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    • Sightseeing in Australia

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      Moved to Australia for a year. Living in the Blue Mountains. Wondering what cool things this place, and N.S.W has to offer.

      Wat Do?

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    • Welp.

      8 years ago


      Finding internet in Australia is certainly a bitch my North American devices can't handle. So... a week off of the site... Boy did I miss a lot! Anyone miss me?

    • Random act of kindness!

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      Can't sleep.

      Give me one good reason and I'll make you a sponsor.

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    • Calling all people.

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      So... I'm busy doing things with words. wanna proof read it?

      Message me your email and I'll send you a copy.


    • Can't sleep.

      8 years ago


      Must. Keep. Writing.

    • Ow.

      8 years ago


      No painkillers, just me, my ice pack and my jaw filled with two less teeth. I can man up and take the pain.


      My surgeon has informed me that I had all my wisdom teeth removed. Who'da thought?

    • Twatter

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      So, Anyone got the Twitter?

      Follow me.

    • ...

      8 years ago


      I apologize if the last two journals were " tl;dr ". Sorry...

    • Creative Writing: Part Two

      8 years ago


      The distant sound of humming was heard beyond to great, metallic doors. Sam approached with caution, noting the security terminal next to the doors. Sam would not be able to crack this one. He nervously took out his own pass from his pocket and inserted it into the terminal. The screen flicked on, and began to process Sam’s credentials. What seemed like an eternity for Sam was instantly disrupted by a ding and a green light from the terminal. The door slid open revealing a massive room crowded with tall, black, pillars. Each one was assigned to the many departments of Virtosi Corporation. Soon Sam found himself satisfied with his efforts and began searching.

      Row after row, al that was visible was the black stockpiles of information. Sam was looking the one containing backups of the Virtual Intelligence department. Minutes, and dozens of rows passed, when Sam finally found what he was searching for. The black pillar had a glowing sigh that read: “ VI-AI01”. The others in the row were labeled with the same prefix, but the rest had different codes for their respective projects. Only this one was labeled with “AI”. Sam knew this was his destination.

      He raised his hand and pressed it against the column. A small tray slid open with a keypad that prompted a username and password. Sam entered his Father’s full name: “Bronson Samuel Clarke”. For a moment Sam pondered the password. Any error at all would surely provoke a lock-down. Every time Sam though of a possible answer he reached for the keypad, and would slowly retract his hand. The sweat on Sam's brow was shimmering from the backlight of the tiny console. With a deep breath, he reached for the pad and typed: “Alexandra”.

      The keypad disappeared, and a small rotating wheel appeared on-screen that read “Processing…” The dots kept repeating after the console’s statement, over and over again. Sam was clenching his fist to the point where his knuckles turned white. The screen blackened, and then welcomed the authentication of the account. Sam’s blue eyes shut closed with a deep inhale. They reopened at the prompt of a flashing screen. Sam began to work.

      He searched through the directory of files, calculations and notes, mostly. The process was taking forever. There were hundreds of pages. Sam began to modify the search selection. What was hundreds were only five selections now. Four were unnamed copies of the original that itself was named “AI01_Alex”. Sam at last found what he had been looking for. The selection of the file prompted a query: delete, copy, or transfer the file. Sam selected the transfer option. A notice to insert an available disc was prompted from the console. Sam begrudgingly took Dawn’s and pressed the screen down into the drawer. The screen lifted along with a slot where Sam placed the disc. The Screen descended into the drawer, where Sam’s request was completed. A warning popped up preceding Sam’s request. In order to transfer the data, the local copy must be deleted. Sam agreed to the warning and soon the action was completed.

      Sam’s smile was bigger than ever before. He had done what only others could imagine. He logged out of the console, removed the disc, and pushed the drawer back into the black pillar. Getting out of the room was more simpler then Sam had though as he quickly found the exit. He ordered the doors closed from the terminal, and made his way back to the elevator. He stood outside of it, typing commands into the device on his wrist. The doors remained open as the elevator descended.

      Sam stuck his head into the shaft. There was a glow from the floor above and from the elevator descending below. Sam swallowed what was fear and reached inside for one of the two elevator tracks that lined the walls of the shaft. The support inside the track acted as rungs for Sam to limb as he made his way to the floor above.

    • Creative Writing: Part One

      8 years ago


      Ok. You ready? this one is long... Also feel free to critique and point out any flaws...

      The nighttime streets of Kelmac were dim. The rooftops of the dull, metallic buildings glistened from the streetlights and vehicles bellow. Sam was perched upon an apartment complex with a small computer on his left wrist. He peered down the fourteen-story building and gave a deep sigh. Sam glanced back up to another building across from him. He stood up, and leapt from the ledge. Free falling onto the other structure that was two floors shorter. Sam dove down and tucked, his knees skidding the rooftop as he somersaulted across the surface. He halted with a thud against a ventilation port, wincing at the pain in his shoulder as he hit it.
      Sam looked back up. His target was now in-sight. The Virtosi Corporation building was half a block away. At the top was Sam’s destination. Sam began running past the countless vents and generators. It was a relatively easy feat to traverse the course of rooftops up to the super-structure.

