pool to look at my reflection, and sure enough, I had been changed into a White Tiger. Then I looked behind me to find I had a bloody tail, that was actually fairly cool. It wasn't like I felt like I was in a different body either, it felt natural, like this was my inner beast.

      I woke up from my "cat" nap to find my phone ringing from an alarm I had previously set, which thinking about, I really wished I hadn't done....

      -Andrew "The Tiger"
      "Don't just release the demons, take control of them and make them work for you."

    • 9 years ago

    • This was a triumph...

      9 years ago


      Im making a note here, HUGE SUCCESS.....

      I just got the song "Still Alive" from Ellen McLain aka GLADoS from Portal. I also learned how to play it on my acoustic. So if you see me make a portal reference on your page, now you know why.

      Can you all do me a huge favor right now, can you call my phone, I can't find it around my house. my number is 619-549-6508. This is my actual number, and if I can't find it, leave a message of who you are on the site so I can keep your number in my phone....

      Thanks, Andrew
      - You gotta lose yourself in the moment, you want it, you better never let it go, you only get one shot to make things right, because life won't slow down or give second chances....

    • Dwelling in the Possum Kingdom

      9 years ago


      Here's a poll for you guys on which guitar I should consider next. This is because I just learned "Possum Kingdom" from Toadies (Guitar Hero II reference here in case you didn't see it). And to do this song right, I need a whammy bar for part of the song. I can play it without the bar.... but I have to do an ass load of bending.

      I realize there are a lot of Gibsons in the poll, but Fender really only has the Stratocaster, and I'm really a fan of the Firebird, but that decision isn't final yet.

      If you guys hadn't noticed, I always try to come up with a witty title, not to try to be smart or stupid, but to try to push the boundaries of my imaginative state, since the comic book I'm working on will require it.

      "And I promise you, I will feed you well", but you have to "give me one reason" to "stop" increasing my "bad reputation", because it's "never enough", and you will "fear" me once i can "keep it coming". You see that, I just linked a series of songs and lines in the songs into one giant sentence. First person to name all of the composers gets the mentioned in my comic, and perhaps even drawn!

      I might even be housesitting in July, so we'll get an XBL playdate soon I hope.

      Nearly choked on my guitar pick. Near god, how bad would that have been in a news headline.... "Boy chokes on pick, death by rock"

      - Medium pick or Heavy pick? hmph, whatever. Wait, then again, I'll lose one throwing it out to the crowd, fine, I'll take the medium and carry the other as back up....

    • Do you folks like coffee?!?!

      9 years ago


      Sorry, listening to Dethklok. Had to put that out there. But I just made some bomb-ass coffee with some Creme Brulee coffee mix and if I'm not careful, this shit will keep me up all night long!

      Now that I sort of have your attention, let me progress. Apparently in FUEL, there is a secret achievement called "Squadala, We're Off". GOOD GOD THIS IS A BAD REFERENCE!!! Fucking Zelda CD-i.

      Also, just finished watching the new short and the new RvB Chapter Ten. First off. FUCKING A DUDE Tex is just as badass!!! Second, I noticed a little note in the short. There is a little thing at the top of the Mac screen that says "stop recording" hahaha, now I know how they made it. I love pointing out little glitches.

      Definitely living up the nostalgia today by downloading every song I can remember from the old NFS games. I must've been 10 or 11 when they were the biggest part of my life. NFS HP2 was freaking amazing back then. Just listening to the music brings back great memories sitting on front of the TV for 8 hours just racing around a closed world.

      I honestly wish if I could change forms, I would probably change into either a welsh corgi or a fox. I don't know, just throwing that out there.


    • My four love/hate relationships....

      9 years ago


      1. Skateboarding: Reasoning behind this one is that I fucking love my longboard just to skate around down near the beach and shit, but I hate my short board because I can't hardly ollie on it anymore, I could never even kickflip. And if I try to ride it, it feels WAAAAY to freaking small.

