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      9 years ago


      I just got an Xbox 360 in the past like 3 weeks and ever since I have been wanting to play one of the new Halo games but have not been able to because I didn't have the money to pick one up. I am so excited for the Reach Beta and really hope to get one of the codes.

    • Ive never made a journal post before

      9 years ago


      So Ive never done one of these before but I was bored today so I figured I would do it today. i just edited my profile so it would actually have information in it. I have been watching RvB pretty much since it started but I didn't really get into it until after season 5 ended. I mean until then I would watch episodes in like 5 - 10 episode chunks because they were so short. By the time season 5 ended though they had an actual story, and not just one that was used to let them make more episodes. At that point I got really into it. Reconstruction really got me excited because it was told so well and still had the great RvB humor that I love. To this day I have not found a Machinima series that I enjoy this much. I also love RT Shorts because they are fucking awesome. idk why I typed this upp but whatever.

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