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    • corsair

      Leet World is coming back!

      2 weeks ago

      Yep. Eddy has announced it. And there is a trailer.

      Leet World is coming back with Season 3!

      Journal Post by Eddy here:

    • corsair

      I made it!

      1 year ago

      That's right.

      I have finally caught up with release schedule for the podcasts! Yay!

      It is nice to be in the present.

    • corsair

      What to do?

      2 years ago

      So ...I currently have in my possession the original Seasons 1 - 5 (which I bought as individual DVDs over time and currently housed in their box which was released with the Season 5 DVD along with a Bonus Disc).

      I also have Seasons 6 - 8 - again in their own little box

      And I also have the DVD of Season 9 (bought at Supanova and signed by Burnie and Gavin).

      Right now - I have no idea what to do.

      Do I buy the DVD or Season 10? Do I wait until Season 12 is out (since they seem to be working in threes)?

      Do I want to buy a box set to replace all the ones i currently have with ones which are better quality?


      I mean - I love the stuff these guys do - I just don't know if I want to have two copies of Season 1 - 9....

    • corsair

      Nearly there ...

      2 years ago

      So - I'm up to Podcast #175.

      About a year or two ago I decided to listen to all the Podcast - from number 1.

      I have to say it has made the car trips to and from work much more enjoyable. Interestingly - by listening to them in this mass way - it is funny how things they have said about what they would or wouldn't do have come to fruition.

      In many ways - listening to the past has allowed me learn a lot more about the people who work for a company I have followed for ages.

      It brings you that much closer to them. And I like that.

      I am both looking forward to, and not looking forward to, catching up to the regular podcast release schedule.

      Whilst it will mean I am more current on things Rooster Teeth - it also means I have to find some other way to fill my trips to and from work on those other days of the week.

      Maybe I'll go back to listening to music on those days. Although its unlikely to be radio ...hmm ... I should really go through my music collection.


    • corsair

      Wait a second ...

      2 years ago

      I just realised - conventions would be the perfect place to do an arms deal.

      You could hide it off as cosplay and no one would know.

      Ah conventions - the one place you walk around brandishing a weapon without everybody around running away in fear.

    • corsair

      Hey USA - Streaming Services Suck for the rest of the world!

      2 years ago

      I've been listening to the podcasts (been playing catch up from number one and am currently on #117) and I hear about how fantastic streaming services are in the US which means people really shouldn't be downloading stuff illegally.

      To this I say - USA is not the World.

      There are hurdles to streaming services, and one is the stupidity of content being subjected to what is essentially DRM.

      The whole "Sorry '“ your can't view this because you are outside the US" is incredible frustrating.

      This exists because of how content was distributed in the past.

      This legacy business model infects the entertainment industry to this very day and it is only the music industry that has started to change here due to the pressures of platforms such as Zune/Xbox Music and iTunes.

      This highlights a different issue though '“ multiple services on multiple platforms. Having to pay for / search in multiple services for content is frustrating.

      Instead of focusing on changing this, though, piles of money is being spent suing people. How about spending those piles of money changing your out of date business models?

      I really hope one day we reach a content Nirvana:

      i.e. A single service that will allow you stream/download everything for either a subscription fee or PAYG that uses the fact that the Internet is a global infrastructure and delivers their content globally '“ and is platform independent (i.e. works on Windows, iOS, Linux, Android, Consoles, etc).

    • corsair

      I'm 33!

      2 years ago

      So it is my birthday today.

      Kinda awesome that I get to watch a new episode of RvB on this day.

      Great birthday present. Thanks Rooster Teeth!

    • corsair

      Thanks people!

      2 years ago

      Hey everyone.

      Just wanted to say thanks for the messages about being a FU.

      As luck would - or would not - have it - I missed the moment myself .... AGAIN! :P

      I just haven't had the time due to life getting in the way.

      I have started a new job recently (i.e. Tuesday this week) which will hopefully allow me to be on the site more purely because I have a set start time (and technically set finish time) for every day which will allow me to achieve some sort of rhythm for my daily body clock.

      I'm hoping this will let me start hitting the site regularly again.

      Anyway - its good to be back amongst such a nice community.

      Cheers all.

    • corsair

      What a month

      3 years ago

      Well a lot can happen in a month apparently.

      My wife and I have a new house ...and we came to the conclusion that the previous owners were completely disorganised and lazy. Finding stuff left behind, the fact they just hadn't bothered to clean some areas, and just hadn't bothered to get a few simple things fixed was just mind boggling.

      Basically - it took us two weeks to fix what they hadn't been able to do in years.

      Plus we have found a number of things they have left behind. Honestly its like they grabbed what they could and left.

      Oh yes - add to that was that they had failed to put through a disconnection of their home phone line. This lead to a tiring process of dealing with Telstra (a telecommunications provider in Australia for those that don't know) who decide to drip feed information rather than tell us everything up front. So the whole process of having the previous line disconnected, and our line connected, and the Internet back up took over two weeks.

      Sigh. Two weeks without Internet access when we actually needed it quite badly.

      Anyway, also around the time of moving into the new house, I was involved in a car accident. A lady ran a red light and rammed into me.

      Lucky for me I was unhurt (kinda - whiplash and soreness for a while). The car was written off and thankfully I had insurance which provided a hire car until settlement. Still - due to the accident - I was not allowed to lift anything heavy so couldn't really help with the move at all. Add to that we now how to buy a new car as well.

      To sum up - new house, new car, not as much savings. smiley6.gif

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