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    • Beginning of September

      11 months ago


      I feel like this needs to start like I'm writing in someone's year book- where do I begin??

      At the beginning of the year, I decided to go to the US of A for a month, followed by (thanks to the lady in the travel agents) a few days in Iceland. Although I was looking forward to seeing friends, I was stressing about money, but this ultimately turned out okay in the end. I went out with only half a plan of what I was doing and where I was going, and I came back, well, not wanting to come back.

      RTX and my time in Austin went by like a whirlwind. I genuinely struggle to recall some of it without looking at photographs. I had such an amazing time, as usual, got to see all of my favourite people whilst also making new friends, and overcame a few obstacles along the way. I didn't take many photos, which I like to think is me "living in the moment". In terms of RTX, I had my fair share of worries after my personal experience of last year, but everything proved me wrong and I fully enjoyed everything I did. No need to worry, Charlotte!

      I went on from Austin to a few places: Mobile AL, New Orleans LA, and NYC. I got to explore new places, learn exciting things, and just generally had a lot of fun. It also gave me time to relax which was greatly needed! I spent my time in these places with friends old and new, and I can not thank them enough for their hospitality. A massive shout out to Aaron and Erin for letting me live with them for 2 and a bit weeks and for looking after me. I am so, so grateful to the point that my tired and sombre brain will quite gladly shed a wee tear. I could not ask for greater people to share my time with, and I look forward to gatecrashing your place again next year  wink 

      As always, I have been hit with a major case of the blues since being back, probably more so this year than any other. It comes in waves, and as I sit here now I can feel one crashing down on me. I have created so many amazing memories with the people I love, I find myself wanting to rewind and pause at different moments. A few people know that I'm feeling lost at the moment in my day to day life (apologies to those people for the repeated conversations as I try and straighten out my mind!), so adding this on top is really not helping.

      Basically, what I'm trying to say is thank you to everyone for one of the best summers, and I'll see you next year (or sooner for the lucky few!).


    • End of May

      1 year ago


      I feel like May has been a pretty shoddy month. I don't know if I just had it in for myself thinking it was going to be bad so it was, or whether it just kind of was. I've still had my fair share of fun, don't get me wrong (I went to a Great Gatsby theatrical experience and my GOD I loved it! Would happily go back!), but there's just been a lot of little things that have been frustrating and, sometimes, disheartening. 

      Not June though! Oh, no! I refuse to let the month of June drag me down, whether it's because of a silly mindset, or other wise. The only thing I have planned is to see family and friends from home, so that's one good thing already. If there are little grievances, I'm going to give them a cheeky little slap and tell them to get out of my way! No time for you, pesky grievances! 

      PLUS, two months today I fly out to the US of A. And although May (godDAMN YOU MAY!) has made me feel not as excited for my trip (not sure if I got too excited or what), I know I'll have the best time because I'll be around some of my favourite people, along with any new friends that I'll meet out there! Cute.

      Au revoir, and I hope June is at least okay for everyone!  caboose

    • May

      1 year ago


      I've been wanting to post again and I thought, what better time to post than when I'm not feeling great and I'm super tired? So sorry if there are typos or if any of it doesn't make sense- I should really be asleep rn.

      I've just read through my last post and compared it to my position right now. 

      1) I mentioned that my friend was on about doing a li'l road trip. HA. Never mind, maybe one of my other friends will meet me after they work at Camp America? Don't be fucking stupid. Thank god I have friends out there that I can meet up with otherwise I wouldn't know what to do with myself for a month.

      2) Oh, did I mention that I'm coming to the US for a month over Summer? My second point was regarding money and getting more hours. I did exactly this, decided that I'm going to America for a month and booked my flights. My savings to go are getting there, despite this month's pay being the gOD DAMN SHITTIEST. Being underpaid by 35 hours is not fun. Although the next pay day should be fucking fun. 

      3) My final point was that I wasn't going to plan any concert/ outgoings unless they were viable. This has worked out pretty well on the whole- I've not done half as much as I would usually do. Or if I have done outgoings, it's only been a simple pub visit for a drink. Well done me. 

