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    • Ha, I never update this

      14 years ago


      Oh well. I got exams atm, which sucks. And life is being a dipsh*t in general atm, which also sucks. But at the same time I'm in a very random mood. And the word sucks is putting images and ideas into my head. Mmmmm, all things I really wanna suck at the moment... mmm, the pleasure. You can even get different flavours if you wanted to. Yes, you can guess what I've got on my mind...

      LOLLIPOPS!!! Yummmm :P

      Oh, were you thinking of something else, huh??? HUH!?!?!!

      Yeah, I know what YOU were thinking of, you sex driven people. You saaaad little people, you can only get your pleasure from sucking cocks...

      Well let me introduce you to a whole new world people!!!! A world of sucking lollipops!!! A whole new pleasure in itself!!!! And there's sooo much more variety in flavour, and a lollipop will never lose its hardness, it will never complain if you bite it, and it will never... lose it's novelty ;-)

      And only 10p a suck, what more do you want!!!!

    • Haven't updated this in a while

      14 years ago


      Meh, can't be arsed to update anyway!! Ain't got nothing to say... umm...

      Oh yeah, Paul is sexy, but he won't admit he is :P this pic proves it!! :


      Yes... He. Is. Pwned! (by moi :P)

      Mwahahaha, me hyper!!

      Comment and prove to Paul that he is cute/sexy/etc, cause he won't believe me!!! :'(



    • Haha, well my weekend was eventful...

      14 years ago


      I'm in school atm btw lol (jesus that's a lot of abbreviations there in one sentence...)

      Anyway... yeah, yesterday, Paul phoned me, and when I got off the phone dad asked me who I was talking to. I told him and he said "Why are you bothering talking to him if you're not gonna see him anymore?"... that really pissed me off. So then at lunch I was trying to get sense out of them asking them why I couldn't see him anymore, and they came out with some pretty crappy reasons... They pissed me off so much I went upstairs, had a shower, got dressed and walked out of the house. I ran 6 miles to Cwmbran to see Paul, I phoned him on the way there... dad rang me up 2 hours later lol, asking where I was and telling me to come home. He pissed me off so much I just hung up and turned my phone off. I was at Pauls mates house for ages, then we walked to his, and his dad said he'd bring me home at 9.30. I had turned my phone back on at 9, and decided to text Chris (my bro) to tell him where I was. At the same moment, Tash and Chris texted me back. My dad had phoned Tash asking where I was saying I'd gone missing, and Chris texted asking where I was, cause dad had called the frikking police!!! Tash then phoned me and shouted "WHAT!?!?!?!?" down the phone. I was pissing myself laughing.

      I didn't wanna go home cause I was scared of what my parents would say... Paul walked me up my road and left me just before I reached my house... dad didn't say much when I got in, he just questioned me for about 2 mins and said he was going to bed. He also told me that mum felt really bad and ill cause of all the stress... yeah thanks dad, thanks a lot. Lets all blame me for everything that goes wrong, not like you got anyone else to frikking blame...


      I don't wanna go home tonight either now... dad's bound to have a go at me. I'm not bothwering to go to kung fu tonight either I don't think... my legs are really sore from running yesterday, I pulled every bloody muscle in my body... it was worth running though, so I won't complain...

      I miss Paul already... I just hope I've finally made a point to my parents so they will let me see him now... but what if they don't?... f*cking hell...

    • ... I am very pissed off...

      14 years ago


      So my parents stop me seeing Paul for no good f*cking reason. Then my mum lies to dad saying I was throwing abuse at her... when I said nothing and she calls me a selfish bitch and a slut, then tells me she hopes I die and rot in hell... so then I get grounded so I can't go to Cardiff with my mates this weekend... which means I get to stay here all day and feel sorry for myself. I'll just sit watching music channels all day as usual and put angry music on loud, drown myself in it...

      I'm gonna break down if I don't see Paul soon...

    • Wooo, ace day.

      14 years ago


      Saw Paul today, he brought Bushy with him over to my house. We had a great time :) well, I always have a great time just by being with him, but whatever. Yeah, twas fun :)

      Parents are pissing me off like hell atm... don't wanna talk about it... but I was soo close to punching my parents earlier, seriously. Just wish I could run away, anywhere, and just get away from here. Away from them. Seriously cannot stand living here with them anymore. And my brother Chris is moving out at the beginning of June; shockingly enough, I'm gonna really miss him. It's just gonna be me mum and dad now... and I can't cope with that. At least when Chris is here I have someone else to talk to, hang with and relate to. Argh I'm gonna go mad!!!!!!!!!

      *whimpers* Help me...

    • Ok, that was boring...

      14 years ago


      Stupid boring day... not a bad day, me and Tash went more hyper and insane than usual :D but yeah, apart from that I was bored outta my tiny little mind...

      And the I.T coursework I have to do, bloody hell... too much. But luckily my I.T teacher has put an extension onto the deadline again, so it don't have to be in til Monday, instead of trying to get it all done for Friday. I mean come on, all I've done is about 4 pages, and this project's gonna be about... what, 50-100 pages long? Depending on how intelligent you are. Woohoo.

      Feel like being random...


      Inside a fire
      Burns so strong
      Destroying the sorrow that is too weak now
      To beat down the flames.
      And yet there is one thing
      That has become a part of me
      Residing in my heart and soul
      Poisoning a mind once so pure...
      It makes me feel
      Like I'm hiding behind a mask
      Covering the true part of me
      That I wish I could still believe in...


    • Well, what a good day...

      14 years ago


      Woke up, realised I have so much coursework to panic about, realised I have school tomorrow, realised I have no homework done, but I thought, "Oh well, thank god I'll get to see my boyfriend today, I'll at least feel better from seeing him". So I walk out of my bedroom, and my dad says, "Oh yeah btw, if Paul was planning on coming to see you today, your mum and I decided he can't come. You have too much work to do today" and I was like, "Oh yeah... great. Thanks for ruining my f*cking day...". So yeah, me bein the pathetic person I am, goes to my room and cries. 2 minutes later, Paul phones, so I felt really bad cause I was still crying...

      Grrrrr I hate this! There's no way I'm gonna get any work done today, I'm completely lost, and if Paul had come over he probably could have helped me damnit!!! He was the one who got an A in I.T. The A that I'm trying to get but will never get. And if I don't get an A well... man I'm gonna be so pissed off. But hey... if I fail my exams it's gonna be my fault ain't it, so I dunno why I'm complaining.

      I miss Paul...


    • Well then, what shall I write...

      14 years ago


      Just joined here lol. People have been trying to persuade me to join for ages, and I finally decided to. This site is the reason I'm with my current boyfriend now. One of my mates, Alex, joined here and met Paul, then I met him. And well... he asked me out a week ago today and I said yes :) So yeah I'm pretty damn happy atm...

      Cant think of what to write, so sod this. Laters x

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