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    • Blinded Myself with Science!

      9 years ago


      So I went back to my old high school to visit an old teacher, we was my favorite science teacher. He was actually happy to see me, cause I was always a teacher's pet, and I'm a science nerd.

      So luckily we was doing a project on sound waves. And he just happened to have my favorite substance. Sulfur Hexaflouride. If you don't know what it is, look it up on youtube.

      But he had me do the demonstration on the difference in particle structure in comparison to sound waves. So first, I did what every grade school kid has done. I inhaled a little bit of helium, then started to speak to the freshmen. Apparently they've never done this before, so they started busting up when my voice got super high.

      Then the next example was the Sulfur Hexaflouride. I actually told the entire class to shut up until I was done for full enjoyment (cause I knew damn well what it does). So then I inhaled some of that, and my voice got REALLY low and I could see the entire class about to bust into tears. So I spoke quickly, and then stopped.

      I swear, at least 4 students fell out of their seats laughing too hard.

      The really ironic thing was that I came into the class listening to "She Blinded Me With Science" by Thomas Dolby.

      "And my voice gets really low, but yet somehow I'm still funny. It's Scientific!!!!"

    • Full boar, head on, running & gunning...

      9 years ago


      So I had my last final today. I jumped in head on, no remorse, and smoked that bitch.

      I made that test my bitch, smacked it up, and did vile and disgusting things so badly the test was begging for mercy.

      I know I aced it cause I had all of the answers pre-planned out in my head. It wasn't multiple choice, it was free write. So yeah, I had all the answers this morning. I was even dreaming of raping the test so badly.

      (No tests or papers were harmed during this exam)


    • Music as a form of Weaponry

      9 years ago


      So about three or four years ago I had this kind of phase where I could only go to sleep if I listened to music in bed. I wouldn't call it insomnia if I didn't but it certainly took easily an hour longer. So what I did is set my Ipod to something relaxing like Pearl Jam, or like a slow Metallica song, or even Radiohead and drift off to sleep.

      Sometimes, I would just listen to one song and forget to turn off my Ipod and it would half drain the battery.

      So I looked on my iTunes this morning through my song count, and my top three songs played are "Even Flow" from Pearl Jam at 210, "Californication" by Red Hot chili Peppers at 195 and "Liberate" by Disturbed at 142.

      I kept trying to remember how these three got hit so many times, then I remembered my sleeping problem... duh!

      "Irish Wristwatch, hahahaha I said it in immunity cause I'm Irish!!!!"

    • Cannot comprehend what just happened

      9 years ago


      OK, so here's a weird one for you guys. Are you ready? Cause what you might read next might either make you laugh, or say "What the fuck?!"

      Alright, so this morning I had this weird dream. I know it was this morning cause I went back to sleep after 7:49.

      So I dreamt (the only word that ends in "mt" by the way) that I met Adam Savage, except he was a quadraplegic in a wheelchair. Then I started driving this 1959 Chevy Nomad down to the Nature Center in Chula Vista. Then I hopped out of the car, sat on a set of railroad tracks, and started reading some weird anime novel I've never heard of while listening to Caramelldansen.

      Is it weird enough for you yet? Cause it gets weirder.

      Then I saw off to my left a train coming speeding toward me (I do remember it was an "Amtrak" train specifically). So I jumped off the tracks, to find the train pulling not railway cars, but 2007 Chevy Impalas. So I waited for a gap in the cars and jumped across, then for some reason, I pulled off my right sock. I threw it on the ground, planted my right foot on it, and pushed off with my left foot like it was a skateboard. I started riding my sock down the freeway passing cars left and right. At one point, I did a kickflip onto a car roof and manualed off the roof, onto the hood, and back onto the freeway.

      Then my alarm goes off around 10:30, to none other than Caramelldansen cause that was that last thing I listened to last night.

      Was that weird or WHAT??? Well anyway, after you read my weird ass story of which I have no explanation as to why I dreamt it, I will go off on a tangent.

      I did a great voiceover for the vid I posted last night. It came out really well and on the fly, and my video editing skills have increased, three fold. Here's the video I made. It's another achievement Hunter (unofficially) video covering GRID

      "When life gets you down, go up to life and make it a deal. If it doesn't accept, punch it in the face!"

    • Back to the Hunt

      9 years ago


      So I realized I had the day off (woohoo!) So I went back to doing what I do best, making videos about gaming, kinda like Geoff and Jack. Since I cleaned out PURE, I went into GRID and made 2 videos today detailing 75 Gamerscore.

      I realize the quality is kinda shit, but hey, people love my commentary and they also recognize my gamertag after so many months of being off (this is all true. don't believe me? Just check my "PURE Triple Flip guide" on my account)

      So yeah, for those of you achievement Hunters out there that check youtube, hit me up, I try to respond to every comment as best I can! My profile can be found here.

      "And it should come up for 20 gamerscore... and FACEPLANT!!!!" This was an actual quote from another PURE video I made that someone heard...

