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      Making things for the RT community whenever I get the chance or the inspiration to.

      So I made these:
      tumblr_mtrfgypYiZ1qkztbwo1_400.gif tumblr_mtbc8yoajA1qkztbwo1_400.jpg

    • DC/Marvel Movies and Comics

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      Which of the DC or Marvel universe superheroes do you think deserve their own movie?

      DC seems to be taking slow measured steps in order to make a Justice League movie but Marvel seems ahead of the game with three movies coming out per year.

      I'd love to see a live action Stephen Strange movie along with a Wonder Woman movie if DC ever gets around to it.
      A Stephen Strange movie is kind of necessary when they start delving into the magical world of the Marvel Universe and Wonder Woman is an integral part of the Justice League.

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    • Applying for Jobs

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      Applying for jobs is extremely difficult once the semester has already begun, especially when you have no previous job experience.

      Makes me feel...

    • Thomas Was Alone Review

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      Can I please get some feedback on this review I wrote?
      I'm new to this and I'd like to do something in video games for a living.

      Thomas Was Alone Review

      System: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Linux
      Developer: Mike Bithell
      Publisher: Mike Bithell
      Release: July 2012
      Rating: 4/5

      Thomas Was Alone provides a new look into the puzzle platformer and reaches out to touch the emotions of gamers via minimalist graphics and jumping rectangles.

      -Easy controls, just jumping and moving
      -Amazing narration
      -Heartfelt story of altruism
      -Smooth learning curve

      -Sometimes controls are messy
      -Camera view cannot be controlled
      -Character switching is not streamlined
      -Short game (around 2-3 hours)

      When the artificial intelligence comes to life, you take control of the various quadrilaterals to find portals to find their meaning in life. The plot revolves mostly around "Thomas-AT-23-6-12' or "Thomas' and his curious journey. Thomas, who is eager and interested in exploring the world, discovers many companions along the way with various abilities and each with unique personalities. The narrator provides the player with what each character is thinking or saying in this quirky world.
      You take control of the architects in building a new world. It's more deeply complex game then one can imagine considering it's about jumping and floating rectangles. It outshines the stories and character development of games magnitudes larger than it, yet keeps it's simple to understand gameplay and storyline.

      In the computer mainframe, you play as various artificial intelligences each with varying and unique abilities. Each shape has a different jump and ability which will have you floating, hovering and jumping your way to the next portal. You switch between the shapes in order to push your way to the portal, this will involve you building staircases and ferrying your would-be architects across dangerous spike filled pits and poisonous water. Each portal is individually made for each shape, and in order for the player to complete the level each shape must be in their respective portal.

      Graphically, this game isn't anything special. It's formed entirely around basic shapes and never seems to diverge from the blocky gameplay. While a minimalistic graphic styling is not necessarily a bad thing, when the camera pans and zooms with no control sometimes you lose which character you're currently playing and end up falling in spikes.

      It's rather minimalist gameplay is complimented greatly by the sounds and music. The narration itself builds the characters extremely well and each sound effect has the player invested in the game. The music itself switches between piano and electronic which helps build the mood and tone Thomas Was Alone.

      Thomas Was Alone is a heartfealt journey into friendship conveyed by jumping quadrilaterals. Though certainly not earth shattering, it's a solid game that is endearing characters and story. The story is witty and will stick with you for a long time to come.

      I would recommend Thomas Was Alone for anyone. It provides a deep introspective look upon how people treat one another while conveying a deep, amusing storyline of altruism and acceptance.

      Link to game here (x)

      -Kevin L.

    • AH Show Ideas

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      I just wanted to create a thread for people who have Achievement Hunter show ideas/alterations/add-ons and to dump my own ideas. Please feel free to comment/critique my ideas, they're just kinda thoughts I had.

      Challenging/Achievement Bet:
      A member of the office challenges another member to get an achievement within a preset amount of time. The winning party can make the person either complete a dare/pay money/do whatever the winning party wants as long as it's been agreed to before the challenge takes place.

      Rage Quit: Impossible Achievements Series
      Basically Rage Quit, but Michael plays through a game trying to get achievements that are virtually impossible/extremely difficult (i.e. quake 4 play 5000 ranked matches, beating certain games on hardest difficulty, etc.)

      Ray hosts a series where he attempts to speed run a map/game/whatever content he feels like as fast as possible trying to get the fastest possible time. A great game to do this in would be something like Rayman Origins or Legends where they have challenges and time trials. This mostly comes from his talk where he enjoys watching people speed run a game.

      Me Against The World
      Short 5 minute video of someone getting their best score/time on something and the community playing to beat it. Mostly just done for fun, not really a competitive thing to this, just achievement hunters showing what they can do. Could be a community playdate/game night.

      Forgotten Worlds
      The crew makes a video discussing their favorite (or maybe not so favorite) games and just talk about what the game is like. Maybe get some gamers to replay some of their old favorites and dust off a few shelves in the process to play games that were long forgotten. I guess this would just be a different version of “A Look Back At.â€

      Museum of Pimps
      Not really a show idea, more of a way to continue Let's Builds. The crew starts a new seed and makes it a “museum†world. In this world they generally talk and build whatever they feel like. It's more of a revival of the old Let's Builds where they just made thing for fun rather than a game to play. It also means they can build things without it crowding Achievement City. This can also be used as a world for new updates.

      Minecraft Showcase
      Instead of using various Let's Plays or Things to do, the AH crew makes a weekly video showcasing the maps of the community. This is reminiscent of Trials Files but of various built Minecraft buildings.

      Stranger in a Strange Land (I don't know if we can steal the name for this but it's good regardless)
      The AH Crew takes suggestions and throws a member into a game they've never played before to play from the middle of a game (no tutorial allowed.) Think of it like the Versus where Ryan found out he was somewhat good at Geometry Wars. Throwing people into the middle of a game and having them use their instincts to fend for themselves while commentary is provided is an interesting premise to me.

      Head to Head Achievement Races
      Achievement Races head to head in a versus style. Two players sit down in a game (on even ground obviously) and compete for who can get an achievement more quickly. Can be something like a racing game or even guitar hero to whoever can get a certain score first for an achievement. This could turn into an offshoot of Versus.

      Fight/Race to the Finish
      The fighting game and racing genre's seem left out by the AH crew so I'd like to see them play more let's plays or racing games. This can be done in teams or 1 vs. 1. Great games would be Dead or Alive (4 players and has teams), Kung Fu Chaos (Old Xbox Game, up to 4 players), Forza racing games, and more.

      My final suggestion isn't really a suggestion but I'd like Real Life Achievements to make a return.
      I figure most of these shows wouldn't be a weekly thing, but maybe bi-weekly or monthly.
      Comment, critique, and tell me whatever sounds good/crappy.
      Post your own as well! I like to see what the community comes up with.

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    • Achievement Help Needed

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      I need someone to help me to get the The Competitor (beat 30 of your friends challenge scores).
      Please DM me or add me on xbox live.
      My gamertag is the same as my username.

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