      2. Youtube: Well obviously, I love posting videos of just the random shit that happens, or lately, more stuff for achievements since I can't do it here cause I don't have a capture card. The problem with this is, there's always a fucking random twat who wants to come into my videos and go "u fail u fucking suck mai thr33 year old bro is better than yuo". It's never the same guy every time, it's just a bunch of them who seems to collaborate around the honest people of the internet just to be dicks. Then I hit the nice block user and delete button. ;) tee hee :)

      3. Snowboarding: This has to be my all time favorite sport over surfing, baseball, football, and swimming. I don't know why, but I love being in an atmosphere where I can work up such a sweat i get down to one layer of clothes in snow. The only problem with this is that, for obvious reasons, it only happens for like 4 months of the year. That leaves me 8 months have to try to find other shit to fill the hole. :(

      4: Dreaming: Oh man, if I could sleep for the rest of my life, it would be the hardest decision ever. Seriously, just this morning I dreamt I was playing Modern Warfare 2 with an RPD, but my opponents were freaking Spartans! But then I woke up as I was getting the game winning kill (god dammit).

      So yeah, it's been a while. Hope you guys get a kick out of this. Oh, and Paco, one quick thing. I got "Adjudicate the Arbiter" and "Mr. Punctual" the other day, all I need now in "Detour the Great Journey" and "OMG BFF FTW".

      - I am the fourth horseman of the apocalypse bitch. (throws Semtex) Stuck you in the face motherfucker! Yeah triple kill bitch. You see I told you I was the fourth horseman, but nooooo, you didn't believe me, that's what you get BITCH! Actual quote from my first ever day of playing MW2.

    • A Revelation of Smaller Proportions...

      9 years ago


      So lately to keep me from going insane, I went back to playing my guitar a LOT, and I had this moment right when I looked up the tab for "Give Me One Reason" (it's a damn good song, shut up).

      If you try to play Nirvana's "Drain You" and "Give Me One Reason", you find that both revolve around three distinct chords. F, C#, and B. THAT"S IT! And then I realized, just about every song I know without the solo (I can play Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap including the solo but that's beside the point) is set around the first 5 frets, it's just a different combination of those three chords plus a few others.

      That made it SO much easier for me to pick up on songs without having to keep referring to my chord chart. I think it's called "Learning," I LIKE IT!!

    • 3 Choices, 1 Outcome

      9 years ago


      So I'm backed into the corner so bad that now I have three choices about my life (well, four but the last one will never happen)

      So here they are
      1. Get a full time or 2 part time jobs.
      2. Join the military
      3. Join the Job Corps (FUCK NO)
      4. Homeless (won't happen)

      So yeah, I've put in like 35 applications in two days, and I have a good shot at Chipotle and Subway, and possibly GameStop. I am also taking a year off of school cause I'm on "Academic Probation" cause I failed 4 of my 5 classes cause they were gay, online, and comprised ENTIRELY of tests. LAME... So yeah, I'm about to crash the gate one way or another, wish me luck, I'm going to need as much as I can get.

      "I'm looking for an 'Eric?'" Female answers "I'm Eric-A" "Oh alright (oh shit this is embarrassing)" This actually happened just before a job interview, AWKWARD!!

    • Dividing By Zero

      9 years ago


      Apparently causes sinkholes..... Everybody always says never divide by zero because it causes the Earth to collapse in on itself. I think someone in Guatemala City tried. Here you go, check this out.

    • Lead Project Manager

      9 years ago


      So I just started working again, but not for pay or anything like that. I'm working for an artist friend of mine that I've known since high school. Name's Chris, he's a CRAZY good artist, he just got back from the Art Institute in San Francisco.

      He's also a really good guitarist, and we had a jam session and played some crazy solos, then got to work.

      I'm the "Lead Project Manager of the 'Horror' Genre" at my work. Chris is the Head Artist and basically Lead Designer. He started the group, which consists of me, two friends from high school, him, and his buddy in San Fran who is the Lead Color Artist.

      So if you remember that journal entry I made a few weeks back, it talked about a choreographed movie sequence, I'm using that as one of the scenes in the comic. It'll span across about 20 panels, all drawn by Chris and myself, I will do most of the modeling for the characters. My two buddies are doing the "Creative Fiction" and "Romantic Comedy" stuff, which includes them having the term "Lead" in their titles. So I really get to let out my dark side on this stuff. Let loose and get black as night.

      We also plan to get these comics published, so it's not just an inside thing, maybe you'll see us at a comic booth at none other than COMIC-CON!!! I just might sign one for you, since you and I know you're awesome. This doesn't mean in any way that I will be famous, but it means I will have made a mark on at least a few people.... think about it this way, what if I do get famous? Then you'll have a signed comic by yours truly.

      "Do I need a quote for the awesomeness of this work?!"

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