      I've realised that this post has been slightly whiney and very sweary. Welcome to the world of uber-tired, stressed, not-happy-but-not-sad Charlotte.

      Before I go to sleepy-byes, I just want to say a massive thank you to my friends. Random ramblings and simple hellos do big things when you're not feeling great. I love my friends <3

      Alright. Night, fuckers.

    • RTX London 2017 (October)

      1 year ago


      I don't really know where to start with this. I have that feeling that I want to write a post but I don't really know what to say. I've woken up in a weird mood- not a bad mood, but not exactly happy either. Flat. But we'll come back to that.

      RTX London has been and gone ridiculously quickly. I was dreading the weekend, merely because I didn't know what to expect, plus in my mind, dreading something means it normally turns out better. Safe to say that my crazy method worked again, and I had such a fun-filled weekend. Despite major hiccups and possible "problems" that occurred during the convention, on the whole it went really smoothly, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I enjoyed resuming my position on panels and have made some more friends, specifically with the panels team. When will RT ever quit introducing me to new people?! I got to see two of my American babes and show them a little bit of good ole Landan Town. The weekend made me realise just how much I enjoy working conventions, and it's really something to be considered for the future. The social aspect is a massive part, but just the atmosphere and bringing people together and whatever.

      Moving to my mood. There was part of this weekend where things got to me a little, and this seems to be happening more recently. My friends are doing amazingly well in life it seems. No matter how they see themselves, I see that they're just bossing life, and I am so, unbelievably happy for them. But it's been getting to me. Now, I don't want to moan, these people fully deserve the plate they have been handed. They work so damn hard and are achieving goals and I could not be more proud. It's just making me think a lot about my position in life. I shan't dwell on the negative thoughts, but these feelings combined with my love for working conventions has got me so determined to make it to RTX Austin 2018. I realistically can not afford to go under any circumstances. But fuck that shit, you know? By not going i'm probably going to be stuck in some dumb job, regretting not even trying to make it, so let's just fucking do it. 

      1) Me and my friend have been in talks about fucking off and perhaps travelling. This was brought up again last night over a phone call. She told me her little plan that she's been forming, and I am so down for it.

      2) I'm going to ask my manager for more hours, but if this is not doable then I shall ask another department within the theatre if they are willing to take me on. Gotta get dat money.

      3) I am not going to plan anything like concerts or outgoings unless it is viable/ already planned. As soon as the 6th November goes, I have nothing whatsoever planned. 

      Just fucking get the money and fuck off.

      Let's do this.

    • September

      1 year ago


      Upon this morn I awoke to find that I have been placed in the panels team for RTX London!  matt Ah, home sweet home! So what other time to write a new blog post but now?

      Summer went by with a mix of a sound of a bang and a sound of a sad horn. It started off amazing with RTX and then kind of got meh with a sprinkling of extra happy moments. I went to all of the BBC Proms performances that I had booked, including the Last Night of the Proms, and they were all amazing. I know that I'm not going to be able to afford something like that again for a good while so I made sure I absorbed it all and I greatly appreciate it. I moved house which was alright. It wasn't majorly stressful, but it was just a pain! But I'm in a much nicer house now. 

      And now I'm just getting back into the swing of things. I'm working full time at my job that I've had for the past 2 and a half years, just until I get on my feet again, all the while looking to see what I actually want to do. I've also started going to the gym  ren Shock horror! And to try and encourage myself and keep me on track, I've decided to create a lifestyle-y blog which you should totally check out  barbara ( )

      Coming up next in October: Disneyland Paris, RTX London and Michael Giacchino live. October's gonna be hella fun but also hella expensive! See you there.

    • RTX 2017 (July)

      2 years ago


      I've been struggling to comprehend words that can clearly explain my thoughts on my past two weeks away. I've been trying to think ever since RTX ended just how to interpret everything into a piece of text, and it just hasn't happened. So here goes nothing...

      It's been amazing. I've probably said that the last couple of years, but this year was different. I left to fly to Canada (followed by Austin) feeling like shit, if there wasn't a better way of putting it. So many small things have been going wrong. But then I'm greeted by some of the people that I love the most, sharing fun times and unforgettable moments, meeting new people and just so much more.

