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    • Lazer Team, RWBY and recent events.

      3 years ago


      Been a while again, I generally don't post here anymore but fuck it.

      Lazer Team - Holy shit. It was fantastic; maybe because I have been a long time fan, or just because I like to see RT on the big screen, I loved the movie. It took things I liked about action movies, and some sci-fi shit I liked and combined it with really good one-liners. I have watched it a few times. Still great.

      RWBY - Finally. I finally watched RWBY season 2 and 3. I previously hadn't watched RWBY after Monty had passed, I have no idea why it just happened that way. I guess I just couldn't bring myself to do it, but now I have... and I want more. Season 3 was amazing, and with everything that happened I finally feel like i'll enjoy the show much more next season.

      Recent and Upcoming stuff - Since I doubt anybody will read this, nor will anybody care about my personal life and whats happening I'll leave that out. As for other shit, still looking into making YT videos for some extra money and because I enjoy video editing. I know I am not as good as Trevor is, but I am still looking into it. Before/if I post my YT channel name (probably have before) I want a few decent videos out, looking at Gears Ultimate co-op first and maybe a single player game. I don't know.

      That's it for now, I might post more, might post less who the fuck knows.

    • Title...

      4 years ago


      Cant really think of a title, dont honestly care, havent posted in over a year, not that anybody actually cares here, but whatever...

      Over the past here, especially last 7 months have been particularly exciting, tons of shit happened. I moved from East Canada to West Canada, found stable employment and I am essentially living on my own. I have changed my lifestyle so now I am not super lazy like I was before. Actually getting shit done, moving on in life... kind of miss my old style of life, but that shit is saved for weekends.

    • Years End

      5 years ago


      Well, 6 months since the last time I sat down and typed anything here (although honestly who actually reads my journals?). The year of 2013 has been kind to us, at least in terms of RT and AH content, and even games and new consoles (which I have yet to own).

      Games: I dont think I played many "New" games this year, and those I have being highlighted by Bioshock Infinite, GTA V, Splinter Cell Blacklist, Assassins Creed 4 and Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3; actually i think that may be all of them... smiley2.gif . The survivor2299 hoax was also fun and quite frustrating, but watching reddit spaz the fuck out over what seemed to be a fake website was hilarious.

      Movies: Uhm....hmmm... aside from Red 2 and Fast and Furious 6, I am unaware if I watched any new ones.

      Life: Still no job, regardless of how hard I try and how many people I talk to and email about jobs nothing seems to work out, but here most are on holidays now, so I guess that means I am waiting until the new year.

    • Journal?

      6 years ago


      It seems some time has gone by, although I am usually logged in I have not type out anything. Here it goes.

      RvB SE11 Ep1 was really good, went back to basics. Was really nice to see.

      Gaming: Mirrors Edge 2, thank you EA/Dice. Enough said about that. No such thing as a console war, grow the fuck up people.

      Also, I have submitted a gamefail in Skate 3, hopefully its accepted and put up on the gamefails site. If not, i'll upload it onto my channel instead and link here. Its not that bad and has a good ending.'

    • I am still alive....sort of.

      6 years ago


      I am here, although it seems i doubt anyone actually cares, just another user and RT fan, like the rest of you.

      Onto Business.

      I have been playing Mass Effect 3, yet again. Its a great game, and the ending is not as bad as everyone said it is. People are misguided. Its a great game and the dlc adds so much. Mass Effect 4 will be interesting, and yes, its in development.

      For everything else, i am very pleased to see that RT-Shorts have made a comeback, and in style. The 2 (or 2.5 for sponsors), have been very good, and have great comedic content. I hope for more, and have to say thanks.

      Notes: RT subreddit sucks. I keep being downvoted, because I am not a complete stalker like everyone else there. smiley6.gif

    • A new Journal

      6 years ago


      I have clearly gotten more active on here so I dont waste the sponsorship, actually logging in now for more than just videos. It seems I am back to how I used to be, but since nobody has sent me a message in over a year I have not chatted on here, which used to be what I used to do with my time. The Fallout group I am an admin for also took alot of my time, but i enjoyed doing it, and the interaction I made with people that had/have similar interests, especially on gaming.

      However, I doubt many people actually read this, if anyone at all, I did not come here to recite personal RT history, there is almost no point in doing such. What I did come here to talk about is what i enjoy, what I hate and ... well nothing else.

