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    • CyrusCheever

      12 years ago

      great pics. i would drop some mods but i'm out at the moment. very cool stuff. very sexy.

    • MajorGray3 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      13 years ago

      Hey Charlie. You're awesome. I love your pics! Keep us coming back!!! smiley0.gif

    • Crazy_Dave

      13 years ago

      And no this is not a challange to any MODS, hell if any thing I THANK them. they have a crappy job sometimes.

    • Crazy_Dave

      13 years ago

      okay jerk offs, here's the deal. I work with Charlie. She gets a little over eager about her website but you know what? thats how she makes her living, no different then any other model. I sometimes get over eager about my job(but that just usually pisses me off). The pics are hers, of her.

      end of line

    • geonex88

      13 years ago

      Your image was deleted because it was too suggestive/revealing for the general audience of RvB.

      Shots that pertain to Pornstars, Sites featuring Pornstars, Images that show a direct link to a site containing nudity or other sexual acts, are not fit for your Image gallery. Provocative shots that are either meant to entice or attract the opposite sex are considered NSFW. If you model or character (in the case of Anime) is in a pose that would make your grandmother blush, it is also not fit for this site.

      If you wish to post images of women or men please note that any image that is not fit for a magazine cover (image displayed in public) is not fit for your gallery. It is at the sole discretion of the MOD's to deem such images appropriate or inappropriate. Furthermore, images that depict death, violence, mutilation or could be considered offensive and/or disgusting by others are also subject to removal by Moderators


    • RaNdumb

      13 years ago

      Everyone is a skeptic. S17.gif

      Why is it so off the wall that a good looking woman who has her own adult website would want to be a part of our great community.

    • 1027duck

      13 years ago

      i bet that is not even u
      ur just the producer or something

    • RaNdumb

      13 years ago

      One thing i can say about all of your pics is that they are tastfully done.

      But still way hot.

      Post edited 1/16/06 2:20PM

    • cheap_shot

      13 years ago


      I mean... Hi Charli, welcome to RvB.

    • charlionfire

      13 years ago

      thank you! i see you watch adult swim...awesome...

    • DarthDidious

      13 years ago

      Hey there. Nice pictures. You're a gorgeous girl. Welcome to RvB!

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