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    • My new shoes, along with a great idea...

      9 years ago


      Several weeks ago I got my newest pair of shoes. They're a nice skateboarding set of Circa's and they match my style (sort of). While I was at the shoe store I had this great idea.

      Why not make a full set of Modern Warfare 2 shoes?

      Hear me out here, over 3 million people play MW2 and after playing it I was hooked. When I earned my first callsign, and found out there was other stuff there, my mind went into that sort of business mode.

      With the symbol for the AC130 gunship, UAV, Airdrop, and the nuke and other signs, why not put them on the bottom of the shoe. Not the actual bottom, but between where the bottoms and the main material are, that sort of strip of white maybe 1/2 inch thick

      Then on the back where the company logo is, put the "i" in the molecule as the logo, symbolizing MW2. Maybe black on the night-vision green. Maybe make them look like something from TF-141.

      They would sell pretty quickly I would think, and there's a poll so you guys can express your opinion as well.

    • 9 years ago

    • Itunes, Garageband, and my phone...

      9 years ago


      I'm kinda pulling this Mitzli style here.

      So I got my new SIM card for my phone cause I'm a dumb-ass and lost my other one. The first thing I decided to do is see if I could record songs on my phone so I don't have to put up with those shitty songs they came with. Usually I'll just start a song and press record and hope for the best. This is usually the really good way of making really shitty songs.

      Well, anyway, I remembered that my friend's dad has a lot of songs on his phone and they're really good, and he did it through Garageband and ITunes.

      So I decided to give it a try...

      The first 12 times they wouldn't get to my phone (I'm using Bluetooth as well) cause my phone doesn't take GarageBand files. So I called him and I did some tweaking

      Some SERIOUS tweaking

      Anyway, I eventually figured out how to cut up the cut up the songs the way I like it, and then I tried it again, and once again, my phone wouldn't accept the files...

      This is when my mind kicked into Overdrive

      I looked for a way to convert GarageBand files into ITunes files, and sure enough, there it was, "Convert Song to ITunes" (DUN DUN DUN DUH!!!) I started converting files like a madman and before I knew it, I had 25 songs ready in my new playlist on ITunes. Then the moment of truth came, and my phone accepted the first file...

      This was when I knew this would be a crucial point... I pressed accept on my phone, and then "As the Tables Turn" by CKY started to play, crisp and as clear as day... My relief and my joy hit in that same moment, and now I have 25 awesome songs on my phone, 1 for each person and 1 as a regular tone for everyone else!

    • Frantic...

      9 years ago


      tick tick tick tick tick tock.. If you knew Metallica you'd have gotten that reference by now. But anyway, my life is sucking, my professor keeps changing up books on us and I can't afford them all. GRRR. I have to admit though (and I'm going off on a left tangent here) that my LimeWire is still kicking serious ass! And Frantic was about the only good song from the St. Anger album...

    • Gamers will rejoice!

      9 years ago


      I recently read two nice things about video games that make me feel a LOT better.
      1. Apparently, (And I did a study AND report on this in my junior year of High school so, I was right), some video games can actually improve a person's vision. Start playing Modern Warfare 2 and the results should be drastic!
      2. The larger memory you have, the better you will be at video games (It's a lot more complicated than this, but this is basically what they're saying)
      So, better sight, bigger brain, I don't see how any gamer can lose, unless, you know, you get pwned by Me, or Mitzli, or Visceral, or SCriminal, then you just suck. But health benefits from video games! Gamers must rejoice on these findings!

    • Kickapoo, kinda redone

      9 years ago


      A long ass fucking time ago in a town called Imperial Beach,
      There lived a humble family, of surfers by the sea,
      But yeah, there was a black sheep, and that black sheep was me.

      His name was young Andrew and he refused to step in line,
      A vision he did see of fucking gaming all the time,
      He played one perfect game and all the planets did align...

      Oh the gamers guns were blazing as I stepped into the game,
      And I sliced their fucking heads off, with a long and shiny blade,
      Twas I who fucked the gamers, fuckalize sing-fuckaloo,
      and if you try to fuck with me then I shall Skull-fuck you!

      Gotta get it on in the gaming zone,
      Gotta drain a clip in the gaming zone,
      Gotta score the flag in the gaming zone,
      Gotta plant the bomb in the gaming zone!

      So... what do you guys think? I came up with it myself, switching around a few words here and there, but it still works, I think.

    • Final Destination marathon

      9 years ago


      So I watched a F.D. marathon from about 10 o'clock last night with my friends. We started from 1 all the way to the fourth, and I kept laughing my ass off! I had seen 1-3 and I knew when things would happen, and the deaths got cornier as every second passed... but my friends never knew why I was laughing so hard. I told them, "this is freaking retarded, I mean seriously, that death (I won't give anything away for you who haven't seen any) was about the weirdest way to die!" When we finally got to the fourth Final Destination, I actually got kinda grossed out, but still, I was on the floor the whole time. They really have run out of ideas, and apparently they're making ANOTHER, so I'd like to see how bad that one is.... Oh and one quick note, I went to the premiere of FD3 when I was like 15 cause I snuck in, and I was the only person in there laughing, everybody else was scared or grossed out. One dude next to me said "You saw Saw 3 didn't you?" and I said "Yeah, that wasn't as funny as this though!

    • Who's Bad at Playing Halo?

      9 years ago


      Not this guy! Because I'm Bad, I'm bad, Come On (kicks leg), you know it!

    • I got it...

      9 years ago


      Modern Warfare 2....and I got a nice Dickies sweater from my dad. I didn't get ODST, but I'll go out and buy that. But Once I get Live, it's freaking over...for all the noobs!! I've been practicing at a friend's house, I'm ready.

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