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      13 years ago


      Most Recent Journal- Im a Sponsor-10/9/06

      Hey everyone. Im a sponsor now. IRLP made me a sponsor. For only 80 mods. Very cool. Now I can do this.
      and i can change the font color

      Previous Journal- 477 mods not a mistake-10/5/06

      It turns out that me having all those mods wasn't a mistake. i was just lucky and got modded by lots of people coincidentally. check my pictures. i have picture of jesus that lots of people like, and i drop lots of friend requests so people modding my pictures and journal id why i have so much.

      Previous Journal- 477 mods-10/4/06

      This is just plain crazy. I logged on just 10 minutes ago and found out that i had 477 mods. thats just weird! i had 20 when i logged off to eat. now i have 477. i think thats awesome. hahaha. well, i dunno what im gonna do with them all, so, who wants some?

      Previous Journal- Modification Disk for Halo 2- 9/8/06

      Earlier today. I was on Ebay.com and bought a $70.00 mid disk for Halo 2. im not gonna mod online. but i cant wait to mess around with them its gonna be sweet!!! It took me about 2 hrs to talk my mom into getting it for me. lol

      Previous Journal- Survived the first day of high school-8/25/06

      I am still alive!!! hahaha. I went to my new high school today which was friggen huge! I got lost twice but im ok! hahaha. I didnt get picked on, which is good becasue after watching the Freshman Hunt on Family Guy i was a little scared. lol. Im gonna eat soon, so i'll be on later. Bye!

      Previous Journal- Home, and home for a while-8/21/06

      Im back. The trip was okay, i went to a water park and a amusement park. The water park was cool, but the amusement park was more of a kids and thier parents santa land place. lol

      Previous Journal- Another Stupid Fucking Trip- 8/18/06

      Pretty much self explanatory. I'll write when i get home.

      [Previous Journal Journal- Home / My Dog-8/17/06

      Hey everyone. Ive home now. I guess ohio was allright. But it feels better to be back in North Carolina. About my wolf doggy....he died a few days after we got home from ohio. He wasnt neglected or anything. He was a very old dog. He was 12...i miss him alot, but its gonna be okay. I have a picture of him in my picture list thinger.

      Previous Journal - In Ohio- 8/10/06

      Hey peeps. im in cleveland ohio and its really neat up here. ive been to a few fairs, the browns football stadium, a science museum, a zoo and all sorts of stuff. im up here with my aunt and should be home soo.

      P.s.: Ive been off a while, but im going to be on soon within another 3 days or so.

      Previous Journal- IM BACK!!!- 7/3/06

      Ohh man, i went up to the mountains with my grandparents, and they had no CPU! I was all mad and stuff, i have like, 30 new messages and 40 new image comments, gtg check them all, lol

      Previous Journal- Schools out and Un-grounded- 6/9/06

      Fuckin Awesome man! School is out and im not grounded anymore! Its been like, 3 weeks, damn, well, gtg, but ill be on more now, lol, peace ya lata

      previous recent Journal- Still grounded-5/16/06

      hi everyone. long time since ive been on. im still grounded but ive begged my parents to let me on when my homework is done. :). i also ran out of room on my other journals. so if you ever want to look back at them just click on my journals. bye guys, gtg

    • Legend of Dragoon Thread

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      Hello everyone, if you ever played this game tell me your favorite character and boss.

      15 replies

    • Those Teens you cannot beat on XBOX live

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      Hey everyone. I know you rather are or you are a victim of a teen-beat down on live. There are teenagers who can beat just about anyone on halo becasuse they have no life. Tell me if you are or if you are a victim of getting beat by a 13 year old on XBOX live.

      2 replies

    • Largest Killing Streak Online

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      hey everyone, tell me your biggest killing sreat without dieing while playing online.

      I grabbed a sniper rifle and started killing people at coagulation, i got 16 kills straight with that then i grabbed a tank and started shooting everything i saw, but i got 53 kills without dieing

      123 replies

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      13 years ago


      Most Recent Journal- Grounded- 5/5/06

      Im grounded. just saying that im not dead, but i'll be off for a while. sorry everyone.

      Previous Recent Journal- Report Card- 5/1/06

      This is going to take the piss out of you. I got my report card today, here's my grades.
      History: A
      Math: B
      Language Arts: A
      Physical Education:A
      Business: A

      Can you fuckin believe that?!? My science techer is failing me becasue i told him off. Here, ill tell you the story. It was around the begining of the marking period and we were going over how life started. He belives in the "big bang theory" (aka, the big bullshit) and he kept going on and on and says we were all apes...I took a minute to stop laughing and when he asked what was so funny i said "thats all bull". Then he paused and continued. Now, no matter what i do he gives me a "F" on everything. Damn bitchass mother fucker took me off of honor roll. Well, thats the story, if you care to know more just ask me.