      The streets of Kelmac were quiet on a Thursday night, occupied with only a few stragglers heading home from a long shift at the many Virtosi-owned companies. For a city of only a few hundred thousand, it was an odd place to set up one of the many Virtosi Headquarters. Whatever their reasons, Sam was sure to find out.
      Sam was nearing the perimeter of the property. Lined with guards and fences, it would be tough to get in. Until, that is, Sam spotted a familiar face hustling past the entrance gates to the train station. A smile of confidence grew on Sam’s as he rushed over to see his neighbour.
      “Why hello, Dawn.” Sam’s voice was thick with his own smugness.

      “Oh, hi Sam.” Dawn replied with a displeasing tone upon Sam’s arrival.

      “Might I walk you to the Train station?”

      “No, now what do you want?” She continued walking.

      “Hey now, is that any way to treat your boyfriend?”

      Dawn’s voice grew tense, “After last week, you’re lucky I don’t knock you out for calling me that.”

      “It’s not my fault that your ex got arrested for threatening your mother.” Sam attempted to reassure her.

      Dawn stopped in her tracks, “Look, just because of my mother’s condition, it gives you no reason she can’t defend herself. She is one of the most valued employees of Virtosi!”

      “Alright! I was just trying to be helpful… Do you know what people would do to her if even half our district found out? She has robotic prosthetics…”

      “…That she invented! She’s the reason that the whole world is still a haven. Surete has been impenetrable for the past four hundred years!”

      “Look, I-” Dawn cut off Sam from finishing.

      “She’s spent her life inventing and improving ours for the past 13 years. She’s done more than anyone has in the past century.” She continued to walk toward the station.

      “All for military applications of course… “ Sam replied.

      “It helps us,” said Dawn, “You’ve seen the company news, there’ve been eight probes in the past year. Something’s coming, and you know what happened last time technology was out of control. Or did you forget everything you learned in school?”

      “Your Paranoid.”

      “Whatever, so why are you really here? “
      Sam rubbed his shoulder in discomfort, “I was, uh… I was going to see my dad at his office, and I misplaced my visitor pass…”

      “Well you can use mine if you want to, just don’t do anything stupid with it, it goes on my record.” Dawn handed Sam a small, grey disc that he quickly placed in his pocket, next to his own visitor pass.

      “Thank you, and hey, I’m sorry about last week.” Sam was very sincere.

      “I’m not the one you should be apologizing to.” Dawn replied as she walked away.

      Sam’s shoulders sunk as sighed. He gazed upon Dawn’s brunette hair as she turned the corner of the street, the diffuse, blue glow of the street lamps casting a shadow that vanished slowly after her. Sam’s turned around, as he felt the two discs in his pocket. He made his way to the lone check-in booth at the entrance. The guard stood quite readily as Sam stood up to the booth.
      “State your business.” The guard’s low voice droned like a computer.

      “Personal, I have a meeting with Doctor Clarke at Virtual Intelligence.”

      “Please insert your disc into the terminal.” The guard looked quite tired.
      Sam did as the guard instructed and then pressed a sequence of buttons on his wrist. The terminal made a screech, and the screen flashed. The terminal was unknowingly disabled.

      “Huh..” the guard was confused, “you’re coming up as… Dawn Ross? That can’t be right… Stupid machine must be malfunctioning. I’ve never seen it happen before, but there’s a first for everything, right?”

      “Indeed.” A small smile grew once again in Sam’s face.

      “Well go on ahead, I’ll figure this out eventually.”
      Sam did as he was instructed, as he left the guard to fiddle with the bricked machine.

      The corridors of Virtosi were haunting in the evening, it was only around nine-thirty, but the night was infinitely black. The only lighting was the source of blue lights that lined the walls of the lobby. Sam craned his neck around the room, and found the elevator doors. He inserted Dawns disc into the key slot and the elevator opened, emitting the same blue lighting. Sam stepped inside and examined the console directory. All the floors past the fifty-ninth were restricted. Sam browse d his wrist-computer for information. With a keen smirk, Sam whispered, “not a problem.” With the press of a button on his wrist, the elevator began to travel upward to the top floor.

      The elevator was nearing its destination when Sam pressed another button, the emergency stop. With the elevator was sitting between the top and seventy-second floors, Sam began punching more symbols on the screen attached to his arm. With a final press, the doors opened. Sam got on his stomach and slid his way out onto the floor bellow. Everything was going as planned.

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