    • Back from the Brink

      9 years ago


      "Out of the frying pan is more like it."

      Finally got over being sick, thank god cause I was hacking up a storm. Went camping this weekend, which explains why I haven't commented on your guys' stuff.

      So much dirt, it's not even explainable, or excusable for that matter. Got rope burn from the climbing session we had, went straight up this huge rock face, then almost horizontally upside-down. Scary shit if you're not trained, but the ultimate thrill for junkies like me!

      So yeah, I'm back. Hit me up if you want to talk or something, just chillin at home now. Might get a good night's sleep in little over a week.

      "When the going gets tough, the tough whip out a shotgun and a sniper."

    • Sick as a Dog...

      9 years ago


      It's fairly difficult for me to type at the moment. My head is spinning and throbbing at the front, I'm tired all the time, I've even lost the feeling for gaming (even Halo 3). If I sit down for too long then get up, I feel like I'm about to faint. I understand of course that my spelling and grammar are perfect, but that's because I've gone over this 3 times

      Wish me a speedy recovery please, I'm going to need to get better soon, shit has to get done around here.

      On another note, I might get my own internet at my house, 20 bucks a month, and since I happen to have a 1 month lying around, you and I just might get an XBL playdate soon!

      "Doesn't even have a good quote cause the mind is shot, and the fingers and speech are slow to react."

    • A choreographed movie sequence.....

      9 years ago


      I just thought of this 10 minutes ago. I'll set the scene for you.
      (Young man of 19 who plays by his own rules, has many enemies of the world, not afraid to lay down the hurt)

      Main character: I haven't come up with a name yet but I'll use mine.

      Andrew walks down the broken sidewalk, listening to a playlist he made 3 months ago, He approaches a baseball field to his immediate right, and sees an old comrade turned rival all alone at the field.

      *Flashback* (An argument sets two friends against each other, who proceed to tussle and both are injured. Andrew is seen putting in a good kick to the kidney of his rival, and slowly walks away, back turned)

      Andrew walks past the field, knowing that his enemy has noticed him. The rival (I'll use Darren cause I actually got in a fight with a guy named Darren). Darren slowly pulls out his aluminum baseball bat, his old favorite of three years. Andrew gets the sense of being followed, and is quickly charged by Darren, running at full speed with the bat ready to strike. As Darren swings, Andrew anticipates the swing. He ducks, narrowly avoiding the hit. Andrew then progresses towards Darren's throat, arm half bent. A quick shock to the head send Andrew and Darren to the ground. Andrew gets Darren in a blood choke, and knowing the it only takes three seconds for a knockout, Andrew plans to settle this beef, permanently.

      With a steady arm lock around the head, cutting off circulation, Darren drops the bat in surprise, and places his hands at Andrew's elbow, attempting not to blackout. In Andrew's head, only two seconds have gone by, then Darren's body goes limp, but Andrew continues the hold for 1....2....3....4. He is not sure whether the deed is done, so he lets go for a brief moment to check the pulse. Two fingers at the wrist, (1 beat, 2 beats). Andrew then makes his way back to the neck, and with great force, turn the neck violently, quickly, and a snap echoes out in the park.

      He knows he just committed murder, but doesn't mind, considering that him enemy has been vanquished.

      (I haven't gotten any further but I'll leave it up to you to decide the ending) Pretty good story? Leave a nice comment please and tell me what you envisioned for our protagonist (that means Andrew)

    • Halo for Homework

      9 years ago


      In english 101 today our professor gave us this assignment I was unfamiliar with. It's called a "Profile Essay."
      She showed us a few examples of essays she received over the years, and one of them was based around World of Warcraft. Then there was a click in my head.

      I perked up and asked the teacher, "Can it be on any topic, including games?" She replied "Absolutely, but it must be told from either a second person or third person view, little or no first person if possible." I responded "So does 'Halo' qualify?" A retort quickly came "Sure, why not?"

      Then this feeling of joy and excitement began to overcome me, almost to the point where I couldn't sit in my seat. The professor kind of saw this and asked "Is there something you want to tell us?" I said "YES, this is going to be EASIEST ASSIGNMENT YOU'VE EVER GIVEN!!!!" She replied "Well, why is that?"

      I answered "Well, I have Halo, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo Wars, two of the novels, and the encyclopedia with the foreword by Frank O' Connor." Then she said "Then by the end of the essay I should know everything about Halo, huh?"

      All I have to do is play games all week and write a 1200-1400 word (or about 4-5 page) essay on the Halo series. How cool is that?!

      "The see me rolling, my Warthog, they know that I'm gonna start sniping dirty..."

    • Off the Grid

      9 years ago


      Finally went out and purchased GRID today. Got there at the GameStop at 9:59 so I could be the first one. I mean, the game's been out for two years, no big release or anything, I just like being first in line.

      I thought I was going to have to search the pre-owned section, but nope, it was right there, the first case I saw. 20 bucks for a two year old game that no one plays anymore....

      I'll take it.

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