      Previous Journal- Gavino- 4/30/06

      Hey everyone, thanks to boomerjp, he told me a site moderator could change my gender, because i had accidentally picked the wrong one when i was signing up, so i asked Gavino to help me and he did. Cool eh? Thought i'd share this with you. Ohh, and im going to date my journals from now on.

      Previous Journal- Need Mods?

      If anyone needs anymods all you have to do is ask, i have so much right now, so if your on the verge of having 0 or have 0 ask and ill give you some.

      [Previous Journal- Gonna be Gone

      Hey guys. Im going to be gone for a while so you wont be hearing from me. Well, who am I kidding, im too lazy to write to you guys, lol, later

      Previous Journal- Friend streak

      Hey everyone. I have made 4 new friends in the last couple minutes. Im going to hold a small comp. If you leave a friend request before 3-30-06 ill give you 3 mods. Thats 5 days! Hurry

      Previous Journal- 3rd place, and end of competition

      The Comp has to close here. Sorry everyone, but i'll tell you when we can do it again.

      Previous Journal- 2nd Place

      ok, 2nd has been taken by chilly willy...again...lol, hurry up and post for 3rd, 45h and 5th.

      Previous Journal- 1st place

      The 50 mods go to Chupahunter, 2nd-5th place are still open.

      p.s. you cannot vote twice.

      Previous Journal- Mod Contest Officially Starts Now!

      Okay guys, its as of this moment open. First 5 people to post on my journal comments get mod points varying from 50-10. First Place Takes 50 mods. If I dont reward you immeadiatly its because im not on, but i'll get to you.

      Previous Journal- Future Mod Contest

      The next contest I will have will not be until I have enough to hand-out. Im at 36 mods and I need 100 to have my next competition. The place holders will win as follwed.
      1st- 50
      2nd- 40
      3rd- 30
      4th- 20
      5th- 10
      I still need a bunch so you have to help me get some more. Thnaks guys.

      Previous Journal- My Brother

      Hey guys. My little brother made a RVB profiletoday. His name is nick and his profile is Assapopulas (Duece Bigalo Joke) so check it out.

      Previous Journal- 3rd Place

      Okay. NightHawk14 has taken 3rd place. The comp is over. If everyone would donate at least 5 mods we could do it again for higher stakes. Thanks for participating Chilly_willy, Neeley_09 and NightHawk14. No problem by the way. Enjoy, later yall, im outie!

      Previous Journal- 2nd Place

      Allright. 2nd place has been taken by Neeley_09. 3rd place is still up for grabs.

      Previous Journal- 1st Place

      Okay, Chilly_willy has taken first place, 2nd and 3rd still are open, hurry up and post!

      Previous Journal- 200+Mods

      Hey guys, remember when I said that I was saving up mods? Well, I have over 200 right now. 211 to be exact. Well...who wants them? The first to repond on my comment page gets 30, 2nd=20, 3rd=10. GO!

      Previous Journal- Bad Words

      Hey guys. As you all know, I dont use very much profainity. But...someone is not happy. Im not going to say any names SCAREDKILLER but someone wants me to go back and cross out all of my profainity, like so,Damn. You see? okay. Bye guys

      Previous Journal- Need Mods

      Hey homies, I need a few mods from everyone. just 2 or 3 would do just great. Im going to do something really cool.

      Previous Journal- Matt

      Hey guys. I wrote to Matt yesterday telling him my idea about a episode. I wrote to him last night and im waitng for him to write back. Im pretty excited, I tried to write to Gus but there was no send message board. Well, anyway guys, I have to leave for school in about 10 minutes so ill be back around 4:00. Peace out, Matt, Hope you liked my idea.

      Pervious Journal- GTA San Andreas Fans Welcome

      Hello. Me and my friend KittySniper are both GTA fans and we are welcoming all GTA fans to join / become rather me or kittysnipers friend. If you join, me and kittysniper will help you if your stuck and we'll help and tell you secrets, Laterz

      Previous Journal- New Adjustments

      Okay, i have made a change to my journals. you'll be able to view everyone at my homepage. I'll note when they were and the title. If your still clueless get you mommy's to help you.

      Previous Journal - Planet Zebulon?

      Yes. Planet Zebulon. This is a very strange planet. Looks purple from outer space, but its acually alot like earth. no one wears cloths though. its not a bad planet after all. no one human is allowed to enter without permission. for more info on this funny fake pl

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