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    • 9 years ago

    • Flipping the switch

      9 years ago


      If you check out the doppler radar for SD, it's some crazy shit. Heavy Rain and what nought. The game ain't got shit on this weather.

      I finally helped to get the Platinum trophy in Modern Warfare 2. Star 69 was fucking easy!

      Got soaked, my courdoroy pants got jacked from the rain. I really think someone upstairs is flipping the rain switch on and off whenever I get inside, then go out side.

      I'll let you figure that out on your own. In other news, got 2 checks today since my boss was back-logged. $550. Nice

    • One of my better days...

      9 years ago


      So this morning I got a text from my boss saying i didn't have to come into work today.


      And I also called Xbox customer support to get my 360 fixed, which is probably why none of you have seen me on in forever. I got the label in my email, printed it out, an went to UPS to get it shipped. $11 bucks for a box and packaging, not bad. So it should be back in 2-3 weeks. Modern Warfare 2 here I come!!!

      Then just to treat myself, I went to Dairy Queen and got a Blizzard, since I hadn't had one in three years. Freaking Epic.

      And also with MW2, I've been playing with a friend, and we have 92% of all the trophies, just missing Star 69, and then we're done.

      "The best days happen when you get off your ass and actually do something"

    • Taken of fallen lamb

      9 years ago


      (reference here, first person to mention it gets bonus points)

      So I plowed through the biggest meal of my life today, and I'm sure I'll have a heart attack this afternoon.

      So my buddies at work decided to play a prank/bet with me today. I asked my friends to get me a 4X4 animal style with animal style fries and a large coke. I got it.......and a little more.

      They also decided to "borrow" my credit card when ordering me my food.

      They got 5, yes 5, 4X4 burgers (by the way, 4X4 means four patties and four slices of cheese) with all the stuff I asked on all 5. They told me that if I can eat all 5, with the one order of fries, without ever drinking, then they would pay me the balance in full, and in cash.

      The balance was $35.89, cause they got themselves some food on the side.

      So I decided to take them up, and the first two I drove into the ground, then the third was pretty tasty for some reason. The fourth and fifth were down and I was still hungry, but at this point, really thirsty. Finally the fries were up. I dumped 5 packets of ketchup on them and downed them.

      I think it was at this moment that their jaws hit the floor. They paid up, and I went back to work on the scanner, this is when I fell to the floor cause it took all of the energy out of me to eat all that food. But dammit, tastiest meal EVER! I hope I don't pull a Gavino and barf it all up later with little chilies coming out whole. Gross.

    • 7.2 earthquake

      9 years ago


      Check the news, it's EVERYWHERE!

      SoCal got hit by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake today. It was a roller, not a shaker (If you've never experienced an earthquake, then consider yourself lucky).

      I bolted out the door with me PS3 controller still in hand, and no shoes.

      I lasted for a full minute and a half, unlike what the news says (45 seconds).
      Scary shit to say the least, telephone poles were shaking, no damage thankfully.

      There was some damage at the epicenter (Mexicali/Calexico), but nothing too major.

      Weirdest Easter EVER!

    • RvBCA = Great Idea

      9 years ago


      A few days ago, Gabby and Paco got the idea to get RvBCA going, it's a kinda get together for the members of the site who will be in town during Comic-Con. Almost like RvBTO, but in California. Chillin' on the beach, playing some CTF, having a BBQ, s'mores and a bonfire, and for me, maybe a little surfing.

      Anyway, since it is still 5 months away, there certainly is a lot of time to get things planned.

      And since I'm a local (technically Imperial Beach, still SD county though and I go downtown everyday.), I can help scout out a good location.

      I'm thinking Coronado Beach, on Coronado Island (it's not an island, but it practically is.) I can take the Silver Strand and be there in like 20 minutes if I drive like a bat out of hell. But the beach is really nice, it's away from the crowded streets of Comic-Con, and it'll be really nice if we go through with that location.

      Man, it's going to be SOOOOOO cool to meet everyone from the site. And playing a real game of CTF might just top playing one on Halo 3.

      On an unrelated note, I had a dream one night that I was playing a very tactical game of Halo 3, I think it was Neutral Bomb, and I was shouting orders in my dream. Guy that came in said he thought I was playing, but the TV was off and he then knew I was not only dreaming, but I was a hardcore gamer.


    • Best way to expire

      9 years ago


      So I had this weird thought (It's also for my class)

      If you had to die tomorrow, how would you choose to die?

      My personal choice would be "Strap me to a rocket a destroy it with a giant laser".

      If you get this reference then you get mod points, if not, then I'll post the reference in an edit to this journal.

      But I really would like to see everyone's reaction to this, how crazy can you get? Or would you rather just eat yourself to death, or die peacefully?

      Please post so I can get a consensus, it's for a class and I need a large pool of data, so everyone who sees this, tell a friend so I can complete my assignment!

    • Shamrock on a Mine

      9 years ago


      Random title yes. But I saw a picture of a shamrock (like a metal one) on a field mine, when the mine detonated, the shamrock was perfectly intact! GO IRELAND!!!!

      Anyway, randomness aside. I had this thought of how many people I could get to dress up a zombies and just walk down the street and scare the shit out of people. It would be fun if we could pull it off.

      Next. RVBCA!!!! Can't wait for that shit, I'll finally get to meet Paco and everyone else from the site (hopefully)! A little piece of me just grew grew wings and flew away :')

      Finally, spring break, and I'm fucking working. Money in the bank, show 'em what you crank!

      Autobot tattoo should be coming soon, maybe in a month or two. When I finally get the nuts to get it, it's fucking mine.

      Peace and love to all, except those I kill online, then it's just my nutsack!

      - "AK47. Second gun of MW1, final gun of MW2, why so serious?!"

    • One in a (bleeping) million....

      9 years ago


      Driving down the 905 today in my car, Sonic (see one of the previous journals, or just check my pics), and this guy in a brand spanking new Mustang GT500 (I think it was a SuperSnake) pulls up next to me in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

      His car is FUCKING BEAUTIFUL!!!

      Black with 2 red stripes down the middle, nice little spoiler on the back (for you non-vehicle aficionados that means the "wing")

      I asked him what the name of his car was, he says, "Shadow". First thing pops in my head, "Could he be a Sonic the Hedgehog fan too?"

      He asked me mine, I said "Sonic". He says "Oh, you mean, like the hedgehog?"

      I said "yup", then I asked him, "Same for yours?"......... He nodded his head.

      My jaw fucking dropped at that moment. It was like the universe aligned to bring together these two cars.

      So I decided to have a little fun with him since we were stuck. I threw my car into neutral and revved it. He revved his back, and there was a beautiful symphony at work of two huge V8's burning fuel and creating exhaust, and a lot of noise.

      Then a cop pulled up to us, gave us a smirk look, and we stopped, afraid we were going to get fined or something.

      How often does it happen, blending old with new, and the love of one video game franchise for the name of a car across 45 years? One in a fucking million dude... maybe even higher!

    • 9 years ago

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