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    • Oh Happy Day!

      14 years ago


      Happy Halo 2 Day everyone! Well, at least here in the states that is. In the celebration of it all, it will be played at my house, all day. But, the first tourney was conducted this morning around 2am. My roommate kicked all that ass there was to kick. But... I shall prevail!

      MARK MY WORDS!!! I WILL KICK TRAVIS' ASS... or die trying.

    • 2019 years ago

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    • WargoaT

      13 years ago

      Dropping a comment......just breezing through. i'm a n00b and i guess i'm working on the networking bit and expanding and adding to my list. One it's non-existent and a work-in-progress, two....i dunno.....
      Looking at the posted comments above this box......"Posted 2 years ago"
      I take it you're not a half-ass student anymore.....
      that and it's been 9 months since you've been here i think chances of hearing from you soon are pretty good!
      hit me up and it'd be great to talk to ya.


    • Cockbitten

      14 years ago

      Travis, it's all about efficiency through minimalism. There's nothing wrong with being a half-ass, everybody. It works for me.

    • NightDracyn FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      14 years ago

      Kingdom Hearts is one of the best games I've ever played, also the one game i've spent the most hours playing, but since I don't have an x-box I haven't been able to play Halo or Fable yet, but I'm pretty sure I'd like those too. Great movie picks by the way

    • AvengingAngl

      14 years ago

      the real question is have you seen the kevin smith film vulgar? it is like it sounds. vulgar.

    • Travis

      14 years ago

      Half-ass Student eh?? I am the King of Half-ass! As a student I am a failure, as a person, dito. The Quality of Life in "Half-ass-i-a" is going down. Pehaps you'd like to help me run the place??

      Sorry.....Sometimes my brain just shuts off and drivel like this comes out!

    • Cockbitten

      14 years ago

      You like Clerks. You like Kevin Smith aparently! And I spelled Amalie wrong in my profile. And hey, you live in Richmond. I live just outside the city in Bon Air.

    • Driveby

      14 years ago

      Sounds like not only are you a Keven Smith fan, but a fan of quirky films. Lost in Translation is a great film, especially if you have been to Japan, and Donnie Darko...what can I say...

      Kinda surpised you didn't have Apocalypse Now or Orgazmo on the list.

      I'd like to add you as a friend, so I'll make the request and you can decide to accept or not.

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