      First. Achievement Hunter. Probably the main reason I am still around here. They release so much content during the week, I am always entertained. Cleary, like everyone, the Minecraft Let's Plays are the best. I watch them throughout the weeks, especially the older ones. The early Minecraft ones where Michael doesnt know how to play are hilarious, however that last one (Potions pt2) I wish Michael won. Fuck Ryan. After the lets plays, I watch alot of Pig (where has horse gone?), however Fails on fridays, is another thing i watch all the time.

      Ok, now onto the main Topic. RT-Shorts. WHERE THE FUCK HAVE THESE GONE. I dont mean like Season 4, i meant classic shorts like Seasons 1 and 2. They are pieces of art, something everyone should have and watch. They are missing from weekly life, and they need to come back. I know that with RWBY, RvB, Day5 and Immersion 2, time to write these arent exactly possible (except for Joel. what does he actually do...). When possible, i would love for these to come back.

      Last thing, I also want more content like A simple Walk. That was awesome, real original content. More shit like that is needed.

    • I think...

      6 years ago


      This "journal" is completely about Achievement Hunters Let's Play video series.

      It by far my favourite series from AH, but I didnt like the League of Legends one. Fridays is all about minecraft, however i think the guys should find a nether fort. Start a new world, first one to find/get into/onto the fortress wins the tower. This could easily be 2-4 parts of awesome silliness.

      Sunday/Monday - Shooters. I think this days episode should be shooters, and shooters only. Halo, Counter-Strike, something not boring as fuck. Something maybe with sprays (wet-bread).

      Wednesday - Alternative, possibly something similar to L4D or Farming simulator (flight simulator?) could be played here. Something they normally wouldnt play, but Jack is NOT aloud to pick the game, and neither is Ryan.

    • Hey!

      6 years ago


      So 2013 is here, and here is my first "Journal entry" complaint form.

      Last night (Jan 14th) I went up to the one place that sells video games anywhere close to where i live. I wanted to purchase Far Cry 3, thanks to watching the Let's Play videos Achievement Hunter does. Looked like so much fun, plus i have been looking for something new to play. Anyway, both places i went to last night were sold out, and unsure of when any stock would come in. Needless to say, i am unhappy with this. Depending on what happens, i'll probably end up ordering it online most likely tonight, that way it'll get here next week.

      Other than that shits going well i guess, although the ridiculous thought that both MS and Sony have that releasing a new console while our economy is absolute shit is fucking stupid. Both companies wont sell as well as the current generation of consoles. People say they are ready, but taking on more debt is just stupid. I myself will be waiting probably 2-3 years for several reasons, but the main one is x360 games will all drop price so i can play the games i want to play on the console i already have rather than buying a console with few games due to it just being released. I know a few people will do the same.

      [EDIT: Obtained Far Cry 3. Just sold out everywhere, store got a few copies in, and they were gone within 2 hours. So now everywhere is sold out agan within 4-5 hours of here]

    • Last Journal of 2012.

      6 years ago


      Well, it seems the year is wrapping up, few days until holidays start. It hasnt been a very productive year, nor a great year i suppose, but its not like we can change the past...yet.

      Since its the end of the year, i generally pick my game of the year and DLC of the year, but dont always post them.

      Game of the Year = Mass Effect 3.
      Regardless of all those whiny bitches who complained about the game, fuck you. It was awesome, and kept me playing for a long time, as each entry in the series has. Exciting to the end. Story based on my choices. Turns out, im an asshole. MP was not super awesome, but in a party it was pretty good, and well fun. Though a "deathmatch" [team or not] would have been fun, I cant deny the free dlc for MP and those maps were better almost every time.

      DLC of the year = Aftermath (BF3)
      Now, it was just released yesterday for you non-premium members, but I have played alot of BF3 in the past 2 weeks, and its just fun. Scavenger-mode is so much fun on hardcore, its tense, and quick-paced awesomeness. Maps are good too, its interesting playing in a setting so destroyed by an earthquake. In the middle of battle random aftershocks happen, making life as a sniper sometimes difficult.

      Thats it for this one. Happy whateverthefuckitisyoucelebrate.

      see you guys in 2013.

      OH! by the way, that world ending crap is total bullshit.

    • for those who read this....

      6 years ago


      If you have Halo 4, and play it often, add me as a friend on xbox live. My gamertag is Tsukuyomi9002; I need some more friends to play with.

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