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    • 9 years ago

    • 2 bits, and one I forgot..

      9 years ago


      Esta primera parte que estoy escribiendo en español, porque de todas las fotos que tomé hoy en Barrio Logan, cerca del centro de San Diego. Si está Paco, puede undertand esto, todo el mundo puede utilizar Google Translate. El hombre, el arte de Barrio es el caso en profundidad, se tomó un tiempo largo el culo para hacerlo, estoy seguro. Que podría tomar fotos de Chicano Park mañana. Voy a publicar fotos de "The Wall", todos nos llaman así.

      Next bit...

      Dóibh siúd agaibh a labhraíonn Gaeilge, is é seo giotán duit. Lá Happy Naomh Pádraig! Tá a fhios agam mé déanach, ach Google Translate Is uirlis iontach. I Ní raibh a fhios d'fhéadfaí é a dhéanamh mo theanga dúchais! Na hÃ'°ireann do na buaigh! Mura bhfuil tú ar nós na hÃ'°ireann, ansin ní ba chóir duit dul ann, a chur faoi deara bhíonn siad ólta i gcónaí.

      Just wanted to get that out of the way!

    • Midnight Party Rock Fest

      9 years ago


      So I went with a friend to the midnight release of God of War III, in which by showing up at 9 p.m., we were the first ones there. We were expecting something more like the release of MW2 or Halo 3 for that matter. After we got there, like 50 more people got in line behind us, couldn't have been better timing. Also bought the strategy guide/art book which is pretty sick.

      Anyway here's the good part of my blog which you guys MIGHT be interested in....

      I got off work today and there was a huge crowd outside my office protesting some band coming to town (I don't remember who). Well, there was an anti-protesting protest (that was a mouthful) right across from them and they were playing a few rock songs right before I got off work.

      I had a pretty funny thought.... what if I jumped onstage and started playing AC/DC in front of a crowd.

      I grew a HUGE pair of cajones today and fucking did it, grabbed a plugged in guitar. I walked over to the drummer and asked him to play "Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution". And I started playing the guitar riff for it.

      Then it got silent, very silent.

      First few chords come out pretty good, and I got into a groove, then the lead singer recognized the song and started singing, we got the WHOLE FUCKING CROWD going. The original protest stopped for four minutes while I was onstage.

      The other guitarist onstage apparently knew the song too, and we started playing in front of each other like a Metallica concert. I let him take over the solo, but I kept the riff going.

      The whole crowd started singing the chorus too, which shut everyone else up. Cars were honking, people in busses were staring, and it was EASILY the best experience of my life. After we finished the song and I jumped off stage, the feeling was undefinable, so much adrenaline was flowing, my knees got all weak.

      I almost couldn't drive home cause people were crowding my car asking me for my signature. So I hopped out and signed a few pads of paper, jumped back in the car, and the band on stage all pointed at me, so I waved back. Damn, this is one that I'll be dreaming about for the next week!

      -"Just get up, grab the guitar, and crank it up to eleven!"

    • 9 years ago

    • 9 years ago

    • Prized Possessions

      9 years ago


      So I've seen a few people on the site up up pics of their prized possessions, so I thought I'd share mine with you guys.

      My ultimate prized possession is a Transformers Comic I got at Comic-Con 09.

      Why is this so important you may ask?

      Lets put it this way, the Transformers signed it!

      The cover is signed by (in order):
      Charlie Adler (aka Starscream from the first and second movie), top right
      Neil Kaplan (Long Haul in the ROTF game, and Optimus in Robots in Disguise), top middle
      Jess Harnell (Ironhide in the first and second movie), middle left
      Tom Kenny (Spongebob Squarepants/ Wheelie in ROTF and Skids in ROTF), center
      Gregg Berger (the OGs Grimlock and Skyfire from G1) center right
      James Arnold Taylor (you might know him as Ratchet from Ratchet and Clank, but he also played The Fallen in the ROTF game.) bottom left

      It really means a lot to me, cause it will be a while before I can go to Comic-Con again, it'll be a few years. But honestly, I thought I would NEVER meet Tom Kenny or James Arnold Taylor, or Charlie Adler for that matter.

      But anyway, there's a pic with it that will be linked to this journal. And I always put up cool journals, so put me on watch, and i'll watch you back, I promise, I already took off Geoff and Burnie, so I'll have room for you.

      And anyone is free to comment, and envy, and be jealous, I understand!


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    • 9 years ago

    • New whip, new style.

      9 years ago


      As of March 4, I will no longer be taking the trolley to work anymore. Instead, I will be taking the car my sister gave me, her cherried out 1966 Mustang. I re-named it Sonic, after Sonic the Hedgehog, because it's blue and white. But dude, this thing has a sound from the engine that can start earthquakes!

      She gave it to me as a late Christmas present, and at this point, it could have been an early birthday present.

      I'll also post a pic so you guys can adore my sweet ride.

      So the story goes that a dad rebuilt this car from SCRATCH from the junkyard for his 16 year old son. Only problem is, when he showed his son the newly rebuilt car, the kid said he wanted a truck instead. So my sister ended up obtaining it for 3K dollars, fucking sweet deal!

      Anyway, she said she'd get me a car last Christmas, but it never happened, until she handed me the keys today and made me drive the car to Subway to get her some food during her lunch break. People give you some interesting looks in a Mustang. One guy in a Civic pulled up to me at a red-light and revved his engine, and I full-bored my engine just to piss him off, letting the thing steep at 6500 RPM. The guy look shit-faced when I did that!

      After work, I drove to my old school right as students were getting out, and people were crowding around my car like I was a fucking celebrity. I told everyone to back up, revved the engine again (I actually scared the administrator walking by! tee hee), and people went nuts for that sound. Even the speedometer claims the car can hit 140, which another reason why I re-named it Sonic.

      I might have a shitty job, but this car totally makes up for it!

      " '66 Mustang's are instant chick magnets, and male pride killers"

    • Tilted life...

      9 years ago


      The universe seems to really not be working in my favor. So that job from the last journal, is in a place where public transportation is nowhere to be found, it's a 30 minute walk from the nearest bus stop, there is a high crime rate, and it's basically in the ghetto. WELL......SHIT!

      See, I knew it was too good to be true, good thing Mitzli didn't come over and shoot me in the head like I mentioned. Well, luckily, I still have a job, pulling a little less than minimum wage, about $8.50 an hour, which will help. I'm a data entry, meaning I take files and I digitize them so we don't use the back room full of papers from years past.

      Man, I was soooooo close to my dream job. It was *this* close to being mine, I had letters of recommendation and the whole nine yards. Too bad it couldn't be any closer. I'm really pissed that I couldn't go, but whatever. Too bad that opportunity will never come again, EVER!!!

      Anything new happen to you guys? Because you're probably fed up with my rambling.....

      "Ever seen a PS3 go 'Red Ring'? You should have been there a few days ago!"

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