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    • Yay!

      14 years ago


      Went to Alex's yesterday with Tom and Nat, which was great fun. But I got home 2 hours later than I was meant to, so I got into a lot of trouble :-S but never mind, it was more important seeing my mates. Stupid focking parents...

      I was looking at Alex's chat log for msn on her computer, the convo's she'd had with Paul. And every single convo, apart from one, talked about me :D here are some of the variations of what was said (by him):

      "Yeah I'm good, saw Lu today :D"
      "Not too bad, just missing Lu :("
      "I love Lu :D just in case you haven't realised yet"
      "I'm ok. Just about to phone Lu"

      :D I didn't know he talked about me that much!!!! Hehe mind you, these convo's were from early on in the time we were going out... bet he doesn't think about me as much anymore :(

    • This sucks...

      14 years ago


      Life sucks. My parents suck. I suck.

      Ok so, my parents anniversary is in a week or two, and mum has gone through a major cleaning up phase in the house. Starting today, she has been trying to make me properly tidy and clear out my room. I couldn't start today. Believe me I wanted to, just to shut her up, but I was too weak. Seriously, I couldn't do it. And I was crying from the strain. So, mum and dad were shouting at me then, saying I was lazy for not doing anything. I wanted to go on the internet earlier this evening to talk to someone, anyone, just to escape. They wouldn't let me. I went off and got upset, usual pathetic me... went to kung fu, saw Tash. She wasn't in such a good mood either really...

      She told me that tomorrow her and Tom were gonna call on Alex or something to try help her, or cheer her up or something... I really want to go, I haven't seen Alex recently and I really wanna go talk to her... but because of my bastard parents I probably won't be able to. Cunts. They won't let me go out until my room is done, and that could take a fecking week. I would just walk out, and go and see Paul or something, but I have no money, and my parents refuse to give me money if I don't do anything.

      I hate this.

      What's worse, lately I've been missing Paul 100 times as much as before, if that's possible... sure I missed him before, all the time, course I did. Just lately I feel like I need him now more than ever, I just... I dunno, I just feel the need to know he's there for me. Tash reckons it just shows my love for him... I just reckon it's love growing into some kind of ridiculous obsession. I phone him at every possible opportunity, and when I do ring (or if he rings me), I never wanna hang up. Last week while I had the chance to go out I saw him almost every day, I had to see him cause I couldn't bear to be away from him... it's sad, and it's getting ridiculous. It hurts.

      The whole situation I'm in atm hurts... and I've got no-one to turn to.

    • Copious amounts of w00t!!!!

      14 years ago


      Paul is in the Metalhammer magazine! ^-^ Pg. 38, at the front of the crowd with a grey "Anti Emo" shirt, looking down at a plectrum he caught :-P

    • The bombing in London...

      14 years ago


      That's just f*cked up.


      14 years ago


      Check out the Sloganizer on my profile page (stole it off 5atan cause it looked so awesome :D). And I'm gonna copy him again by saying... tell me which of the phrases you see come up are the best :D

      "The Lu way of life" :D

    • Well that was a useless exam :D

      14 years ago


      Last ever Geography exam. So, I'm sitting near the front of the exam room. I'm halfway through my paper, a lot of the letters "W" "T" and "F" going around my tiny little overloaded mind. Just to make things more wonderful, my ex-geog teacher walks in, goes to the front and looks at our exam paper to see the sort of questions we'd been given.

      Now, once she read this paper, she turned around, looked at me and gave me the sort of look that said:


      I was doing pretty sh*tty on this paper, and well... she's just a cow. I glared back at her thinking:


      But yeah, oh well :D I wasn't the only one who didn't enjoy that exam mind:



      The pics refuse to work... I'll get them to work soon I promise!!!!

      ...I'm gonna go cry now :'(

      **EDITEDIT** --- I think the pics work now... not very clear, but oh well :P

    • This is probably lame and pointless...

      14 years ago


      But I'm gonna say it anyway, cause it pisses me off so much and I need to vent anger.

      Referring to the petition Kenny put on his journal... what the hell is that all about? I hate these stupid chain emails you get where it has some lame poem about some person who dies, from cancer, drink driving, whatever. Someone sends this poem around, saying "Sign a petition!"... WTF!? What is the point???? Writing your name down on a stupid email or whatever it is and passing it on, or putting it on a forum, is not gonna save the people out there who are dying. C*nts. What's the point? It makes me so bloody angry. Like... my mum has cancer. I didn't go writing a f*cking poem about it, sending it around to people saying "Oh yeah, my mum has this disease, I feel soooo sorry for her, so please sign this petition to show you all feel sorry for people with cancer too!!"...


      Maybe you should think about actually doing something to save these people. Any idiot can sit there and cry at a sad video with children starving in Africa, or people like my mum suffering effects of chemo, whatever treatment you receive. I watched my grandad die in hospital of cancer too, sure I felt sorry for him, any idiot can. Is that gonna save them?

      No. Try being a damn doctor or something, or a scientist trying to find cures? Why not fund these people and raise money, help charities, or actively help these people suffering? That might have slightly more of an effect than typing your name on a stupid email and spamming everyone else with it.

      And ya know what? It might be your family you save in the future.

    • Top 10 Guys (got idea off Kenny)

      14 years ago


      Top 10 hottest guys EVER!! (these are all guys I know personally, like ya know, in real life... I don't particularly fall for famous people just cause they look good):

      1-Paul Edmunds (come on, you can't tell me you didn't know that was coming)
      2-Tom Beer (don't tell me you weren't expecting that)
      3-Michael Peck (... it's Michael Peck, enough said :D)
      4-James Fletcher (yes I admit it I used to fancy him lol)
      5-Kenny Hayes (he is good looking, it's true! :D)
      6-Jason Bayton (... he's not bad looking!! Believe me I've seen worse)
      7-Will Williams (simply just good looking)
      8-Tom Doyle (talented, and attractive. What a bonus!!! (I said bonus, nothing else :D))
      9-Skitso (I'm putting him on my list cause he drew an awesome pic of me :D :D)
      10-Daniel Cheek (my nephew. Meant in non-sexual kinda way obviously :D but he's grown up into one sexy guy, it must be said :D)

      Try it out for yourself... put famous people on your list, or just people you know. Like Kenny said, it's interesting to see what people put :P

    • Hahaha

      14 years ago


      Thanks for the modding Alex XD
      Level 8... yay! It's a first for me, gotta be said lol :D

    • Booooooooored

      14 years ago


      I'm bored, so this will be random. Was just looking at pics of my mate Tom B as a kid... hahaha, cute!!!!!

      Ooooo that's given me ideas... I wanna see pics of Paul as a kid :P now I bet they are cute!!!! Well, that's taking into consideration how cute he is now :P Um yeah anyway...

      Exams start again on Monday... noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

      Going back to baby pics... should I or shouldn't I put baby pics of me on here?... baby pics mind, not me as I grew up, they're awful... but yeah, what you think? :D

      Ah well, laters x

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