      I think some of us feel the same when I say that this year felt different. Everything just had a different flow to it. I was placed on tech team, did not enjoy it, so moved back to my home- panels, welcomed with open arms. RTX flew by.

      I don't even know if I'm making any sense; just a mess of words on screen, but I just want to say thank you. Thank you to those who comforted me when I needed it, to those always being there for me. Thank you for times that made me forget about everything and remember just to have a fucking blast. Thank you to the new people I've met- I hope you join the others with being people that I greet with wide-open arms each time I see you. Thank you for letting me/ experiencing with me the absurd, over-the-top, hilarious, weird, and damn right awesome times. 

      Peace, you fucking amazing lot.

    • May.

      2 years ago


      Yo! It's update time!

      What with the Guardian assignment release I thought it'd only be appropriate to write a little something for your eyes. So talking of which, this year, my third year as a Guardian, I am joining the tech crew! Goodbye my sweet, sweet panel people, but it is time for me to move on to pastures new! I'm surprised that I'm still looking forward to this position- I'm not really enjoying my job as an event technician at my students' union, but not everywhere is the same so hopefully I'll enjoy teching at RTX! 

      I have two more assignments to hand in this month for uni and then I'm done! Fucking crazy, man. I'm going to miss the people, but good riddance. What I'm doing after uni is still up in the air though. *Will she do a masters? Will she just find a job? ~who knows~ *

      I have a lot of exciting things coming up though. Off to my hometown next week to see friends and family, I have my end of year staff do, and then I'm off to Disneyland Paris! Woo! And then RTX! I also booked a load of tickets for the BBC Proms, so I have all of them to look forward to throughout the Summer.

      Hope everyone's well  bruce

    • Sci Fi Weekender

      2 years ago


      So the weekend just gone I went to Sci Fi Weekener, a small convention in the North of Wales. It's in a great location set by the sea and near Snowdonia. With it being small, it means you see the same people each year, making it easier (I guess?) to make friends. 

      This year was my fifth year. I always go with the same people, and we meet our friends (who we originally met at the convention) there. It's always so much fun, and each year is different. From the panels, to the evening entertainment, it changes. This year wasn't the best year. It seemed to lack something for me. Whether it was my mental state (as the end of uni looms) or the actual convention, it just felt different. However, having my friends around me that I don't get to see very often was so nice, and I also got to sport two costumes. 

      I'll post the pictures after this blog post!

    • Wine yay

      2 years ago


      Guess who's in a bad mood, drinking wine, and just became a First member??????

      That's right. It's me.

    • February

      2 years ago


      Today I applied to be a guardian for RTX London. It's got me super hyped, and i'm still yet to go to RTX Austin 2017! It's gonna be fun, that's for sure.

      It was my birthday yesterday. It was a quiet one, but I had fun and was surrounded by my friends who I love. I like to make a big deal out of birthdays, and I always love to celebrate my friend's birthdays when possible. I don't have my birthday on any social media as I like to avoid all of the shitty people who don't really give a damn sending me messages. This year has made me realise, along with some other little things that have happened recently, who actually cares. There's just some people who I know don't give a damn and it sucks. I know not everyone thinks of birthdays in the same way, but still. I', just fed up with quite a few people who a deem to be friends right now and can't wait to just finish uni and move away to meet new people.

      To the people who did message me and came to my little get together. I do love you guys <3 Even though none of you will be reading this. I really fricking appreciate you.

      (Sorry for the rant  jeremy)

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      1 year ago

      hey there friendo !! I got you for the RT Card exchange !! I hope you like it ! Have a happy holidays !!!

      • charproc

        1 year ago

        Hey! Yet to receive it, but i'll let you know when i do! :D Happy holidays!

    • KVN Loading...

      4 years ago

      I hope you don't mind me sending a friend request. I'm adding everyone interested in the project so that when it comes to it, it'll make it easier for me to match names to people.

      Hello, I'm Kevin smiley0.gif

    • jp4464 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      5 years ago

      I see that you're a music and film fan!
      I hope we get to discuss our tastes very soon :)

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